Glen Canning v. Meghan Murphy – battle of the dimwits

A long, long post today. Get yourself a cup of tea before you start.

Throughout the writing of this blog, I have been astounded by the absolute stupidity of most of the people involved.

Watching all of this has two different effects. On one hand, it can provide a certain amount of amusement when bored but, to be honest, it more often results in waves of frustration mixed with depression. Can people really be that unintelligent? Anyways – let’s get on with the latest lunacy.

Back in May 2014 I realised that Glen Canning was up to mischief. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, but there are limits. Losing his daughter is a catastrophe and when that sort of thing happens, one can make plenty of excuses. If he had rushed out and killed those he thought responsible in a moment of madness, most people would have had a degree of sympathy.

However, Glen Canning got carried away. When people like Glen encounter a tragedy, something short-circuits their brain. Because the spotlight is on them and they are given attention, they begin to believe that they have, almost overnight, been gifted with huge insights into how the world works, or that they, in some way, have become experts on child care, teen behaviour, the Law – you name it, they know it. But Canning was a brainless fool, made genius by his daughter’s death.

When fame comes knocking on the door of people like Canning, they are too egotistical to turn it away. They are too self-centred to face the fact that an invitation to talk to government officials is simply a populist move to make lawmakers look as if they are listening to the people – they believe that they are consulted because they are important and of value. The only thing that got Canning in front of anyone was because his daughter strung herself up. Before that, no one would have asked him how to tie a shoe lace.

The useless Canning – up to his daughter’s death, a nonentity – then makes the next big mistake. He turns tragedy into career. There is money in parental failure – big money. He becomes the professional victim. Let’s be honest – it’s not about Rehtaeh, it’s all about Glen. Make no mistake – however much the likes of Canning and Todd would swear that it’s all about their daughters, it’s not. It’s not about protecting Rehtaeh, or re-telling her story, or even keeping her memory in a good way – it’s about being seen as the great Father Figure wreaking righteous vengeance on the foul perpetrators of evil or, to put it another way, the great Father Failure extirpating his guilt.

And now he’s blown it completely – aided by an equally cretinous opponent called Meghan Murphy (a clickbait-searching overblown idiot, founder of ‘Feminist Current’, who uses her vagina like a ventriloquist uses his dummy, spouting vapid claptrap).

So what’s occurring?

Way back in May 2014, I decided to have a go at Canning – not just for his criminal activity, but also for his hysterically hypocritical photograph collection. It actually turned in to a lot of fun, with Canning posting comments under multiple identities, resorting to filthy language, telling people I was some guy in Penzance, and eventually outing me as the pedophile who stalked Amanda Todd and caused her death.

I thought it was a one-week wonder. I usually take great glee in mischief-making but, after a few days, I usually end up ashamed of myself. Not because I have been naughty and provocative, but because I’ve got involved with such crass people. Their shoddiness infects me.

Anyways. Fast forward a few months.

Canning, reverting to his vicious vigilante persona, decides that he will, like the avenging hero he wants to be, sort out a woman’s problem by tweeting a picture of some guy nude (the guy’s penis tastefully blocked out by a coy rectangle). It gets a certain amount of Press coverage, basically wondering if Canning has, in effect, broken the law against publication of intimate and private images. But to be honest, Canning isn’t newsworthy material any more, and it all blows over.

But then, Frank Magazine picks up on the picture of the young girls that I had published months before.

However, this article is almost ignored. Nobody really cares any more. The Canning/Parsons story is out of everyone’s field of reference. Except for one person – the preposterously permanently premenstrual Meghan Murphy. Words fail me as to how dreadfully dumb she is.

The dumbass publishes this article on her website:

The comments contain:

Would it be safe to assume that the photos in the link below could be “objectification of women and girls”. I was quite disappointed when I discovered who the photographer was 😦


  • Who is the photographer? I don’t know him?


    • It’s Glen Canning.


      • Who is that?


        • Rehtaeh Parsons father


          • What?!!! That is insane.


          • FYI I’ve emailed him to confirm that the photos are his.


I think it’s hilarious that Meghan Murphy publishes an article about Rehtaeh Parsons then hasn’t a clue who Glen Canning is – ‘Who is that?’ – and, like so many of these brain-injured types, can’t even be bothered to use Google to work out who it is.

Anyways. The retarded Murphy decides that the pictures are worth making a hullabaloo over. And so begins yet more tedious tawdriness, with Canning being painted as the Devil incarnate.

The horrendous harridan runs to her keypad and constructs this fresh article:

Had it not referred to me as the ‘troll’ I would have probably ignored it.

Murphy sets herself up as Moral Meghan, Guardian of the Internet. In doing so, she also sets herself up for a battle – when two self-righteous egomaniacs meet (her and Canning) it will only end in tears. Especially if I’m stirring things up in the background.

The comments on the article are hilarious.

