Aydin Coban says he is innocent

Regular readers will know that I have stated that Aydin Coban is innocent. In the same way that I stated that Kody Maxson is innocent.


I know for certain that the Aydin Coban campaign has been fabricated by a combination of the Dutch and Canadian Press in order to simply make up a story. It has been aided by the Canadian authorities – mainly the RCMP – so that they can look as if they have done their job.

People will have read here in other posts that Aydin Coban was never charged with anything to do with Amanda Todd. This was a complete lie made up by the Dutch Press and aided and abetted by the Canadian Press just to create sensationalist headlines. The RCMP jumped on the bandwagon with empty and non-existent threats to extradite Aydin Coban. I have checked the records – no move to extradite or charge Aydin Coban was ever made by Canada.

How long does it take for you to realise you are being lied to?

The Facebook security reports are wrong. I know all about them. The fact that people so easily fell for the 5th Estate documentary spin just shows how gullible people can be, and how people are so easily duped.

Didn’t anybody stop to think why Tyler Boo said he was from the USA? Or why, when challenged by Amanda to a face-to-face meeeting, he said it was a three-hour flight away (Holland being at least 10 hours away)?

Didn’t anybody stop to think how Kody Maxson’s name appeared on the list of possible Coban aliases? Or why somebody who was meant to be a blackmailer would also, under another identity, be sending warning messages to Amanda’s mother?

Didn’t anybody ever wonder just exactly what was going on?

But now we have the latest information.



“First off, I’m innocent,” Coban writes in English in his four-page letter. “I’m not the so-called tormentor of Miss Amanda Todd or of anyone else, for that matter. I’ve been in jail exactly a year now for things I haven’t done.”

Carol Todd joins in.


“Iedereen is onschuldig tot het tegendeel is bewezen”, reageert Todd daarop.

6 thoughts on “Aydin Coban says he is innocent

  1. SINCEEEE returning messages seems to be a complete chore for some people….I thought I would come here. I’m a bit hmmm perplexed about this innocent AC statement. Are you saying…he is innocent on ALL charges…or just in the connection with AT?? 86 fake profiles? pretending to be well who the hell knows what? was it just to swap recipes you figure?

    • Once again – and with exasperation – all I ask is that you THINK.
      Look at the 86 profiles that were all supposedly involved with Amanda.
      1. Why would anyone construct 86 profiles just to pick on one person? It simply isn’t true.
      2. One of the profiles is meant to be Tyler Boo. No matter how much you stretch your imagination to believe that Aydin Coban is some sort of mega-genius stalker, he would not have said (as Tyler Boo) that he was from the USA. Now you will say that he was super-sneaky. OK. But in another message as Tyler Boo he says he is a three-hour flight away. That’s a straightforward answer and places Tyler Boo in North America. Even if you insist that Coban is a super-criminal, you still need to stretch your imagination to think that he can produce so many different characters.
      3. One of the profiles is meant to be Kody Maxson. Ask many questions. Why would he choose that particular name? Where did he get it from? Some guy in Holland just happens to use a name of some guy in Surrey? Nope. Remember. Kody Maxson knew Amanda. He admits to having been in touch with her. That name has simply been lifted from Amanda’s records. In fact, the published list is just people who have contacted Amanda.
      4. According to the information, Coban is also meant to be a Alice Mcalister. Why would Coban pretend to be Alice Mcalister and then get in touch with Amanda’s MOTHER to warn about Amanda’s behaviour?

      The list of profiles found by Facebook is simply a list of all people who messaged Amanda. If you look (like I do) closely, you will see that Facebook say they have not yet made certain connections between the list of profiles and Coban. The 5th Estate (yet again) put that spin on it all. Remember how they only mentioned a part of the RCMP email to the Todds? Remember how they conveniently left out the ‘new material’ part? They have done the same – conveniently omitting information to make it all more sensational.

      I don’t know what Aydin has or hasn’t done. The world and his brother knew about Amanda and she was on every perves hard-drive from here to Timbuktu.

