Who the Hell is Tommy?

I’m sort of inundated with information at the moment, and the process of trying to decide what to publish and how much to publish takes up time.

I am reminded of a story from German literature. The main character refers to a process used to find where underground water supplies flow. A strong dye is poured into the source, and then they sit back and wait to see where that dye hits the surface. Some time ago, I poured a ton of bright dye into the this story, and now I can see the people who are coloured by it.

I promised some quotes for today. Crikey, there are so many, so I might as well just start at random.

I was pondering how deeply Amanda and her peers were involved in the cesspit of BlogTV and the rest of the online hellholes. I had always imagined that the chat rooms were like the online playgrounds, but I had thought that 4Chan and anonib might have remained off-limits, or purely the domain of the boys. I had run with the idea that Amanda and her pals were fully aware of the perils of Omegle and Stickam, but that they had never stopped to think about where their shows and pictures were ending up. Well, of course, it never entered into my mind that they might be using those boards themselves. How naïve can I be?

‘hahahaha you’re such a dirty whore! why would you make a thread of yourself on 4chan and post nudes and your number there? no one would want to see that, you’re fucking nasty!’

These 13-year-olds use such charming language.

As far as the gang of Celia Hutikka, Tess Anderson, Shylah Watson, Bianca Nitoi, Celine Haire, Samantha Hemphill and, of course, Amanda went, there was never much to link them all together in one place. I found the bong hit escapades on Kik, but that was pretty harmless. Poor old-fashioned me had yet to realise that the majority of 13 and 14 year old kids in Canada are out of their heads on weed most of the time. Then I found one discussion that mentioned  them all, and then a second. It would appear that this little tribe were quite proud of their, you know, ‘illegal things’. We have already seen this quote:

‘name one of your friends that do the most fucked up things! (Illegal things)’

‘DEFFINITELY TESSA. LOL but there’s more people. like celia and shylah and celine :)’

Not enough to go on? So let’s look at another response:

‘ummmm I think it would have to be these ones Celina, Celia, shylah, Amanda&&Bianca <3’

I still have to apply a lot more thought to other comments. Trying to set it all up chronologically takes an age, and making sure that it’s not all a pile of misleading crap takes concentration. At some points, it is obvious that someone else (usually a friend) has used the person’s identity to make dumb remarks (this is usually followed by ‘that wasn’t me, that was xxx’). But then we have the horrible words that are then followed by ‘I was hacked’ – the well-used excuse to try and cover comments that are badly received.

As I have said, there was a pivotal point at which Amanda went from matey to hatey. But to be honest, I do wonder if she was mental.

These are quotes from her best (male) friend. Note: I have only quoted parts, and there is some seriously weird shit going on. Tommy. I really need to know who Tommy is. I will analyse this more tomorrow. It was Tommy who brought about the Bianca/Amanda warfare. I have highlighted some of the odd stuff.

Wow, Amanda…is pathetic..’…….’TRUEEE’

‘stfu amanada before i jump yo bitch asss’……'<33333’

‘haha i never dated tommy :/ hehe EW i would never date him’…’amanda, leave me alone’

heey. dont let that fuckin amanda tell u of.’

just tell her “i ain’t the one fucking with a glowstick bitch!”(:’

(from Amanda) ‘LMFAO, hold on tight bitch ? wtf. ? speak real language. and how do i need to change, this is my life, and im happy for what i have .’ (response) ‘lol coool, then stop ruining my life, k thanks’.

you suck at bullying, you know that right amanda?

(from Amanda) ‘http://www.blogtv.com/people/AmandaIsAmazingxox’…(response) ‘no?’

(response to Amanda): ‘lmfao no. i deleted them, becuz how the fuck r you supposed to answer to tht? those r dumb questions. tht arnt even questions. stop creeping my fucking comments n just get the fuck off. leave it alone. and stop texting me saying i love you. k thanks bye’

(from Amanda): ‘im just doing what u did to me, in return back to you 😀 so maybe grow up and change and u will get ur FUCKEN LIFE BACK ! (:’

Tommy, not SARAH, dont delete comments just because of that bitch Amanda todd, youre giving her exactly what she wants. stay ..’

‘yeah i hate her’

Awh I’m sorry. Damn Amanda Todd ruining your fun. fuck her.

I’m not friends with you but i was just wondering why are you deleting everything like i was friends with you on fb but now you’re gone. why? if you don’t mind me askinn[:’

‘becuz. this fuccking bitch called amanda todd is pissing the shit outa me.

i thought you were fake?… and amanada todd is a fucking weirdo..

‘ikr isnt she !!!!!!!!! and no’

(from Amanda): ‘how do i kill you peanut ?‘…..response: ‘wowww’

(to Amanda): ‘wtf. r you dumb. you told every fucking person i was. you started it. dont make up shit.’

(to Amanda): ‘lmfao. amanda r you dumb. you told everyone im fake. and now your coming back ? no.. good bye.’

(from Amanda): ‘i wait for you, and i just cant stop loving you, but now i just have to understand…’

(from Amanda): ‘I love you’ (response): ‘amanda. you know you kill me right. look at your fucking comments bitch.’

