Heartless cruelty

I recently watched a documentary about Lance Armstrong – a chilling depiction of a man who would lie and manipulate with no feeling of guilt, no shame. For years he maintained that he had never taken drugs. He was investigated by the FBI. Not only did he launch an attack on witnesses – accusing them of being drunkards or worse – he swore under oath that he was clean. He was clever. He made millions for cancer research while at the same time pocketing millions for himself. When he was accused of crimes, he came up with the basic reply: ‘Prosecute me, and you will deprive cancer research of millions of dollars. Is that what you want?’.

The FBI dropped the case against him. Lance Armstrong, the hero. Weeks later, he was on Oprah confessing to major use of illicit substances. Lance Armstrong, the zero.

Carol Todd is not exactly in the Lance Armstrong league, but there are similarities. Only time will tell how much she has pocketed on the way – a few thousand dollars? more than that? And she hides behind that veil of sainthood in much the same way as good old Lance. How can anyone criticise someone who has done so much for the cause? And if they do, then woe betide them. The Todd mafioso will bully them out of existence.

I ask you to look at two things side by side and in context. First, an extract from the email from Amanda to her mother at some point in 2011:

‘I just want you to believe in me’….‘everday I need you’….‘I wanna try being the daughter you always dreamed of’…..‘it would mean the world to me if you gave me another chance’…..‘I need to come home’….’give me the chance to love you again’….’I need you’….

Carol Todd displays this communication. We need not ask why she never displays the reply she gave. Next, Amanda screams out to the world:

“I am Amanda Todd, haters make me stronger. They can waste there time on hating, but I really don’t care, I care about the good things. Im a good person inside, but if people don’t have the guts to give me a chance, then there not worth it. God Bless:) <3″

This is so sad it almost make me ill. It doesn’t take much to work out what went on.

The lovely Carol Todd, mother of the century, the epitome of parenting, had viciously rejected her daughter, cut her off, stopped speaking to her. What for? Well, it’s probably obvious.

I can excuse spur of the moment, end-of-tether temper losses. ‘Get out of my house and never darken my doorstep again!’….’I never want to speak to you!’….familiar family arguments. But Carol, having stuck the knife in, twisted it. And twisted it.

I have seen this type of cruelty. It’s the most vile type. ‘Please forgive me!’…’Not until you beg!’…’I’m begging!’….’Well, beg some more! Not until you have entirely suffered will I deign to let you back into my life’. Amanda begged and begged. ‘I need you’. How horrifying to think of the similarity of those words to the ones at the end of Amanda’s September video. And how sickening to know that Carol’s response was, then, much the same as it had been before – ‘I never asked’.

What was Amanda’s response to the hatred dished out by ever-loving mom?

haters make me stronger‘….’Im a good person inside, but if people don’t have the guts to give me a chance, then there not worth it.’

That remark wasn’t made to her friends, not to people on social media – that was for mom and the whole world.

I will resume tomorrow, with a list of quotes from Amanda, her friends, and from people close to her. This will bring the story up to November 2011 and show that Amanda had been led, sometimes willingly, sometimes not, to the cliff edge, helped along the way, pushed along the way by those closest to her. She just needed a couple more nudges. Her inevitable fall was a long one.



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