Reasons to give up

Three stories from the weird and wonderful world of the dimwit superhighway. If these don’t make you want to give up hope, I don’t know what will. Who’s first?

Alex Ramos

Some dimwitted dillweed becomes famous for being a dillweed, then last week word gets out that he has written some rape shit and then (believe it or not) guess who he’s meant to be involved with? Our beloved Amanda. It started off that he had trolled twitter with the infamous autopsy pictures, then before you know it he’s the guy who leaked the noodz, then of course he has to be the one to blame for her death. But at least he’s famous now. Hmmm….where’s that karma that everyone talks about? But anyway, that little kerfuffle (aided a tad by me being naughty via twitter) blew over in about a millisecond.

Paige Reifler

Who’s she? You might well ask. All girls aged from about 9 to 13 will know, as most of these girls are sending her death threats by the dozen. Thing is, most of these girls are probably the ones who wear Amanda Todd wristbands. Evil little sods!

Lauren Goodger

Should be called Lauren BADger. OMG, call the cyberpoliz, it’s revenge porn! Hmmm….it smells strongly of bullshit by a fading gormless Z-list celeb in a desperate attempt to get her fizzog in the paper – except her fizzog is full of cock if truth be told.

So let’s get this straight. She’s playing the pink oboe while some guy is filming it, which reeks of classiness in my opinion. Yet in this day and age she doesn’t think to say ‘Hang on a minute, old chum, do you mind not doing that?’. OK, maybe she couldn’t have said it at the time, but maybe afterwards?

Then – to everybody’s absolute amazement – the cad sends the movie to all his mates. Well, we never saw that coming, did we? Which, funnily enough, sounds similar to what she might have said at the culmination of her beau’s pleasure.

Anyway – two pieces of music today, as I leave you with this.



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