Sad story

This video comes with a ‘Viewer discretion’ warning, and I’m meant to have asked permission for it.

For good reading, here’s an article:

I liked this extract:

‘A rather prim leaked memo from a GCHQ operative monitoring Yahoo webcams notes that “a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person”.

Meanwhile, back in Insaneville, don’t read this if you like cucumber:

I used to work in a salad preparation factory. I was fired when I got my finger stuck in the cucumber slicer. She was also fired.

Unfortunately, I have heard nothing more from my new lunatic friend featured in the last post. I think he’s too busy putting an end to world poverty and war or something. By tweeting.

3 thoughts on “Sad story

  1. Nobody will ever believe a shy 11 year old girl is a hacker, but I do. She hacked for her friend into the popular girls’ accounts on Facebook. It caused all kinds of trouble for the two girls including less internet time.

    It’s been seven years now. I bet that girl is a big hacker and everyone thinks she’s a guy online because hackers who are good at it are assumed to be guys.

    Sorry, but the video prompted this anecdote.

    The most successful hackers are almost always women.

    Maybe for successful sociopaths, ending up with alimony is a hack.

    Never mind me. I’m harmless.

  2. I watched that video. Reminded me almost of the incredible videos put out by CEOPS. Heartbreaking. I think I need to go work on my vehicle now so my eyes don’t start going all waterworks on me. Thank you for sharing that.

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