      You also have to ask yourself. The RCMP and others had direct access to all of Amanda’s data. Why is it only the Dutch who seem to have info? The RCMP would have been closely monitoring communications from December 2010 onwards. Even if they were complete idiots, they would have been all over the case from October 2012. Why didn’t they get the Facebook report? I’ll tell you why. They DID know every communication, and knew that Aydin Coban didn’t feature, or if he did, he was not part of the problem.

      Time will tell. Aydin may have been up to mischief, but he wasn’t involved with the Todd story. THINK HARD. The Dutch police and judicial system would not have allowed the letter to be published before the court procedures unless they knew for certain that Amanda Todd was an irrelevance. They really want to create distance between Amanda Todd and the case in hand.

      I’m still perplexed. By now, the whole of Canada knows that Amanda’s video is a pack of lies. The whole of Canada knows that the Maxson bullshit was just that. The story changed drastically from one little photo to a few displays to hundreds of viewers. Canada knows that the truth has yet to be fully told. Yet they continue to believe that some dumbass in Holland was responsible for the whole kit and caboodle.


      • I am not saying he is responsible….it is rather hard to make that claim and back it up…with the fact that we get shit hogwash news…and it barely says a damn thing! I do say that AC sounds like a fishy character…not that he used his fake profiles to hurt ONE person. I seriously doubt that! HOWEVER, in my experience..and trying to understand people who make fake profiles….they do it for a reason. Perhaps to speak the truth they can’t do while they are under their own name. Perhaps to get lost in a different world in a different mask. Pretending to be a young girl…a young boy….not even knowing what was said..or what he did of course (besides a few blurbs here and there)..I can just say….it isn’t right!! If what the Dutch has said so far about him (as brief as it was)….he seems like a sick puppy to me. Is he connected with AT? well dude…it is really hard to say isn’t it? He obviously had a convo with her….at least one! I would think it would have to be more then just a picture/video? Wouldn’t you? If not about her…then clearly to be in Jail for a whole year thus far…(unless the Dutch are as stupid as us Canucks) they had to have gotten some serious material?? I mean even Kody had contact. Not the contact everyone was hoping for…but still it was there. As far as the Tyler Boo issue…well that one still stumps me really…….the warnings…AM….I really…well….makes me have a loss for words at this time. THANK YOU for your kind response! Hope it wasn’t tooo painful for you to do! 😀

      • As usual, you are incapable of thinking.
        You assume that Aydin has had a conversation with Amanda Todd, even though there is no evidence of it. Not even from the Dutch police.
        Note: originally he was accused of having contact with various people – possibly in the UK and in Canada. That was it. The Press mentioned Amanda Todd. Nobody else did. Not the Dutch police, not the Dutch courts. Only the Press.
        Where did the Facebook thing come from? Do you seriously think that any police force or court would release that information in such a case? None of that came from them. It was all obtained by media. Do you seriously think that any authority with that kind of information will simply turn it over to the Press in advance of a court case?
        But the RCMP fell for it. It’s easy to be in another country and say ‘so-and-so has been charged’. They are empty words. How or why you dumbass Canucks fell for that is beyond me.
        People swore it was Kody Maxson. Tons of people attacked me when I said it was not him. They have now been shown up for the idiots they are. People were ready to kill Kody Maxson based on the words of online cretins. And you were friends with them all.
        People swore it was only one picture. They would have staked their lives on it. They swore it was only one picture when videos were shown. The Press said it was one picture, so it had to be true.
        People swore she displayed to one person. They staked their lives on it. That’s what the Press said. When it was shown that she displayed to hundreds of people…
        You were part of this fiasco. And the fiasco continues.

