Make of this what you will

Just for the lolz, Cory and Aya:

And here’s the vain attempt at fame. Amanda Todd copycat or what?

For all of you who like to get agitated, here’s an Ask account.

Me? I think it’s an attention-seeking pile of crap. However, don’t let that stop anyone getting their panties in a twist.

I particularly like this bit:

used up and washed up get lost already you filth
I’m planning on killing myself so your wish is my command

ghost girl @ErinnCharter · Jul 13

I don’t strip I just tease, nothing wrong with that

Enjoy your nightmares.

Addition: It’s good to see that my beloved Carol is, indeed, watching what goes on here. My post was published on October 20th, and on October 22nd Carol retweets Erinn Charter:
Carol Todd retweeted
ghost girl @ErinnCharter · Oct 10
R.I.P Amanda Todd, we still miss you . <\3

27 thoughts on “Make of this what you will

  1. Are you upset that she referred to you by your former capper name, pers0? That was weeks ago, and you replied, so why wait so long to do such a short write-up? Your boredom as of late is understandable, given your over-exposure of the whole Amanda Todd ordeal, but if this is the greatest drama you’re able to muster up, that really says a lot about the current state of affairs within this scene. Whatever the case, you could always talk about r0ra instead. It appears that you two have quite the history, and you’ve mentioned him on more than one occasion. You know he’ll appreciate the attention.

    • Interesting. Why have you chosen to make such a ridiculous statement on this blog?
      If you are who you say you are (which I strongly doubt) then you are purposefully making trouble, and I suspect that you think you are some sort of clever keyboard warrior. Well, just for info, you’re not.
      For instance, you are sending comments from the same computer as ‘Aya’ aka Aya_Kagamine, aka Erinn Charter. I assume that you are, therefore, either using the same Internet café or, more likely, you are the same person.
      At this point in time, I can’t really be bothered to do more research, but your choice of identity (traced back to someone calling themselves ‘luvyashawty’) leaves a lot to be desired, especially as that identity is so old-fashioned.
      So what am I led to believe?
      My impression is that you are some sort of dumbass attention-seeker. If I had a dollar for everyone of those I have met here, I would be a rich man. Let me try to explain why you are so hopeless at pretending:
      Your use of language is too good. Most of the semi-literate imbeciles who contact me don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, and their use of punctuation gets a few marks out of ten if periods and question marks are used. And the spelling is too good.
      Yet again, you make the classic mistake of using the same computer. That is dumbass in the extreme. Anyone with any sense would use a different and untraceable source. And the track backs show you to be not where you pretend to be.
      Now…the reference to perso. There are only a few mentally unbalanced individuals who use that name, and only one or two who are still dumb enough to link me to that name. It’s a desperate attempt to make it look like you are in the loop, but rest assured. it’s pathetic and only worthy of that idiot DeeJay.
      As for r0ra, that is another feeble attempt to make it look like you know what you are talking about. Why not mention Viper? Or Zapthosepests? Names you could easily lift from the history of this story. He’s been outed ages ago – people know his name, and pictures of him are easily found. Maybe he and Peyton are married by now. LOL.
      So….what am I to think? My suspicion is that you are some sort of bored basement-dweller but, like I’ve said, bored basement-dwellers can barely construct a sentence.
      It did pass through my mind that you were some sort of idiot trying to in some way entrap me, e.g. you thought that I would say ‘Oh yes, I am perso and my best friend is r0ra’ so that you could have a eureka moment. I even suspected cop activity for a fleeting moment.
      You’re not one of the teen-types I encounter here. There’s none of the ‘Amanada Todd wuz an angle and ure a scumbag’ stuff (that’s a hint to you to be more convincing next time). So you are a bit older. The difficulty is that the older ones who come here are almost as moronic as the teens – DeeJay, Canning, Murphy and others show a stunted vocabulary and word-use reminiscent of people with learning difficulties.
      So….I’m guessing that you are yet another fantasist. Trouble is, you’re too late for the bandwagon.
      There was a time when I would have been hooked by the Aya_Kagamine bullshit. The old ‘I’m going to commit suicide’ routine would have been of some concern to me, and the possibility of capping, blackmail, chateen and all that crap would have caused some sort of emotional response.
      It did worry me though, that’s why I posted it here. If the lovely Carol Todd (who watches the goings-on here like a hawk) was half the person she thinks she is, she would have been in like Flynn on this story. Two or three years ago, idiots would have phoned the Michigan cops, got in touch with YouNow, tweeted Erinn Charter, left supportive messages on her Ask account – the works. Now? Nobody gives a toss.
      tbh, I don’t know who you are. A few months ago, that would have annoyed me, but now I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, the world is full of retards like you and, whereas I used to think that it was a shame if one of you met death by any means, I now think that it’s just Nature’s way of cleaning up the gene pool.
      Have a nice day!

