The latest Amanda Todd interview

I’ve just watched the latest interview with Carol Todd and the latest addition, her best friend Vicky.

OK. First thing that is odd is the existence of Vicky. I’m not sure who she is, but I will find out.

I’ve only had about 10 minutes to think, but, to me, this has BIZARRE written all over it.

Maybe you will be as suspicious as me.

Where to begin? I’m still looking for that glint of sorrow from Carol Todd but really, no matter how hard I look, I can’t find it. There is just something quite frighteningly devoid of emotion about her looks.

First thing to note: Carol says something about the link appearing on Amanda’s Facebook. I can’t work this out. We get very much the same story, Carol saying that she got a link to a porn site and it was a picture, blah blah blah. No mention of any other displays, of course – same old rigmarole. Carol talks of how she monitored Amanda (what a joke). Really, it’s just the old story reeled out again.

However, there is something worth noting. Towards the end, Carol mentions the last message sent to her by Amanda. This is when Carol loses control slightly. She moves from side to side when the interviewer asks her about it. To me, it’s a sign of some sort of panic. This is my take on it:

If we believe that Carol hasn’t read the message, that in itself is odd. Even if she didn’t want to read it, if it were me I would get someone else to read it. It could be crucial to understanding what happened. However (and I’ll have to check this because it’s all so crazy) I seem to think that Carol once said that she had seen the last message.

But beyond that, I think Carol is afraid to read it because it may be too accusatory. Any notes left behind tend to be of two kinds: ‘Sorry, it wasn’t your fault, I just couldn’t take any more’ or ‘I told you I would and it’s all your fault’.

Anyways. I might get back to that later.

As for Vicky? Interesting. To be honest, my immediate response is that she is a stooge. Carol must have known that Vicky was being interviewed, and I’m guessing that she would have arranged it. We get another view of the story – Vicky mentions how Amanda dressed in skimpier clothes and seemed to chat too much to strangers. We also get – from Carol and Vicky – references to ADHD, such as the trampoline incident. However, I would suggest that this doesn’t come from ADHD, but that it comes from good old partnership of Mary Jane and Jack Daniels.

The current story seems to like to steer towards saying that Aydin Coban is everyone, right from December 2010 onwards. This is, of course, total rubbish. The media wants him to be the imaginary first person who tricked Amanda into flashing; they want him to be  the person who published the photo; they want him to be Austin Collins, Tyler Boo all rolled in to one. He’s none of these.


11 thoughts on “The latest Amanda Todd interview

  1. I read your story and I think you have to contact with the lawyer of Aydin. This is important and an innocent guy has been accused of a lot of things without real evidence. You can help him! Thanks.

    • I have faith in the Dutch judicial system. If you look carefully at the whole case, there is no clear mention of Amanda. There are references to people in the UK, Canada and the USA, and the Press has simply made up the story about Amanda. However, I do not know what he really did, although it looks like he extorted men only.
      The official case in Court has nothing to do with Amanda Todd.
      The Canadian police – who are truly the stupidest police force in the world – would like to have someone to blame. They have supposedly charged him but, again if you do research, there is no record of any attempt to extradite him.
      The Amanda Todd story is a modern myth. It’s fantastic to see how a pack of lies is taken as the truth.
      As for Aydin Coban, I think he has probably broken the law at some point. The Dutch courts will sort it out. I will watch carefully. If necessary, I will contact the authorities, but I think the Dutch will see through all this nonsense.
      I have written to Fannie Tijmstra (EenVandaag) but maybe she will ignore it.
      Thank you for commenting. It’s good to see someone who is on the side of truth.

      • I have my doubts about that, I think it’s better to contact the lawyer. I have sent him your links,but I didn’t get any answers about it. They are pointing the wrong guy just to point someone. I hope so that the thruth will come out soon.

  2. And Carol Todd likes all the attention she gets..enough said 😉 i read your blogs always. Keep on writing 😉 keep the people awake.

