Ignorance is strength – Carol Todd


Readers will note that this blog is almost dormant.

Why? Because there’s nothing more to be said. Any person interested in cyberbullying will see that every new article repeats the one before – there’s a finite number of ways of repeating ‘Don’t do it’ or ‘It’s a bad thing’, or of creating a list of rules to keep safe.

Any person interested in the Amanda Todd story will either find all the details here, or already have the myth firmly fixed in their minds – she was either a sweet innocent tricked by evildoers and attacked by vile bullies because they were jealous, or she was yet another example of kids today, who drink, take drugs, flash their tits online and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Today, Carol Todd will appear on the Dr.Phil show. Anyone aware of the content of this show will know that it appeals to the worst type of viewer who revels in story lines like “My Drunken Daughter Will Die if She Doesn’t Stop Drinking Hand Sanitizer” and it’s a shame that Amanda will now share the same platform, with her story going out to the mental deficient people who live off faux-outrage. The Amanda Todd story has become part of the media freak show now.

I can predict what Carol will say because she repeats the same tale over and over again. It was all the fault of the cyberbullies, it was all the fault of haters, it was all the fault of the schools, the system, and we need to teach people all about it. We will see a few pictures of heartstring-tweaking sweetness and there will be the compulsory reference to Princess Snowflake. The audience will all weep crocodile tears, Dr. Phil’s lower lip will tremble, viewers will be outraged by the pedophile predators and bullies and conjure up their own versions of who did it and why. Then next week it will all be forgotten, and they will transfer their outrage to whatever salacious gossip Dr. Phil provides.

However, some of the audience will also harbour doubts. Many people now question the role of parenting, and I’m not sure that Carol has understood this development.

Recently, I have noticed a difference in how people are viewing the types of problem surrounding the Todd myth. Cyberbullying has become a non-issue. Most people appear to be now dismissing it as just one of those things. Here is a view that sums up current thinking:

‘Kids have always been evil little fuckers to each other. Social media is simply another way of being an evil little fucker to another kid, and given that it barely existed 10 years ago, the “huge explosion” is hardly unexpected.

The issue with social media and bullying is that it brings it into the home for the kid on the receiving end. I’d suggest that the use of social media in the home is an issue for the parents to control….’

So is there anything more to be said? Is there any point in going over old ground?

Carol Todd’s story (really, that’s what it is now) has become a myth. She has managed to escape any real criticism and, to some, she is almost a Saint. There is no doubt that the myth has helped in certain areas. She would like to think that her fame has spread worldwide, but it hasn’t. There is barely a person in the UK who is aware of it (I have tested this out, and she’s virtually unheard of in certain circles). But for Canada, she has at least brought attention to things that might have gone ignored.

But is it enough? Maybe people could argue that the Amanda Todd news has changed a few teens’ way of thinking. However – after thinking about it repeatedly – I still am of the firm belief that the way Carol Todd has handled it has been of little value. Why? Because it didn’t deal with the parenting aspect enough, and didn’t tackle the deep, profound issues that really led to Amanda’s tragic finale.

By constantly blaming other issues, Carol Todd failed to get to grips with underlying and dangerous aspects facing teens – the stupidity of their own parents, basically.

Carol Todd never referred to the problems of drug-taking. Even worse, she was dismissive of it all, saying that things like that were ‘battles’ that she wasn’t prepared to fight. The influence of drugs on vulnerable kids was left out of the equation.

Carol Todd never referred to the problems of alcohol. She took the modern parent’s ‘Well, what are you gonna do?’ approach, without once questioning what contribution alcohol might have been making (combined with the drugs) to her daughter’s educational achievement.

Carol Todd never referred to the problems of parental neglect caused by divorce. Amanda’s search for stability was made all the more difficult by changes at home.

Carol Todd never referred to her cruel and heartless exiling of her daughter to live with Norm, caused by her own distorted opinion that her daughter needed punishment through the confiscation of maternal love, and that begging for a mother’s forgiveness would be a good life lesson. ‘Cruel’ doesn’t really cover it.

Carol Todd never referred to Amanda being permitted to display herself so regularly, and never referred to the total lack of control she had over her daughter, who continued to have unfettered access to the source of her destruction well beyond the time the cops came in December 2010.

Carol Todd never referred to the RCMP’s exhortation to both her and Norm to protect Amanda, preferring to edit down the plaintive email sent by the police to both of them, and opting to, in my opinion, criminally slur the activities of the police, painting them as being the ones who were uncaring.

Carol wrote this in her latest blog post addressed to Amanda:
‘Do you remember when I asked you what you wanted to achieve by making the You Tube video. You said you just wanted to get your real story out there – in one place – in one way.’
In reality, Carol Todd never did ask why (when questioned in the Press about it, she replied ‘I never asked’). But even if she did, didn’t she think it odd that Amanda should finish her video with ‘I have no-one’?

So many opportunities have been lost.

I began today’s blog with the aim to praise Carol in some way. With so many people saying she’s wonderful, I was forced to examine my own feelings. It is very easy to get carried away – even blinded – when one looks at this story. It is very easy to find facts to support one’s own views without bothering about those that don’t. It’s very easy to be wrong.

But I’m not. I have examined. Re-examined.

Carol Todd is a self-serving, self-righteous, egotistical woman who exploits her daughter’s name and her own appalling errors for money and fame. She vampirically, parasitically exists from the blood of her own disastrous failure, her own daughter.


2 thoughts on “Ignorance is strength – Carol Todd

    • In earlier posts, I have implied that Carol may have enjoyed all the attention created since as far back as December 2010. There’s nothing a useless mom likes more than being seen as a caring martyr. Look up Munchhausen syndrome – I think Carol made use of all her daughter’s problems.

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