      • The entirety of your reply is a collection of pointless asides which fails to address any of my original questions to any significant degree. Perhaps you should focus less on trying to label me as some sort of bored, idiotic basement dweller and more on the substantive issues. The fact that you dedicated 7 paragraphs to a harmless 6 sentence comment in a feeble attempt at misdirecting me, while also suspecting me to be a cop only begs the question of whether or not you do have something to hide after all. Resorting to insults, also says quite a lot.

        For the record, I can’t say with certainty who you truly are. I learned of this blog through izq, who claimed you were perso but spoke of you in a positive manner. Like him, I agree with much of what you’ve said over the course of this blog. but still don’t quite understand your obsession with Amanda Todd or your reasoning for writing this particular article at the time that you did.

        If you do happen to reply to this, I can imagine it will only be more avoidance. In any case, it’s always humorous watching former cappers go into damage control mode in a desperate attempt to save face.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how there are those who somehow seriously thing a psychotic individual like perso would just all of a sudden begin a blog site the nature of this one. But then, I think we’ve seen individuals professing to be actual cappers come here to stir up trouble. So what are you, Cory? A capper, or one of their misguided and delinquent subjects?

      • Oooooh! Get you! LOL. Words like ‘substantive’ and all.
        Anyways. Still Cory? Or Aya? I’m guessing….hey, I’m not guessing…I know you are a girl because of your sanctimonious struggle to sound credible, and your attitude to your hero, Saint Amanda, which gives it away somewhat.
        I never avoid anything. You came here as Aya_Kagamine, I checked it out, you are Erinn Charter. You left odd comments, and your Ask and twitter accounts are perplexing. Just how much attention do you want? Why don’t you just write ‘I need attention’ instead of being like the millionth idiot on chateen?
        Why do you think I’m a former capper?
        Let me just explain something: in your undeveloped, uneducated and inexperienced little brain, you think you have an idea of who I am. The fact you are totally wrong doesn’t mean a thing – it’s true in your head, therefore it’s true in reality.
        Anyone who has read this blog knows why it’s been written – because the entire Amanda Todd story is phoney baloney, and it’s only really interesting to me because people are so dumb as to believe it. But the interest is no longer there.
        Now….go away and carry on your little self-indulgent, egocentric little adventure, but at least know this – nobody cares about you and your dumbass cronies.

    • Don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical of you to vigorously deny my accusations of you being perso then go on to proclaim that Aya and I are the same person? I even conceded in my last comment that I can’t say for sure who you really are, yet you still decide to go on this spiel about my reality being this or that. Who you are wasn’t a particularly vital aspect of my initial comment but your incessant denial only lends credence to my belief that you are in fact perso. Whether you’re attempting to abandon this former persona (no pun intended) on newly-found moral obligations or out of fear for drawing attention from law enforcement is neither here nor there.

      It’s unfathomably amusing how you go on trying to convince me that you don’t give two fucks about me in a comment of a post you wrote about the person who you think I am. That’s a seriously brutal case of cognitive dissonance you’ve got going on right there. I’m sure you’ve had critical comments on your blog in the past, but you never shone a spotlight on those people with an incredibly cryptic write up. So why give Aya special treatment?

      Your reasoning for why this blog exists seems way to superficial to me. The media spinning a story to benefit themselves is far from a revolutionary concept and your thoughts here won’t change that. Given that we live in an age of information, where most people express their thoughts on an issue in 140 characters or less, it’s time to start accepting the fact that fluff is what drives the media cycle and for all intents and purposes, delving deep into the nitty gritty of an issue in an attempt to open everyone’s eyes isn’t going to get you recognition from anyone except those who already agree with you. Enjoy your confirmation bias. I hope the 5,000,000 word essays you’ve written on the subject were worth it.

