A busy week ahead

To all the dumbass Canucks out there – here’s a message for you:
Think. Just think.
Aydin Coban is not Tyler Boo.
Look at the news. Amanda challenges him to meet. He says he is a three-hour flight away. That’s not in Holland. That’s in the good old USA. Here’s more proof:



It’s going to be a busy, busy week.

Aydin Coban’s case is discussed in court on Thursday. It’ll be interesting.

It’s all getting a bit complicated. Norwegian cops notified Dutch cops way back in 2012 that a Norwegian girl was in trouble. They had the ip address and it came from Oisterwijk. This is incredibly odd, and I will say more about it later. For now, I will just say that it’s odd that a criminal who the Dutch cops say was some sort of online whiz would use exactly the same computer over at least two years. I haven’t got all the details yet, but it appears that either the ip address is shared (from wifi) or it has been hacked. It’s also peculiar that Aydin was referred to as some sort of itinerant, yet seems to have occupied the same house for more than two years if this is true.

It’s not easy working in Dutch, but I will try my best. Whatever I find out, I’ll let you know. Maybe r0ra will lend a hand if he still reads this.

After the court case on Thursday, there is a Dutch TV programme scheduled for that night. It’s this programme that alleges the Norwegian involvement.

On Friday, we have another 5th Estate programme in Canada. What will that have to say? What will it reveal? The last effort was piss-poor (remember the cretinous narrator saying that Amanda seemed to be staring at her own image on webcam? Anyone with the slightest knowledge would know she was reading messages).

I’m guessing that the 5th Estate garbage will be fabricated. Regular readers will know that I went through the last one, cutting it up into 0.2 second sections and learning the full RCMP email details and the full Tyler Boo dates. Will they be stupid enough to do that sort of thing again? I find it highly suspicious that both the Dutch and the Canadians have staged ‘re-enactments’ showing different versions of the Tyler Boo encounter.

3 thoughts on “A busy week ahead

  1. Well. This is pretty impressive. Just finished watching the 5th Estate – only turned it on in hopes that they might have something new or correct to say about the story (since why would anyone STILL be talking about it today?) but no, nothing of the sort. Just more avoidance and holes and lies, from beginning to end. A long time skeptic of this tale, I typed Aydins name into Google and came to your page. I think you’re pretty spot on sir. I understand NOW why our RCMP didn’t originally come to Amanda’s “rescue” but I can’t yet fathom why all the rest of this nonsense is being perpetuated by the media and news outlets as well as Amandas mother. The 5th Estate MUST have come across much of the information you have found (they may be square, old school journalists but they must know how to simply use Google, right? And the RATINGS they would get if they actually did expose the real story! How could they pass that up?? And the RCMP – after being repeatedly bashed for not helping Amanda early on, why would they not want to expose the case for what it is?) I just don’t understand why this keeps on as it has. You would think by now Amandas mother would have attempted to put everything to bed and be done with it (especially if, upon findings of new information, she could somehow be found negligent in her daughters death, which is likely). What do you think?

    • Thanks for commenting.
      I haven’t looked at the documentary yet, as I want to concentrate on it and see where any mistakes are made.
      Although many people would say that I am some sort of conspiracy theorist with some sort of agenda – and I can understand that – this story is just too strange to take at face value.
      Why do Dutch cops seem to have so much more information?
      Why does some tawdry 5th Estate TV show seem to have access to data that no one else has seen?
      If Carol Todd was keeping such close attention to Amanda’s activities after December 2010, how come all this was still going on virtually under her nose in 2011?
      Someone somewhere isn’t telling the whole truth.
      People know that I have always accused Carol Todd of negligence.
      I’m prepared to accept that she didn’t know what was going on before December 2010, but that’s really giving her the benefit of doubt. I can accept that it is unlikely that a mother would ever think that her 11, 12, or 13 year old daughter was getting entangled in stuff online, but when the cops arrived there’s no excuse.
      Once Carol realised her daughter was in danger, she should have clamped down. But we all kind of know that.
      I’m shocked that the RCMP haven’t said much. They haven’t come out of this very well. However, I think they are tied – can they really tell all about Canada’s Saint Amanda?
      The data that has been shown is very selective. Tyler Boo is from the USA – that’s pretty obvious – yet we are supposed to believe that he’s some Dutch guy.
      With this blog, I try to keep away from just making up opinions, but it’s difficult. We now have three differing versions of the Tyler Boo encounter, several differing stories of how/when that mythical ‘one photo’ was taken. Trying to get to the truth is hard work!
      I’m not sure what will happen now. I think people have had enough of the story. There are still a few hangers-on that like the scandal/gossip/outrage, but sensible people will now see that things certainly are not as straightforward as Carol Todd would want us to think.
      Later on this week I will tackle the documentary.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.
      Merry Christmas! Give my regards to Wayne!?

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