Taylor Gresham

It’s been a strenuous few days as I have been mining the latest data that I have.

This blog will only now appeal to a tiny minority of readers. The reason I have chosen to display the Taylor Gresham video is to show to those in Canada just how deeply I have researched. The Taylor Gresham story was virtually unknown outside of the Pitt Meadows region and therefore only a handful of people will know about it. The fact that I have brought it into the story will serve to show the minute details I discover.

Does it have any relevance? Look at the dates of the video. December 2010. And the age.

I am currently trying to work out what was going on, and just how much was known at the time. The ‘glowsticks’ episode completely threw me. I have racked my brain about what it refers to, and I have come to the temporary conclusion that it was at the end of the infamous ‘twerking’ video. What shocks me is that all of Amanda’s friends were aware of it, and I can’t quite get my head round that. However, the pieces of this enormous jigsaw are gradually beginning to fit. I need to work on finding a specific date for the ‘glowsticks’ video, but I suspect that it was in the early part of 2011.

The next question I have to ask myself is just how much was known outside of the school circles. On one hand, it is easy to understand that parents might have been totally oblivious. The kids aren’t going to go home and say ‘Hey, do you know what Amanda Todd is up to now?’. But on the other hand, it is almost impossible to believe that Norm and Carol didn’t have some inkling, especially when the police had arrived at the end of the previous year, and especially when Amanda’s activities seem to have spanned such a long time.

From the data I have, it would appear that Amanda was in a total mess, so much so that I find it difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to try to describe. A lot of people will go through their lives and experience moments of utter confusion and panic. We all know stories of people who get into debt, or drink too much, or whatever. Things are under control, then suddenly it gets all out of hand. If people are lucky, they can either get themselves out of the mess or friends and family come to the rescue. Amanda was in a hole that, to a certain extent, she had dug herself into. When she called for help – remember the begging letter to mom, asking for forgiveness? – all she got was more rejection.

Amanda seemed to absolutely manifest trouble wherever she went. She was addicted to the webcam. Part of the definition of an addiction is that you keep on needing more and more to get the same result. Amanda went on webcam from maybe as early as 2009, started off innocently enough, made the juvenile error of deciding to expose herself, but didn’t know when to stop. She received a certain amount of disapproval from her peers, but everyone knows – if one set of people disapproves, there will always be another who will back you up, like the Tessa Andersons, the Biancas, the Celias and the Shylahs.

The warning from the police in December 2010 wasn’t enough. We know that Amanda considered it no big deal and, to a certain extent, none of her friends were particularly bothered. Life on BlogTV, Stickam, Skype, YouTube and Facebook was like that. So Amanda simply continued.

However, she didn’t realise that there were two crucial factors at work.

At school, she was simply getting on people’s nerves. There had always been a few who disapproved, but mostly Amanda was just a good source of playground gossip. If she had stopped doing what she was doing around December 2010, it would have all blown over. Or even if she had continued with the occasional flash, the novelty would have worn off and she would have disappeared into obscurity. But, Amanda being Amanda, she just pushed it too far. It’s like this. Do whatever you do, and a certain percentage of your peers will disapprove, and another percentage will think you’re cool. Think smoking weed, drinking. Let’s say that at the beginning, Amanda was maybe in a 50/50 position – for every person who thought she was cool, there was another who thought she was not. For every person who loved her, there was one who hated her. A decent balance.

But when she pushed it too far, the balance swung against her. BlogTV appearances that were once considered no big deal became a huge deal. The ‘glowsticks’ episode was one step beyond. Amanda’s approval ratings vanished. Amongst those who at one time supported her, she was a liability. Cool kids want to be with cool kids, not social pariahs.

And the second crucial factor? Amanda didn’t fall out with her haters. That is what is a revelation to me (OK, it should have been obvious, but everything is obvious with hindsight) . I had assumed that there was a prolonged campaign against Amanda from people who hated her, yet I was wrong in so many ways.

The people who attacked Amanda were her old friends. A story as old as time. Nothing can be as venomous as the feelings that ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends have for their old partners in an acrimonious split. Nothing can be as vindictive and spiteful as the break between people who were once friends, and the closer the friendship was, the deeper the animosity.

There was no flipping stalker, predator, pervert pedophile involved in all of this. The Capper world had a part to play, but it was small compared to the part played by those closest to Amanda. Just think for a minute.

Those people who got to Amanda knew every intimate detail. They were posting on her Facebook pages, messaging her. They knew all of her friends, her every movement. They even knew what she got up to at ‘Value Village’. Sure, a hardened stalker might make the huge efforts to find out everything, but the extent to which people knew Amanda is too great, even given Amanda’s propensity to blab it all out online. It was her friends.

I’m not sure in what order to publish the next posts, but three are in the pipeline. These will be an explanation of the complete ABSENCE of any sinister predator; a series of ‘before and after’ quotes from Amanda’s best friends (before the glowsticks video ‘xxx <3333’, after the glowsticks video ‘greasy whore’ and threats); and comparisons with the Aurora Eller story (that will go down a treat with Norm!).

And you will notice that I’ve changed the blog title. That is done for two reasons. Firstly, I think I have got as close to the true story as I am ever going to get. Secondly, it’s a provocative, attention-seeking act designed purely to evoke some sort of response.

The Todd Squad have watched as I have wound myself up into knots trying to get to the bottom of all this. From time to time I’ve got dates, sequences and locations wrong, and they have revelled in it. But they have also torn their hair out when I find chatlogs, RCMP emails and Tyler Boo comments. Not for nothing did they come up with the petition – that was a desperate measure. But this new goldmine has opened up a new stream of information. And it’s not nice.

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