Ashley Carpenter – Turkish?

This is a very, very brief post, and it won’t stay here for long.

Basically – wtf?

Good grief. OK. Turkish connection? Scroll down. Fake Amanda? Oh well, I get told off for being too lengthy, told off for being not lengthy enough.

For anybody still interested, I will be chucking some theory about Adi Sideman into the mix. For all you lazy people who can’t be bothered to look it up yourself, Adi Sideman was the founder of BlogTV (YouNow) and he sponsored a (pro-pedophile?) documentary (Google ‘Chickenhawk’). And I will be suggesting that cameracaptures trawls the site for pictures, does not receive downloads. All I need to do is connect YouNow to cameracaptures directly, and I will have hit the jackpot. Only I don’t think I can. Accusing the CEO of YouNow of being a closet pedophile may have to suffice.

And I will also be giving Jay Marshall a well-deserved ticking off for being a moron. I deserve a medal, not an investigation!


8 thoughts on “Ashley Carpenter – Turkish?

    • I’m afraid I don’t know how works, though I remember something that used to be called

      It appears that somebody posted something in Turkish there. That’s a bit odd, but it was well known that Turks did begin frequenting BlogTV in its last couple of years. This was also chronicled in the former blog called BTVQuestions (an incredible resource when it was around). I remember even tracking one guy down who left an offensive message to one particular user. Sure enough, he was some (ex?)college student in that country.

      • I thought I might get away with a short post. The Turkish connection is probably a red herring, but of course it needs further investigation (doesn’t it always?). Did you notice the fake Amanda Todd?
        There are a couple of doozy posts coming up (remember the BlogTV and the Israeli guy?). I’m running with the theory that Adi Sideman….well, you can guess, but I don’t want to give to much away!! lol

      • You won’t give away anything – I don’t recall that name at all. All I remember is that the site was Israeli-operated and that the blogger I mentioned noted that certain female Israeli hosts could get away with a lot more and not be banned, unlike their American counterparts.

  1. Younow banned me shortly after I wrote my blog post about them. The only access I could get was enough to use their app to post reccomendations of members to watch.

    My purpose in joining younow was to find out how well the nascent narcissists among the young members were faring.

    Overall younow may be prime hunting grounds for pedophiles but that’s a tiny part of its charm.

    Some of these kids are great singers, and a few of them are great social commentators.

    The narcissism needs a liberal dose of humility and common sense to overcome.

    I’m glad for avoiding constant use of my smartphone and computer when at work to prevent narcissism from ruining performance.

    Who needs to be an attention whore? Only those people with a fabulous self esteem and a liberal dose of egocentrism.

    This article is spot on. Thanks for the update.

    • You’re right. In reality, the vast majority of kids just have fun, or do something naughty then move on. Most of the kids will Skype if they want 1-2-1 stuff. Amanda just got addicted to it. It’s interesting – people say she must have had low self-esteem, but it was quite the opposite. But the trick-cyclists will always say a load of bollocks – hide away and you have low self-esteem, plaster yourself all over YouTube and you have low self-esteem. Anyways.

    • Well, trouble is, there is a tendency to trust nothing. Haha! I was never one for conspiracy theories, but after all this I’m prepared to ponder that we never landed on the moon, the world is run by lizard people and that Carol Todd is a wonderful mother. Nah, scrap that last one – that’s just too much to believe.
      I have this notion: people who get involved with stuff are sometimes hiding a lot. That’s not exactly a revelation – Cyril Smith looking after wayward boys, Jimmy Savile doing charitable work in hospital, and let’s not forget those damned priests and teachers.
      This question was raised in an interview:
      ‘Some have said that you were too sympathetic to boy-lovers, that you glorified them and seemed to be advocating pederasty. Any comments?’
      so I’m not the only one.
      Of course, I think he’s a straight-up guy, but I just found it odd that he founded BlogTV, lowered the age limit to 13, changed the name once it got bad press and so on. Plus there’s always that thing about becoming the demon you despise.
      And yes – I’m totally aware that my interest in the Todd story has brought about exactly the same way of thinking regarding my own purpose. But I can assure you – I’m a milf man, based on the view that it’s wiser to be interested in something you can actually get!

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