      • You are quite wordy, which shows a weakness.
        You know that you have been caught out playing a double identity game. Or how do you explain commenting from the same computer as Aya?
        Just get over yourself. In my ‘About’ I covered a lot of the reasoning behind why I did this blog. I expected to get maybe 10 views a day. The fact it grew was just due to the amount of people showing an unhealthy interest (I estimate only 1% of people come here to actually see another point of view).
        You are quite naive. Either that, or you are a pretentious upstart doing Psychology 101 at some dumbass Yankee college (or even worse, you’re doing Communication or Media Studies, which is only one step away from doing the most nonsensical course in the world – Gender Studies). Your usage of ‘cognitive dissonance’ shows your inexperience – to you it’s a newly found phrase which you think makes you sound intelligent. It doesn’t. Following it up with ‘confirmation bias’ means you’ve just been to a ‘How to sound like a dillweed’ tutorial.
        Anyways. Thanks for popping in. I am currently watching ‘Le Grand Patissier’, otherwise I would have given you some more of my time. And the most worrying thing for me at the moment is whether to vote for Andy Murray’s mum.

    • OK, Aya, Cory, luvyashawty, izq, Aya_Kagamine, Erinn Charter….
      Stop commenting from the same computer with different email addresses. And if you change computer, as you did with the previous comment, at least drive to a different State or something. For Pete’s sake, make an effort!
      This post was a lazy post – just a few links, because I suspected it was just a joke.
      If I had considered you really post-worthy, you would have received at least a 1000 words along the lines of ‘Erinn Charter – idiot headcase or another lost cause?’.
      And btw – it would have turned out with the ‘idiot headcase’ conclusion.
      Laters! x

      • Dude I’m trying to tell you we’re two different people. my friend and I both comment on this. do your research already, and you’ll figure that out.

      • OK. Now tell me why you and your friend seem so keen to comment here.
        From your Ask account, you appear to have encountered certain difficulties online (similar to Amanda Todd). What interests me is why, like so many others, you openly publicise your Ask answers and why, having seemingly already found some trouble from your use of live chat scenarios, you continue doing what you are doing.
        Luckily, there are many people online who would be concerned by your remarks. Your referral to suicide (on twitter as well) will have, no doubt, upset some of these people.
        Is it a cry for help? Are they genuine remarks?
        Although I can easily dismiss people like you as just being foolish – chucking suicide comments around as if they are part and parcel of normal activity is immature – I believe that even the worst type of attention-seeking has its roots in personal problems. If, for instance, you reply (as probably you will) that it is none of my business, why do you insist on letting thoughts and actions that might be better off private to be seen by everyone? Twitter and Ask can be made private.
        I think you are attempting a certain type of bandwagon behaviour. The Amanda Todd myth didn’t make people like yourself decide to stop what they were doing – it made a kind of copycat hero of you. That is one of the reasons why I hate the story. People like you look upon Amanda Todd as a role model, an angel, an inspiration. People love her, almost worship her. Therefore, instead of being put off your actions, you think it is clever. Who knows? You could be just like Amanda, getting all the attention like she did. Except you miss out on one crucial factor – you’ve got to make a video, be pretty, and off yourself. So it’s kind of a catch – it has all the sordidness of Amanda’s story, but none of that clickbait emotional reward. Also, there’s only room for one Amanda Todd – she’s taken all the glory – so any attempt by you to mimic her will pretty much be met with ‘meh’.
        Get your ‘friend’ Cory to write something. It would be interesting to find out what backstory you can fabricate between you.
        btw – at Steppingstone, do they tell you how to pretend to be someone else?
        Laters, dudette x.

      • Hmmm….I assume this is you on Ustream:
        ‘I also am very preverted and I also broadcast on blogtv. and youtube. on youtube my name is mewjade11 and on blogtv i’m ayakagamine.’
        You’re a veritable goldmine of pictures and videos.
        Cory and you now feature in the main post. Your ‘experience’ video was just an attempt to get noticed, surely?

  2. Your obsessive tendencies are beginning to show, perso. Roy’s description of you as a ‘psychotic individual’ was spot on. Perso must be one of your multiple personalities which you thought you had control over but our comments reawakened him from deep inside your soul. What you thought was dead was really only hidden under the guise of a pseudo-sophisticated blogger with the irrational belief of cutting through all of the bullshit. Perso is your true self. It’s best that you just embrace this fact as your current charade will result only in frustration and a lingering feeling of emptiness.

