Vital statistics

‘I caution against crafting laws based on some highly publicised cases and fear-inducing statements about lawlessness and jungles. Instead, we need to take a more careful look at the data and then proceed with caution.’

‘Those that ignore the rules and conventions are, often, children who suffer some form of disadvantage – in other words, often the ‘bullies’ are, in other areas of their lives, also ‘victims’, making tough law enforcement solutions quite inappropriate for children”.’

‘Would criminalising cruel, childish behaviour really solve the problem we’re all working to overcome?’

OK – I can’t resist. Haven’t I been saying stuff like this for over a year?

2 thoughts on “Vital statistics

  1. btw – this is blog post Number 300. And in two weeks I will have reached the 1,000,000 views mark. That’s not bad – I thought I might get 200 views and give up after 10 posts. Being quite a realist/pessimist, maybe only 1% of hits actually result in a real read. Just for info – each new post gets 100-200 hits, the rest of the reads are looking for gossip. From stats, I estimate that maybe one or two people a week come for proper research through the entire blog. The majority of readers (50-60%) are from the USA, then usually the next big block is Canada/Australia/UK, each roughly on 10%. The rest varies – Germany, Netherlands, Russia. I have a feeling that I have had a visit from every country in the world. Of course, the numbers come purely from the subject matter, but I would like to think that I sort of own the ‘real’ Amanda Todd story in a way, for what it’s worth. So again – thanks to all my helpers and regulars!

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