To bandwagon or not to bandwagon?

This blog is in its death throes.

Rather immorally, perhaps, I find myself almost wanting some new scandal to arise concerning either the Todd story or anything connected with it but each day, when I do my habitual searches for any piece of informative journalism or even some tabloid-type gossip, nothing turns up.

So I have been sorely tempted to take a different path with the blog. There have been a few things to get het up about – the leaking of the nude photos not so long ago (that outrage lasted a couple of weeks); Ray Rice and domestic violence kept the online commenters busy for a while; in the UK, Ched Evans provided provocation for many a good below-the-line handbag battle; and, of course, England now seems to have its own set of problems around child abuse. Enough to keep this blog going for several weeks.

Then along comes the ultimate bandwagon bait – Jian Ghomeshi. Canada seems to have one real news item a year. In 2012 it was Amanda Todd. 2013 was pretty much the year of the Ford. And now…….Jian Ghomeshi! In the last week or so this guy has stirred up more trouble than the nutcase gunman in Ottawa and the rest of Canada’s cop-killers combined.

What a great story! It has all the components the Press could wish for. We have a high-flying celebrity (everyone likes it when the fall from Grace is so much greater). We have scope for a little racism to stoke up the fury. We have women! We have violence! But most of all we have that juicy mandatory part – big sex time! And kinky sex at that!

If I were a journalist, I would be rubbing my trousers with glee.

But what sort of self-centred, shallow person would jump on the Ghomeshi bandwagon in a desperate attempt for publicity? Here’s Glen Canning’s latest tirade:

It’s a shame that Glen Canning has no real intellect. I’m sure that even he would admit to that. Through tragedy, he has been gifted with a platform to say whatever he wants to say to a wide audience. It’s just such a pity that he’s not talented enough to say anything worthwhile.

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