    • Do not misinterpret what I said, child. I am well aware of where the “perso” accusation began concerning Philip, but then things do just seem to take on a life of their own on the Internet, don’t they, especially when people believe what they WANT to believe rather than use common sense. If Erinn’s done anything illegal online, maybe it’s simply time to let the local constabulary know about it and put an end to all this silliness. If Erinn or Cory communicate with r0ra on any of his ilk on a regular basis, I’m wondering if her mom would be as accepting of them as Peyton’s allegedly was.

      • It is in my experience that those who speak of r0ra in a negative vein only do so out of a need to not feel like they are at the bottom of the barrel. This is a classic character flaw that I see exhibited often in areas such as condorchat, where actual pedophiles dwell. In actuality, these hostilities are only displayed because izq is notorious for trolling and heroing. Given the similarities in behavior between your angst towards izq and those who frequent condorchat, the only rational conclusion I can draw is that you are a regular there and have had negative experiences in the past with him ruining a potential win of yours.

      • ‘actual pedophiles’. LOL. You mean there are actual pedophiles, as opposed to pretend ones?
        You are having a ‘rational conclusion’. Last time I looked, rational meant based on reason. However, I would describe your version of rational as ‘Internet rational’, e.g the more someone tells you you are wrong, the more that any evidence is put in front of you, the more you are presented with logic and reason, the more you conclude that your incorrectness is totally correct.

      • You know, after all of these comments, I still am at a loss as to why you chose to write this post when you did–again, weeks after the initial comments. In the thousands of words you’ve written so far, this being a “lazy post” leaves me with more questions than answers. Your quibbling is rather annoying and suspicious. You spend a disproportionate amount of time attacking myself as a person and going off on tangents than you do addressing me directly.

      • The answer is boredom. Don’t bother to look for any other answer. This entire blog is a product of boredom. Even me responding to your comments is out of boredom. Seriously, don’t look for any fancy-pants rationale. There’s no hidden agenda, there’s no mystery person writing if for some God-knows-what reason – it’s all just a way of passing the time.
        No doubt you will bluster and fluster and say it can’t be, but it is. You might want it to be something more, something a bit sinister, but it isn’t. So…..drama over.
        Erinn/Jade/Aya got featured because she commented here and – out of boredom – I check out all people who comment. Out of boredom I decided to make a post about it to see if anyone would respond. Didn’t you detect the tediousnness of it all?
        I’ve always been, in many ways, prouder of some of my music/video selections, but no one ever bothers about that.
        Anyways. That’s the end of it. Please – don’t bother to try to make something of it. Boredom has a habit of creating more boredom – this comment thread was past the point of being remotely interesting some time ago.

    • Just now saw the “blackmail” video. It seems mommy already knows of your exploits online. Guess now all that’s left is trying to come up with a valid excuse as to why you regularly went to known child exploitation sites. Good luck with that one!

    • How long did it take you to write that?
      However – I quite like the idea of being a pseudo-sophisticated blogger.
      But at least we’ve seen you in a video now.
      Do you have anything sensible to say? And please – all that ‘blackmail experience’ stuff was like totally lifted from the Todd story.

  3. I find it ironic that “Cory” used the phrase “It is in my experience” above when implying that I’m one of the predators because I mentioned the name of the capper world’s favorite and most easily recognized and identified whipping boy. “In his experience”, indeed, leading one to immediately wonder at how he acquired this experience and how long he himself dwelt in those dens of iniquity he mentions, and for what reasons. Unless the demographic has changed in the last few years, I don’t recall male children going to such places to socialize with anyone unless they were beneficiaries of the predators’ efforts themselves, or were you part of some “junior detective agency” attempting to bring wrongdoers to justice. I can assure you it is well nigh impossible – others and I have tried for years and only have a handful of arrests or site shutdowns to show for it.

    A few years ago I might be intrigued at this “condorchat” you mention, but as I’ve been out of intervention and activism for several years now, I’ll leave it to other “anti’s” to carry on such work.

    • For someone claiming to be an innocent victim, she (and Cory) sure seem to be familiar with all the best dregs of the Internet – first name basis with them and all.

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