One million

One of the best videos for summer. By Donna Summer, which is coincidental.

I reached the million mark, so I couldn’t really not celebrate it in some way.

Hmmm….Canadian justice is a bit odd. Whoever this guy is, it’s a weird sentence and a sufficiently weird story. A 60 day sentence served only at weekends? I can’t really work out what that was meant to convey. It’s not exactly the capital punishment that the Todd Squad might have wanted. However, I would guess that his future career is pretty much buggered (even if he isn’t for the next 30 weekends), which is something worth thinking about. In effect, he will have done the crime, served the time, but his name will be online forever unless he can get Google to take it off.

Anyways…on to the next lovely bit of news. Carol Todd will appear on that well-known intellectual forum, the Dr. Phil Show.

This week’s Dr. Phil has:

‘My beauty queen baby has gone ballistic’ – ‘She says Ashley stole her car at 12, started dating an 18-year-old when she was just 13, was caught shoplifting, and started abusing drugs and alcohol. ‘

‘I feel trapped by my controlling husband’ – ‘He also claims that his wife is “no angel” and has a vicious temper, which he says landed her behind bars for assaulting him during a recent argument. Shara denies putting her hands on Luke — how does she explain her arrest?’.

‘Young, Gorgeous, Privileged and Destroying Her Family’ – ‘Jessi admits she drinks a gallon of vodka a day to function and says she keeps a lot of secrets about her behavior from her family. ‘

‘Sexual Standoffs’ – ‘Reagan says his wife of two years, Sara, refuses to have sex with him, and the lack of attention has forced him to turn to gambling and other women “for an adrenaline rush.”

About Dr. Phil: ‘He has been criticized for “reducing people’s struggles to generic sound-bites, with little interest in context or history.”

Carol Todd should feel perfectly at home on the Dr. Phil Show. My suggestion for the show title would be: ‘How to turn being a disastrous failure as a parent into fame and glory’.

Oh well. The show will no doubt add to my views for a couple of days. Where was MY invite? – that’s what I want to know. But it will be a long time before I hit the 2,000,000 mark.

One thought on “One million

  1. Effing great. Wonder if it’s too late to contact the show’s producers, if they even care about the truth over ratings.

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