  2. i will say one thing. since you are not from Canada, you have no idea what Canadians think. you only see certain productions. there are many more that would answer a lot of your so called questions. but you dont want to learn, just obsess. like the prozak song says: “sucks to be you” lol

    many trolls have over 150 fake accounts in reserve. they are not hard to make and they want backups. so 80 is just a small drop in the bucket. one guy sent me a list of over 400 fake accounts he made. it happens often

    • I think you will find that I am totally aware. As you have no doubt read my entire blog, you will know the amount of reseach I do and how closely I examine things.
      What you have to be careful to do is not only see what you want to see. Throughout this blog I have endeavoured to give all sides of the story. However, that can become a difficult task and I found that giving every single explanation proved to me almost impossible and also unreadable. People like blog posts of a certain length. They also appear to like black and white posts that they don’t have to think about, which is echoed in Press headlines. Whatever I say about Aydin Coban will be largely ignored by people like you simply because you want to believe what you want to believe. Like I have already stated – people wanted to believe that Amanda Todd was some sort of innocent angel who made one mistake. They still want to believe that. So when evidence comes forward to show she displayed to audiences of 150+, or that she thought flashing was ‘no big deal’, or that she continued to display even after the December 2010 episode, people strive to re-write the story to maintain an image of Amanda Todd that is still close to the original.
      People don’t like to think about a girl who got herself into a lot of dangerous situations despite warnings. They don’t like to think of a girl who was relatively delinquent. Neither do they really want to acknowledge that the cyberbullies involved were mostly girls (her close friends) aged 13-14 or simply young idiotic kids – they want the villains to be comic book stereotypes of lone men living in basements.
      Aydin Coban is extremely convenient because he covers all points. He is supposedly a loner. Not only is he a foreigner from Holland, for some he supplies racist views. He’s the right age – not a kid but a grown man. Not only can he be used to explain the 2011 occurrences, the Press can extend it (with no evidence whatsoever) to cover every move by Amanda since the age of 11. He can be the perfect scapegoat. In one go, everyone in Canada can breathe a sigh of relief and blame him for everything. Nice and neat and tidy, case closed, no need to bother about it any more. Amanda can retain her sainthood, Carol Todd can say ‘I told you so’, the bullies can all rid themselves of guilt, end of story. The police can relax, the school authorities can say it was nothing to do with how they handled it, and the mental health people can do the same. It was all Aydin’s fault.
      Let’s assume that Aydin Coban is some sort of master criminal, and assume the worst about him. Let’s assume that he had a million identities. But there are flaws.
      Why bother to look at flaws?
      Had we accepted the Todd story as being 100% true, we would not now know what she really got up to. The real story is quite different from the original. Had the Todd story been verified, there would be no need to doubt the Coban story.
      There was the Kody Maxson idiocy. People accepted what those Anonymous cretins said. If we hadn’t looked for flaws, we wouldn’t now know that it was all preposterous – he went from being 30 years old to 19, from living in one place to another.
      In short, if the Amanda Todd story hadn’t been so full of flaws there would be no need to question the Aydin Coban one.
      All I ask of you is to think, like I’ve already said in these comments.
      The Press described him as some sort of tech genius. If he had been, it’s unlikely he would have been caught so easily.
      The Dutch police only had him under surveillance recently, well beyond Amanda’s death. So anything they bring to court won’t involve any interaction with Amanda Todd.
      If Coban was do heavily involved with Amanda right from the start, how come he never showed up on the radar? We can excuse anything prior to December 2010, but the cops would have monitored everything closely after that. Why was it only the Dutch police who seemed to have so much information if the RCMP has so many people on the case? Do we just assume that the RCMP were extraordinarily stupid?
      Why did Amanda engage with Tyler Boo (aka Coban) so readily? The Press say she challenged him. OK, put that down to heroic bravery rather than arrogant stupidity, but then why did Tyler Boo say he was from the USA and a three-hour flight away? Unless you still want to imply that Aydin really is a mastermind of disguise. I can tell you this – trolls aren’t as clever as you think. But you will believe that Aydin just said he was from the USA because he’s a genius.
      Why would Alice Mcalister (also supposedly Coban) have sent a message to Amanda’s mother much earlier on in the story, warning her in the typical ‘hero’ stance?