(from Amanda): ‘i miss you…… whenever i have rouph times, & like. hard times and when im crying your all i think about, your the one i need your the one i want.’

Amanda Todd Is A BITCH . Like , BIG TIME.’…..’I FUCKING KNOW’

who r those girls amanda, ciara and jazzmyn?’….’amanda: i really dont know ciara: my secret admiriorr 😉 jazzmyn: my BFF’

(OK that was a bit weird. Right in the middle of all this, Tommy says ‘amanda: i really dont know’. Holey moley, help me out here. Good grief, I have a suspicion that all of this Tommy/Amanda stuff was a figment of her online imagination, Yet they were dating??!!).

‘oh hi amanda. i fucking told you. im not sarah. im tommy. i told you the story so stop doing this.’

(from Amanda): ‘go die’….(response): ‘fuck you’

yet before:

(from Amanda): ‘love youuuu sooo much <3333′

(response): ‘love you soo much too <33333’

but the fatal connection? The competition that was to lead to revenge?

(from Bianca Nitoi): ‘go on skypeeeeeeeeee :)’

U stil datin amanda ??????’…….’ya’

(from Amanda): ‘lol can you text me babbbby i have to tell you how school was and i wanna hear about your day :DDD.’…..’HELLO GO ON MSN BIGGGGGGG LOVER!’…..’xxxooo ❤ (:’

(rather bizarrely, Amanda forgets to go anonymous with these comments)

your girfriend is really pretty <3′

‘Who are you dating ??? ;D’ (response: ‘you’)

‘do oyu think you and amandatodd will last a long time (:’ (response: ‘xD your dumb’)

back to someone else: ‘Tommehh[: omg you and Amanda Todd are dating? Thats so adorable. I saw it coming like forever ago. You like hated her ishh and then became friends and im like yup there gonna date. haha. anyway cute couple. [:’

(from Amanda): ‘babe im sorry for being so protective, i just care about you alot ):’

YUR DATING AMANDA TODD?!?!??!!!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?’….’why does it matter’.

(from Amanda): ‘i love you (: k thanks bye !’…(response): ‘i love you to. k bye’


….how weird is it? Well, did Tommy actually exist? Good grief, it’s not entirely possible to rule out that Tommy was a man; that Tommy was a girl; or both; that Tommy wasn’t just a figment of everyone’s imagination; that Tommy wasn’t Amanda. Holey moley, these kids were insane. When Amanda speaks of dating Tommy I thought that was straightforward, but hey, nothing’s straightforward in this story. One of the permutations of this nightmare is this: ‘Tommy’ only existed online, but he had in some way become real to Bianca and Amanda.

Well, I definitely need a cup of tea and a lie down. More stories from the strange world of Amanda Todd tomorrow. And really – I am trying to get this concluded as fast as I can.





4 thoughts on “Who the Hell is Tommy?

  1. Are we sure what exactly the term “dating” meant? There are teens who consider online friendships “dating” though the people may be a continent apart. I’m aware of at least one teen female who ignored people’s advice and “dated” a teen boy who everyone knew was an adult male with a penchant for professing his “love” to young teens. How did everyone know? He was so incredibly stupid that there were common links between the names he used on various accounts that could be traced back to his Youtube and MySpace pages. All one had to do was put the various bits together and voila!. His real name, age, address, etc were known … except to the vapid teen girl he fooled.

    A few months later, in a BlogTV chat, when the subject of the guy came up again, she nonchalantly stated she “knew” he was “old” all along, followed by “EWWWWW”. To this day, it’s not known if she really knew or if she was just trying to make herself look more knowledgeable about the whole situation. And yes, at least one internationally infamous pedophile was among her followers and sometimes “operator” among other suspects.

    • Ya. I noticed peculiarities. This is just all too weird. There are comments that point to the ‘dating’ being real, then ones that make it look unreal. Amanda thinks, at one point, that Tommy is Sarah, Tommy seems to avoid skype and Facebook and actual phone calls. I have a suspicion that ‘Tommy’ is Tomas Zenk (it all fits chronologically).
      The double-oddity is that Bianca and Amanda seem to fall out over Tommy.
      Holey moley! At one point I even wondered if Tommy was Amanda!
      btw – even though I can roughly calaculate dates and times it’s odd that certain things are missing. I can’t find any reference to the 2010 cop arrival BUT some of these kids, including Amanda, had so many identities that it’s hard to keep up – like false accounting, Amanda and co would have had one set of accounts for mom and dad to see, one for the cops, and one for their friends. Shylah, Celia, Tess and Celine seem to have been a bit cleverer than Amanda and Bianca in keeping things under wraps.
      hahaha! This sure is a crazy ride! Add in the fact that Amanda, having possibly been ‘dumped’ by Tommy, might then proceed to destroy his image through lies (there is a ‘leave me alone’ remark from Tommy) and it all makes for sleepless nights.
      btw – the cops MUST have seen all this, unless they are completely stupid.

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