Invincible Amanda


Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!

amanda todd?

DONT EVEN SAY THAT NAME. shes nasty greassy and she has no life so she stays on the computer all day finding fake guys to date in toronto ! 🙂

wow it looks like amanda todd likes hate! She knows lots of people hate her so first of all why would she get online? obviously to get attention second of all if she likes being online i suggest to her to make it private. *cough* attention seeker 😉

The above quotes don’t come from enemies of Amanda. They come from her best friends. In 201o and 2011.

Occasionally there comes a moment when things fall into place, and I kick myself for not seeing what was so obvious.

All through this story, it has played on my mind. Why didn’t Amanda stop? Why did every threat just seem to roll over her? Why did she seem to be invincible? Why did all the ‘get off or else we will tell people’ fail so miserably? It just didn’t make sense.

So here it is. Amanda was untouchable. She simply could not be threatened or blackmailed. That was why she was so brazen. When she first encountered Tyler Boo she was all ‘so what’. She was solid as a rock. Cast iron.

I now know that all of Amanda’s friends knew what she was up to long before everyone else did. Amanda did all she did openly and freely. She publicised it on Facebook and on BlogTV and everywhere else you could think of. She simply didn’t care, and nobody in her peer group cared much either. The only people raising a hullaballoo were the adults, and when the cops came, in her own words it was ‘no big deal’.

She was in control of the whole shebang. Up until lately, I couldn’t work out why she continued to go online after the cops came if she was so worried  about stalkers, predators, pedophiles or keeping her reputation intact. It’s simple – she wasn’t.

The cops arrive December 2010, she’s still at it three weeks later. No worries. Weeks later, and she’s being called ‘glowsticks’ by all the people who know her – her best friends included. This is all over Facebook, all over Amanda’s social media.

So we have this situation. The knowledge of her video has escaped but only the adults, as usual, are getting their knickers in a twist. It’s made virtually no impact on Amanda’s personal world whatsoever. If anything, it’s made her able to provide even more drama, to be even more the centre of attention. She’s not been grounded, she’s not had her laptop or phone confiscated.

Full of confidence, she continues on to the ‘glowsticks’ event. It wasn’t the revelation of the ‘photo’ that did her in – it was the fact that she went too far and became a social pariah.

However, it’s the fact that everyone knows that makes her so invulnerable – quite the opposite of what I first thought. She can be arrogant. How can anyone tell her to stop, using the threat of telling everybody, when everybody already knows?

It’s a fantastic situation to be in. ‘I’ll tell on you!’ ‘Go ahead’. If the dumb cops can’t stop her, if the even dumber parents aren’t going to stop her, she can flash her minge with glowsticks until the cows come home. It truly is incredible.

Not until the complaints arrive in November of 2011 does she eventually cave in. But what is extraordinary is that even then, when she has to cut off all her old accounts and close everything down, she is back within a week trying to get her twitter following back up again.

So what about these predators, stalkers and pedophiles?

Take if from me. They never existed. They never existed.

We’ve already established that all of Amanda’s friends knew. We know that Bianca Nitoi initiated the campaign to spread the news, aided and abetted by the all-too-eager sponsorship of Shylah and the rest.

Amanda would have had a big fan base. We now know that Bianca Nitoi, Tess Anderson, Celia Hutikka, Celine Haire, Shylah Watson, Amanda and others were on BlogTV. By late December 2010, Amanda was an old hand at online exhibitionism. From 2010 to 2011 there wouldn’t have been a teen in the whole of the Vancouver area who didn’t know. And she would have been famous in the Capper community – not quite as famous as Lauren or Charmander, Verica or even Peyton, but famous enough.

In December, things reached a peak. With so many people knowing about it, and with Bianca and company blabbing so much about it, and not forgetting the mention in the Daily Capper, things became inevitable. Parents contacted the police, someone contacted the Todds, that was it. It wasn’t the act of some evildoer – far from it.

Think about it. Amanda said it was no big deal. She and Shylah were back planning another display three weeks later. Why would a blackmailing predator release the video link to everyone and then have nothing left to blackmail with? The note about blackmail – sent to Carol Todd shortly after the cops arrive – was a warning about Amanda being at risk. Why would a young girl, petrified by a blackmailer, be back in business three weeks later?

Amanda, Shylah, Celia, Celine, Tess and Bianca would have encountered all manner of perverts and predators – no doubt about it. You can’t display to a room of 150+ people without some of them being the worst types. And it is more than possible that one of these – heck, even several – would have capped it all. But Amanda was at home in this environment. You can tell that from her chatlogs. She knows she’s being watched by a ton of guys. Good grief, some of them even tell her not to flash because she will get a ban. There’s no coercion, threat, flattery – she does it all of her own free will.

All of Amanda’s friends knew their way around social media. Holey moley, you can see from the quote at the beginning that one of her school friends says she’s mad not to keep all her actions private. They would all have evidence of Amanda’s shenanigans on their phones or laptops. That’s why the parents eventually found out and reported it to the police.

And also think. If this predator shit was true, e.g. the ‘photo’ was sent out by one person to everybody, there would be one name, one ip address, one easily traceable identity. It’s simply not true.

So where does that leave us after December 2010? Any traces of a predator? Nope.

Let’s get this straight. Amanda was not in the miracle world of Moshlings and My Little Pony. She was not in Unicorn-Fairy-Dairy land. She was in Cesspit Central. And she knew it. Get this absolutely into your head – she was in control of what she did. She was getting negative feedback from some of her peers; she was getting negative feedback from her parents; she was even getting negative feedback from the police. But she fed off it. ‘wow it looks like amanda todd likes hate!’.

