Something to look forward to….

I do actually spend some time picking the right video, trying either to find some link with the story or my own. But I do like Kraftwerk.

Here in the UK we have three things going on – all of them relevant (to a certain extent) to elements that have been picked up by this blog.

A retiring judge has – to put it simply – said that the only way to get some rape cases to be taken seriously is for the girl involved not to have been so drunk she can’t remember what happened. Of course, the usual nonsense spews forth – none of it in the slightest bit constructive.

We also have the Rotherham abuse scandal. Again – utterly mishandled by the Press. There has been the desire to turn it into a race issue (currently an easy route for our media, who like nothing more than to agitate the loons) and all the old codswallop has come out – it’s the fault of the police, it’s the fault of the social services, it’s the fault of….well, anyone, really. As soon as it becomes too difficult to comprehend, everyone turns away.

And…..The Great British Bake Off scandal. This is truly quite frightening. More than 500 people complained about a baking show! However, the appalling tweets about a poor old lady really beggars belief.

However, I did say there is something to look forward to. This Monday (September 1st) my favourite person (if you need me to tell you who that is, then you haven’t been paying attention) will be the focus of EenVandaag in Holland. Not only will the delightful Mrs. Todd be featured, but we will be graced with the presence of Amanda’s best friend who, as yet, hasn’t been identified.

I will be keeping an eye out for it and, as usual, will provide a commentary after the event. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, have a good weekend!

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