OK, so where do we go from here?

I have recently come across some new data that has, for want of a better phrase, almost completely blown my mind. I am trying to piece it all together to come up with a coherent and accurate appraisal of it.

I am troubled by thoughts of Aurora Eller because it is the closest comparison I can make. However, there is a kind of innate desire NOT to go down that path because it is upsetting. I am torn between an urge to just leave this all alone and go on a retreat and detox my brain, and the urge to continue and get to some final conclusion.

At this point I have to confess – I simply don’t understand what went on, and I feel way out of my depth.

So what is my latest news? Almost without shadow of a doubt, there never were any predators, stalkers or pedophiles involved in the demise of Amanda Todd. Amanda and her false friends were entirely to blame for it all. If you look closely at the story it all fits. What makes it so difficult to comprehend is what followed after the Amanda story explosion, and just who was involved in perpetuating the whole myth, and why. People – the Press and police included – have a lot to answer for.

I will not tell you what to believe. Personally, I find my own words unbelievable, so I would not expect anyone to accept them. But as usual we have to look at the real evidence in front of us. Ask yourselves a few questions.

Just why were the police so quick to dismiss the Kody Maxson story? Apart from it being total bilge, they already knew what was going on. And why did they write the letter to Carol and Norm that so clearly stated that Amanda was producing her own material and that she should be prevented from access to the Internet?

Why was the reaction from those people who knew Amanda so vitriolic? The onslaught of accusations was mind-boggling. What on earth created such an atmosphere of absolute hatred?

Anyway. I now have an insight into Amanda’s history that was previously missing, and it has provided some shocks. In the previous post, I asked a question about Amanda and her use of glowsticks. Of course, the correct answer was c.

I will try to be brief. Amanda’s behaviour throughout 2010 was, to most people, off the scale bizarre. Yet it seems that amongst the company she kept, it was well and widely known, and not seen to be anything much more than the source of gossip.

It would appear that the use of webcam, Skype, BlogTV, YouTube and Facebook was far more common than I thought. They were all at it. However, there was a small coterie who went to extremes, and in this coterie it was Amanda who took it furthest.

I will temporarily hold back on the names in the gang. I have already mentioned them. There were three or four hardcore members, with maybe a dozen more active ones. I have learned the name of a new school – Kwayquithlum Middle School – where a lot of the activity took place but as people are aware, networks extended over a wide area – from Pitt Rivers, across most of Vancouver, and beyond – but it was mostly centred on the infamous PoCo.

The gang of girls was pretty vicious when it wanted to be. One minute you could be the darling of the group, next minute you could be the target of extreme hate. I have seen Amanda’s best friends turn from comments like ‘she’s great’ to ‘she’s a whore’. I have traced comments from a boyfriend that turn from love to hate in the blink of an eye. And, of course, there was the glowsticks nickname campaign.

So what happened? Amanda throughout 2010 had built up a huge reputation. All of her peers knew what she was doing, but it remained talked of only within the school networks. Some were disparaging, but the vast majority just looked upon it as a joke. ‘What do you think of when I say ‘glowsticks’?’ ‘Amanda Todd’……’If I say ‘glowsticks’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind?’ ‘Amanda Todd’……and it culminated in this:

‘why is everyone saying “glowsticks” when they say amanda todd?..’

‘because she masturbates with them :/”


‘just tell her…I ain’t the one fucking with a glowstick’.

Something intriguing to note. The above quotes didn’t come from Amanda’s enemies. The first one came from Tess Anderson, the girl who turned up at Amanda’s funeral, the girl who appeared in the Fifth Estate documentary, the girl who was reputedly high on Amanda’s best friend list.

Here is the source of info on Tessa:!/user/AndersonTessa/timeline/responses

The second quote comes from someone even more close, but I have yet to ascertain just who this person is, so no names will be mentioned yet. Later on this week I will be revealing more of the horrendous comments that came from Amanda’s best friends – the same friends who queued up to grieve. Oh – and these comments were made by 12-14 year olds.

At some point, Amanda broke the rules of school morality by going out with a boy who one of the other girls in the group fancied for herself. In what was probably just a rash act, one of the gang – perhaps all of them – blew the BlogTV appearances out into the open as a pure act of revenge. There was no predator, no stalker, no blackmail – the betrayal came from those closest to Amanda.

I have a quote from around that time: ‘why did you do that to amanda?’. In fact, that question was asked more than once. And it was all down to a boy. And the culprit? Yet again, one of Amanda’s best buddies.

Just stop to think. The easy answers are the ones that are truest. The only people who would have such easy access to all of Amanda’s details – Facebook friends, school friends, family information – the only ones who would have such intimate details of her whereabouts and her actions (think ‘Value Village) were those closest to her. And the kind of unfettered rage and vindictiveness that necessitates the total destruction of someone else’s reputation tends not to come from haters, but from people who were once best friends. Hell hath no fury like a teen girl who feels betrayed.

I will continue tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Glowsticks

  1. This is getting really odd. I have a feeling I know where the nickname ‘glowsticks’ comes from, but I can’t be sure. For any Canadian locals: I am digging deeper and deeper. Not many people would know about Taylor Gresham.

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