  3. It’s good that there’s people like you to cut through the bullshit. And yes, the Canadian police are truly the stupidest police force on Earth. They had Paul Bernardo’s DNA well before anyone was murdered and could have put him away for the Scarborough rapes, if they had done their job and analysed the DNA sample he freely gave them.

    As for Amanda Todd…Seriously, the world should know better than to try and make a martyr out of her.

    • Hello Patrick. I edited part of your comment to make it appear less confrontational (which is unlike you lol). I’m surprised that people accept their cops being so dumb, but it’s not just Canada, unfortunately.

  4. You have great dedication Sir.Writing this blog for about 2 years and still not running out of evidence keep up the good work .Are you close to finding out if her death was real or if it was just a staged death and she js probably living in another country with a complete new identity maybe in Mexico or Japan or even Israel (Dodging Bullets)

    • At the beginning of this story, I would have said that the concept of it all being a hoax was too ridiculous. However, after finding all of the contradictory evidence, I am almost prepared to believe anything.
      This blog has tried to deal with facts rather than guesses. But when facts are missing, does this prove anything? Firstly, the absence of any funeral details is odd. In every other case I find, there is mention of the church or the ceremony, and in some there are Press reports of the occasion. What makes it even more odd is that Carol Todd has been so open about everything else – we were inundated with photos of every other aspect of Amanda. Carol Todd is not a person who keeps things private. In the latest Dutch video, we are shown Amanda’s bedroom as if it were some shrine. I could understand that the family might have wanted to keep the actual funeral quiet, but at this late date it would be quite easy to release some details, even if just to stop the hoax rumours. There is a trace of information from the supplier of ‘alternative’ funerals – it specialises in funerals that are not religious. My suspicion is that the funeral might have been non-religious. Carol never mentions any Church influences (not a rarity in this day and age) and my guess is that the funeral would not have fitted the ‘angel in Heaven’ scenario that grew around Amanda.
      So we don’t know a lot about the funeral.
      Next is the coroner’s report. Again, in all the other cases there has been a complete investigation. They have taken up to a year, but eventually they have appeared. The Megan Meier case took some time to resolve as that, really, was a one-off. But with the Amanda Todd case, there has been nothing after nearly two years. All child deaths are investigated and, given the huge impact of the Todd case, it is unbelievable that nothing has appeared. But I would also have to make some guesses. My thought is that the Todd case is too politically sensitive. A simple report would say ‘Killed herself due to depression/mental health’ but the public wouldn’t accept that – they want to see ‘due to cyberbullying/blackmail’ or something similar. But if the coroner did a thorough job, the whole history would have to be considered, and that would not want to include the problems of drinking and drugs and so on, and also the entire medical history. It is extraordinary that this part of the story has not been closed.
      Do I really think that it’s faked? The rational part of me says ‘Of course not’. It would be extremely difficult to keep it all a secret. But a tiny part of me still has some doubts.
      I would add – if the truth had been told right from the start, it would have helped. But the continued lies from Carol (aided by the Press) make it all confusing.
      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Dear writer of this strange thread,

    Everybody is innoceny untill proven guilty and yes, it is important to find the thruth. Bu I find your classification of your to me loose speculations on human behavior and psychology as a clinical investiagion extremely misfitting.

    If this man had anything to do with the extorcion of the far too young teenager is for the specialist and authorities to find out. Trust me, if the police has any reasons to do nothing they will cease it, so i’m sure they had more then probable cause.

    You keep bringing up that Amanda’s bully lets her know he is in the USA so you cobclude he is not in the Netherlands…thats convenient! Honestly ypu are going to take the word of a person who needs to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to blackmail under aged girls? Talk about gullable….