      Why would Coban use the name Maxson? You would have to make an incredible stretch of the imagination to say he pretended to be Kody Maxson all along.
      Why would Coban use all of his 86 profiles to communicate with Amanda?
      Look at the letter from Coban. He wasn’t even near his current address when most of this was happening.
      Any decent troll is bound to use more than one IP address, especially over the amount of time this was meant to all take place. To imply that the same computer was used over such a long time is a difficult assertion to make.
      Is Coban also Austin Collins? That doesn’t fit in either. It is out of sync. If you look at the modus operandi of Austin Collins, he’s close to the story. He got to know all of the local people because he is local – hence his desire to witness the ‘shitfest’ as he called it.
      Aydin Coban would have had to be operating on several different levels. It is too outrageous to suggest that he had so many online personas, all acting differently – Mcalister as a warning ‘hero’, Tyler Boo as a threatening stalker, Austin Collins as a maker of ‘shitfests’.
      Could he also have been the one person who released that one picture way back in 2010?
      We know that it was Amanda’s friends who found that.
      I would be prepared to believe the story of one solitary stalker following Amanda for years. It’s a long stretch, but one thing I’ve learned is that nothing is out of the question online. The problem is that the overall story doesn’t fit into that scenario.
      In reality, Amanda would have flashed that one time, the stalker issues a threat, releases the photo. Maybe Amanda would have gone to mom or dad when the stalker first appeared. Maybe she was too scared. But let’s assume that it was Aydin who was responsible for that first episode. Fair enough.
      But what can’t be explained is Amanda’s continuation. One would hope that most kids would have learned from the December 2010 experience, but Amanda didn’t.
      Would Aydin stick with it? Maybe he felt thwarted. Would he really masquerade as Austin Collins? I doubt it. But we’ll even say he was some sort of vindictive maniac (remember – Austin Collins was not a blackmail threat, it was just nastiness).
      OK – so let’s say that Aydin Coban is Austin Collins. I will even give you the treat of saying Aydin Coban (A.C.) is Austin Collins (A.C.).
      But it still doesn’t explain why Amanda still produced, as the RCMP said, ‘new material’. If the police felt she was being coerced in some way, why did they write ‘there’s only so much we can do’. If Amanda was genuinely so scared of this stalker, why didn’t she stop? I’m not saying why didn’t she clear off from Facebook etc., but why did she continue to produce ‘new material’ if it was all such a scare? Why did she, in effect, supply any potential stalkers with even more ammunition?
      Would Aydin still stay in this game? Even now, I’ll say it’s possible, but it does seem unlikely. Nothing correlates. According to the Press, Aydin pretended to be a girl to entice men for extortion. That doesn’t fit.
      According to the Press, he had a ton of victims. That’s possible, but why spend so much time on Amanda Todd if he was so busy elsewhere?
      And you really do have to ask – if Amanda Todd and so many like her were displaying themselves readily so often, would a blackmailer spend such an inordinate amount of time pursuing it? Even r0ra wasn’t that obsessed by Aurora Eller.
      So many questions. How come all her friends knew what Amanda was doing, so that she became known as ‘Glowsticks’, yet nobody else seemed to know this was going on? Did none of this filter back to schools or parents?
      OK. I’ll finish for now. Do you see that it is not as clear as you think? The Aydin letter states that he has nothing to do with Amanda Todd and he has not been charged with anything to do with Amanda Todd. Whatever the rest of the letter states (most criminals will proclaim innocence) the one FACT (such a dirty word these days) is that Todd has only been mentioned by the Press. I don’t particularly care if Aydin is responsible for every crime since the dawn of time, it seems to be getting clearer that Amanda Todd is not involved.
      ‘What is the Facebook evidence then?’ you will ask.
      The Facebook evidence is simply a list of all identities who got in touch with Amanda.
      The police asked Facebook to supply that. If you look closely, Facebook write that they have not linked any of those identities to proper IP addresses.
      As usual (if you look closely) the Press and the 5th Estate have hidden the full text of the Facebook document. They did the same with the ‘new material’ email to the Todds which I so meticulously tracked down and published.
      I take great pains to be exact. Readers will know that. And, if most readers are honest, they will say that I have been right in the past, despite the whole world telling me I was wrong at the beginning. It’s what makes this blog so powerful.
      So I’m telling you. There is a slim possibility that Aydin Coban had some contact with Amanda. But so did hundreds of other people, if not thousands. But there is absolutely NO possibility that he is everything people want him to be.
      Thanks for commenting. Feel free to ask questions.

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