Anonymous fake?

TIFU by making a fake anonymous video about Amanda Todd that went viral and is completely fake

This was around 2013 of October. So not today at all.

It was around the time Amanda Todd was viral. Someone released her betrayal’s dox and I happened to get my hands on it before everyone else got it. I took a video, got a text-to-speech app and made a short, “anonymous” message. I started posting it around her Facebook fan page. It got more and more known. Up to 10k the first few hours, then the next day I checked it had 200k+, soon going up to 500k.
The video was going viral fast. I set up an Adsense account (made around $600 in total). After a while the video was taken down because I released personal information of her bully. I re-uploaded it and repeated, got around 300k on the 2nd video. Again, taken down, but this time, my account as well. I eventually gave up, but other people started re-uploading the same video. It got more and more viral and popular Youtubers started commenting on it. News teams, etc. (

Anyways, i’m not too proud of it. I ended up donating $200 of the money to a charity for her.

TIFU because I feel like a dick.

My Proof: (Check the date)

Here was my original account:

4 thoughts on “Anonymous fake?

  1. Perso check your skype, I won’t show or drink my own piss but i would like to talk and ask you a few questions about your old days when you did force or in your opinion presue girls into doing things. Please and thank you.

    ~aya xoxo

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