Yet three weeks later we see her and Shylah as the dreadful duo ‘Mandaa&Shyy’, several weeks later she’s known as Glowsticks and several months later the RCMP are sending emails to Norm and Carol desperately warning them to get Amanda offline and telling them Amanda has produced new material.

Yes, she will have encountered all of the characters that inhabit the Hell that is Teen Chatroom World. But none of them would have bothered her. She might have encountered blackmailers a ton of times. She would have been aware that she was getting capped, as the police visit in 2010 would have made that quite clear. But get this – she was broadcasting HERSELF, hence the fact she ended up with the Glowsticks nickname. So it wouldn’t mean anything. ‘If you don’t give me a show, I’ll release that video of you wanking’. ‘Oh, you mean the one I put on my Facebook page last week?’. Tyler Boo? No threat at all. She had encountered it all before, that’s why she is so cool when she encounters him. Austin Collins? Releasing a tit pic that everyone else had already seen, and that most of her peers would have been bored with. What a joke.

I will say this one last time: there never was the one person who coerced and flattered Amanda to get her kit off; there never was one person who sent her picture out to half the teens in British Columbia. She would have had a ton of potential stalkers, a ton of potential blackmailers, a ton of pedophile encounters. But this idea that it got to her in any way whatsoever is completely false. Just stop to think for one minute. The cops were supposedly on the case from December 2010 onwards. If they had found the slightest hint of a planned blackmail campaign, they certainly wouldn’t have sent the email in the way they did. Don’t you think it extraordinary that the email to the Todds was all about trying to get Amanda offline? If they had suspected pedophile grooming activity, they would have dealt with it.

OK. Now take another pause to think. All my doubters out there will be saying ‘But what about Kody Maxson?’. Those that get past the Kody Maxson insanity will then say ‘But what about Aydin Coban?’.

I will be as brief as possible. The Kody Maxson story was pure and unadulterated 4Chan/Anonymous bullshit. I really don’t need to say any more about that.

As for the Aydin Coban debacle? The police are screwed. They would desperately, desperately like to have the case closed, but how can they write a report that says, basically, that Amanda was an out-of-control camwhore? How can they write a report that says Amanda built up a massive amount of hatred, and that eventually the chickens came home to roost? The myth of a stalker/blackmailer/predator so quickly became rooted in the mind of the public that they could not possibly contradict it. Amanda’s September video was a masterpiece of misguidance.

So…..some idiot in Holland gets arrested, the even more idiotic Dutch Press says that this guy is linked to Amanda and there you have it. The perfect solution. The RCMP know that the guy will never be extradited, so they might as well charge him with every unsolved crime they have on the books. If he gets away with it, they can just blame the Dutch for incompetence. If he gets done for whatever it is he is meant to have done, the RCMP can say that justice has been done, and that even if there was no mention of Amanda Todd, we all know he did it, don’t we?

Well, it’s been another long post. Tomorrow I’ll pick some decent quotes from the annals of Amanda (including the ‘you’re going to get done tomorrow’ threat that I guess came before the fight). Will I bother to show the glow stick pics? Can I be bothered to show the glow stick pics? We’ll see.

I leave you with a quote from Invincible Amanda:

“I am Amanda Todd, haters make me stronger. They can waste there time on hating, but I really don’t care, I care about the good things. Im a good person inside, but if people don’t have the guts to give me a chance, then there not worth it. God Bless:) <3”

We’ve seen the begging letter from Amanda to her mom. This might have been addressed specifically to her. Good old Carol!

By the way. Cross-referencing more than 10,ooo pieces of information is kind of exhausting. But reader, you’re worth it!


9 thoughts on “Invincible Amanda

    • It’s difficult. There is plenty of evidence. Throughout the blog, I have steered clear of running with any part of the story that cannot be verified. For instance, there is a rumour that Amanda was being mentored by a ‘Big Sister’ at one point (look it up!) but I can’t find any proof of that. As for the glowstick pictures? Maybe too risky – this blog would be breaking so many laws if too much was shown. All the stuff is still online, and I think the glowstick pictures are in the infamous montage set. If you want any specific stuff, let me know.

  1. 10,000? I believe that’s what’s called “exhaustive”. You must be exhausted, mentally and physically. Thanks once again for all this. I can only wonder if it will ever be publicized outside of this blog.

      • The Wikipedia account was based almost entirely on the video and the appalling Press coverage after that. It’s garbage – but that’s Wikipedia, surely?

    • It’s odd. It’s not the sifting of information that gets me – it’s what I find. And then, of course, you know I apply a lot of double-checking. To give you an example – just for one individual, I might have to go through 1,000 responses on twitter, Ask, or Facebook. There are people who know all this – the police, for one. They knew exactly what was going on, and it would have been a nightmare. And the family. More will be explained in my next blog post.

  2. Thanks for the update.

    This is ample proof Amanda was deviating into sexual sociopathy as a cam whore.

    All in all, it is also evidence that BC’s public education system is ruining children by telling them they are all special and unique.

    All it does is turn public education into system that promotes narcissism in vulnerable children.

    That’s almost like child abuse.

    Anyway I hope I am wrong about the narcissism.

    You are bang on accurate about the truth, Phil.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I was looking for some ‘positive’ quotes recently, and many of them were along the lines of ‘Don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot do’, ‘You are perfect just the way you are’ and so on. I think Amanda took this to heart. What could she be doing wrong if everyone was saying ‘Don’t listen to criticism’? I try desperately to steer away from ‘We’re all going to Hell in a hand-cart’, but this sort of ‘You can do and be anything you want to be’ has its downside.

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