    Now you are very well entitled to your oppinion, so if you wabt to believe this Ayden is innocent even before the trail has finished be my guest. But what honestly bugs me the most is the tobe you take analysing a 12 to 15year old girl. Do you know nything about the developement of childrens brains? Of their ability to make sensable decision? Our brains don’t stop developibg ublntill our late teens/young adulthood. Did she make some judgement mistakes? Yes, yet nothing out of the ordinary for her age group. That’s why things like this happen to many children. And this is where we as sociaty fail. Parents should not give so much ‘privacy’ to their children…a webcam is inviting strangers in to your home. In to the bedroom of your child. We would not let neighbours peek into bedrooms would we? Secondly…everyobe around her and people on the internet making comments like: hope she dies…we dhould be supportibg vicims of these crimes instead of bullying them. Which brings me to your weird assesment on why she would call herself a slut. People’s confidance is a fragile thing. She was a youbg teenager, probably like every other person struggeling with selfconfidance issues. Is people keep yelling long enough you are a slut, you might end up believing it. I even see adult struggeling with similair issues.

    One last point i will give to you is the best friend bit in one of the dutch reports…where the hell did she came from after the tragedy…but that surprises me in a lot of cases. It’s not an exception.

    So please, leave the thruth fiding to the experts and just keep our opinion classified towhat it is. An opinion. Not a clinical investigacion…


    • Hello!
      When analysing what is happening regarding the Tyler Boo episode, you have to have an open mind. If you read more in this blog, you will find that Tyler Boo says two things:
      Firstly, when asked where he comes from, he writes ‘USA! USA!’. That could be a lie. I look for more evidence, and later on, when Amanda challenges him to a meeting, the reply states that Tyler Boo is a four-hour flight away. That places him on the east coast of Canada or – as I suspect – in the USA, in Wisconsin.
      What you have to realise is that the people involved in all this aren’t clever supercriminals – they are mostly stupid kids. Chat replies are spontaneous.
      Then you have to stand back and look at more detail. The Tyler Boo conversations with Amanda are very American. But still I will allow doubt.
      So think. The authorities in Holland have not linked Aydin with Amanda – only the Press have. He might be a bad person, but if the authorities genuinely thought that he had anything to do with Amanda, it’s very odd that he was allowed to claim his innocence in the published letter. It’s also odd that he was only monitored from well after the Amanda Todd event. When the police installed the keylogger on his computer, the Amanda story was old.
      Now look at the accusations that he had so many identities that he used to contact Amanda. It simply doesn’t make sense to have that many identities. All that Facebook have supplied is a list of all the people who messaged Amanda online – they can’t all be Aydin!
      I’ve already covered a lot of what you say within the blog.
      The idea of ‘innocent mistakes’ made by Amanda doesn’t stand up to investigation. All kids can make mistakes, but what is odd about Amanda is that she continues making them. One mistake might be acceptable, even two, but more than that is too much. OK. Let’s assume that Amanda’s brain was adolescent and undeveloped. But even the most stupid of kids will react to the police coming round in December 2010 – what was it that she didn’t understand? If it was truly all about one photo, then yes, she was just a dumb kid. But to carry on and on doing what she did through 2010 and 2011 shows more than just adoloscent mistake-making.
      You write about lack of self-confidence. I thought that at the beginning. Believe me, I have spent a ton of time thinking about this.
      At first, I did think it was about someone with low esteem, but as I found out more, I realised it was quite the opposite.
      Look at her behaviour. Constantly making videos, a huge amount of webcam activity, a huge amount of attention-seeking. You will argue that this is a classic sign of low self-esteem, but it’s not. It’s a sign of self-assured cockiness. What messed her up was her inability to cope with the fallout of her actions – she simply never expected disapproval.
      Ha ha! Leave the truth finding to the experts! I AM the expert. Look at how the experts have related the story from the beginning. All the experts said it was one photo. That truth is dead and buried. Then it was all due to Kody Maxson – that truth is dead and buried. And now Aydin Coban.
      By the way – I have contacted Coban’s lawyer and supplied the chatlogs showing that Amanda’s image was taken from a room full of 150+ people – not from a one-to-one piece of trickery.
      Anyway. Thanks for commenting. Let me know if you have any questions.

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