Aydin Coban – latest news

Added text Sept. 15th.

Just briefly:

The Aydin Coban case is back on hold for probably another three months. Just finished about an hour ago.

His behaviour has been described as ‘a nasty way of assault’.

The case appears to be entirely about grooming (the papers said he was into drugs and other crimes, but that doesn’t seem to be involved here).

Police are having difficulty opening his files and it won’t be until the end of the year that this will be resolved.

Aydin Coban will remain in custody. Little progress has been made.  He called his the girls he chatted with ‘camslaves’ – camwhores – and there were also aggressive remarks such as ‘I will drive you to kill yourself, bitch’.

He was in Habbo Hotel and made 70 friend requests in 5 minutes.  Suggested that actual number of victims might have been higher – he was in contact with 250 people.

Aydin Coban advised to get psychiatric treatment – went for interview then refused any more.

No official request for extradition to Canada has been received, but it is believed that dozens of cases from all over the world will be passed to the Netherlands. So far, 40 certain victims have been identified, 9 have come forward.

The prosecutor says that the identification of victims is extremely laborious.

With girls, he pretended to be the same age, then contacted them – sometimes years later. He also contacted men in homosexual encounters and demanded money, pretending to be a 13-year-old boy who was getting his ‘father’ involved.

There are nine charges against him – the usual grooming, fraud, etc.

So that’s it for now. I will try to find out more later. Things to note:

Nine victims have come forward so far. Possibly there will be forty. Press like to build it to 250.

All of the above things remain accusations. I don’t like pre-judging, but this guy looks as if he was pretty much in it up to his neck. It’s no surprise to find the ‘camwhore’ stuff – the online shenanigans often included the girls being insulted – but whether that was in chat rooms or one-to-one we don’t know. The ‘I will drive you to kill yourself, bitch’ is appalling, but don’t forget – those itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny female friends of Amanda said similar things online, and it seems to be quite common.

The homosexual trickery intrigues me. It’s just that I’ve not encountered this duality before – the double life of teen girl stuff coupled with extortion of males is a new one.

The only thing that annoys me is that I can’t find viable official mention of Amanda Todd.

So far, I have, with the benefit of detective work, ascertained that it is only the Press who linked Amanda Todd to this case (and the RCMP got caught up in the hysteria).

I’m not particularly fussed either way – if Amanda was involved, then I would simply like to know how, what, why and when, and put an end to the story; if she wasn’t involved, then I would say ‘I told you so’ and we would be back to square one. Whatever happens, it looks like we’ll be waiting an age before even the next hearing.

This news is hot off the press – less than two hours old at the time of publishing this post. AND I did most of the translation for you. See how much I do for you?

Addition: Last time the case appeared in Court, there was massive interest. I expected more information via the Press, but it didn’t come. As usual, the notes I have provided here are the best!

There is not much interest in this case. The Press put ‘Amanda Todd suspect’ in all the headlines but there was little interest (the below-the-line comments that used to be so many are now so few). The Press mostly also left out references to Coban’s alleged extortion of men. I’m puzzled that the Vancouver Sun – who were all over the story at the beginning – seem to have said nothing.

A repeated request to any readers: can anyone find a DEFINITE reason to link Amanda Todd to the case?  In the latest news, the Press say that victims are in the UK, USA and Holland. There has been no move from Canada to extradite Coban. There has been no reference to Amanda Todd in the Courts.

I’m sort of perplexed because they haven’t mentioned any of his online identities. OK – this might be to avoid people copying, but I find it difficult to believe that he went online as Aydin Coban (unless he was totally crazy).

So I’m having to do some guesswork. I assume that the investigators will find Skype identities or perhaps Facebook accounts and then contact the people, but that seems a bit odd. Not that many people will want to come forward to say ‘Yes, I did flash’.

What I am more bothered by is people who will come forward to make fake confessions. There will be fame-seekers who want to be able to say ‘I was a victim’ and get their 15 minutes of fame. There will also be people who were up to mischief (a bit like Amanda) and will want to say that it was not their fault, it was all down to Aydin Coban.

It’s frustrating. The Press and the Courts don’t say if the victims who have come forward are men or girls. And as usual, the useless RCMP have provided no information – such as why they haven’t tried to extradite, or what plans there might be to extradite. My guess is that they are being lazy. If Coban gets prosecuted (which seems very likely) they can just say that Amanda Todd was involved, that it just was never mentioned in Court, but justice has been done and they can close the case. The nutters in Canada will be satisfied, and the Press can add it to the Amanda Todd myth.

Whatever happens, it will be months before anything happens.




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