Girls will be girls

During this blog, it’s difficult to really know if I have either had my eyes opened to a lot of things, or if, truth be told, I have simply had a lot of stuff confirmed.

The fairy-dairy-land part of my brain says that all girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but the more rational part knows that is all tosh. I have been startled not by the presence of imaginary predators, nor by the overblown threat of pantomime pedophiles, but by the massive influence of the total terror of teenage females.

From Emily Berrington, a succinct description:

”Teenage girls are just the most evil geniuses. If a teenage girl sets against you, your life is over. And that happened to me a lot.”

I expect the lovely Feminists will say that Emily Berrington is actually a man. Or that she has been brainwashed. Or that teenage girls are forced to be evil by a paternalistic patriarchy. Personally, I think it’s all to do with the lizard creatures that run the New World Order, which is far closer to being a reasonable hypothesis than any Feminist putrid polemics.

Talking of teenage evil geniuses, I have been pondering how to bow out of this blog: with a bang or a whimper? So tomorrow I will investigate Bianca Nitoi’s Formspring, which is here:!/user/Biancanitoi/timeline/responses

with the intriguing question: ‘how could you do that to amanda i thought you were her friend.

Anyone interested enough can go through the names listed here:!/user/Biancanitoi/following

Good Lord! Look at the ages of some of these girls. This list is like the roll call of bullying subterfuge.!/user/AmandaTodd/timeline/responses

All the names are there: Celine, Sam, Celia…….

Have a nice day!

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