‘I do not know if he is actually involved in the BDSM community, but I have heard that is very hard to escape from. Those within it will tell that you are likely to commit acts of violence, suffer horribly or even commit suicide if you have BDSM-related desires and do not fulfil them. It all seems very cult like to me.’

‘Rehtaeh Parson’s certainly spent the last two years of her short life in terrible mental torment, but what about before the rape? What sort of emotional poison is it for a female child whose father obviously sees her (or at least girls exactly like her) as disposable jack-off implements – to the degree that he actually creates more of this hate literature and puts it out into the world?

Did Rehtaeh Parsons ever enjoy a moment of peace and a feeling of safety? It’s quite possible that she did not.’

‘Glen Canning like majority of males believes he is entitled to sexually prey on/sexually exploit women and girls but when other males sexually prey and/or allegedly subject his daughter to male sexual violence then that is a violation of his female property!’

Even more hilariously, these comments appeared on Facebook:

  • Raven Moon Makes me wonder if, the young girl hung herself when she realized her very father was caught up in the rape culture that destroyed her
  • Elizabeth Xochitl I bet she knew already.
You know what? Even if I had wanted to troll the Facebook page, I couldn’t have done as good a job as Raven Moon!
Merciless Merkin Murphy decides to address Gormless Glen directly. She’ll sort out this vile varmint, darn tootin’ (or whatever they say in Canada).
But wait! He doesn’t apologise! Basically, he tells her to get stuffed. Commenters respond:

‘I would call it “soft core” child pornography. Hard core child pornography would be far more “low grade”.The fact that he clearly used under age females is indeed disturbing. The “parents were present” quote, suggests that he only cares about following the law, not about doing the right thing. I can’t stand those kinds of people. They are such sheep.’

And so Glen gets involved using the trump card of…….Philip Rose.

Glen Canning

  1. My response is here:

    I’ve also reached out to three of the models I worked with who remain good friends. I will post their replies once I hear back from them.


    • Are you kidding me Glen?? I “took the bait”?? I have been writing about this for years. I am truly amazed at your unwillingness to be accountable and even try to understand our critique. And to compare me to some obsessive, misogynist troll? All you’ve done here is blame others and make this about yourself and your feelings. This is about a larger critique of the objectification of girls and women and how that translates into violence. Not about you and your feelings. I’m sorry to be harsh but I really, really, really tried my very best to be gentle and compassionate in our communication and this response from you is truly disappointing and shows a complete lack of willingness to learn and to be accountable for ones’ own choices and behaviour. This is not about you being “judged.” You could VERY easily have responded to my emails and then to this post by saying, you know, at the time I didn’t see things that way, but now I do and I understand, hear, and respect your arguments. But you didn’t. You’ve presented me as “a sicko” and a “troll” to your fans so they can further support your defensiveness and self-pity. This is NOT about you being attacked. This is not about evil feminists trying to bring you down. It is about making connections and about treating women and girls as full human beings. I am truly appalled.


      • “And to compare me to some obsessive, misogynist troll?”

        Oh, Meghan, I saw that he did that. Actually, it was worse than that, because he also wrote something along the lines of “at least the MRAs are honest …” Meaning, of course, that anti-pornography, anti-violence feminists are implicitly more evil than the men who hate women so much, they enjoy stalking and harassing the bereaved father of a teen girl.

        I feel just sick about this.

        You have made an excellent, very clear, and entirely justified reply to Glen. I stand by you and Rehtaeh. I stand by all girls and women who have been harmed by boys and men they way she was harmed.

        My mind boggles, still, at how women’s words are not heard, how we are defamed when we speak.


        • Believe me I feel fucking sick too. This strikes me as some deep-seated narcissism and a bad case of the ‘good guy’ syndrome.


          • “This is NOT about you being attacked. This is not about evil feminists trying to bring you down. It is about making connections and about treating women and girls as full human beings.”

            Yes, 100%.

            Why is this so hard for Mr. Canning to understand???? I too feel appalled by his response and apparent brick wall mentality when it comes to connecting the dots here. One cannot defend the dehumanizing and objectifying pornification of girls and women in order to sexually arouse men whilst campaigning for their safety from rape in the same breath.

            “self-deceit – a misconception that is favorable to the person who holds it.”


    • Glen,

      What Ms Murphy wrote was in defence of Rehtaeh and her memory.

      What she wrote was yet another call for an end to this culture that victimizes girls like Rehtaeh. We (the women and men who comment here) stand by your daughter, and we stand by Meghan Murphy, and all feminist writers and activists who understand how rape is promoted, perpetuated, justified, minimized, denied, unpunished, joked about … I could go on and on, but it is unbearable.

      We were once vulnerable girls, and we are also mothers of daughters, and so we stand by you, too. We know that your loss is almost unspeakable.

      What we do NOT stand beside, what we cannot support, is male photographers who would rather talk about their love of cameras, and “portraiture” and “erotic” or “artistic” images of young women in neutralized terms. Rather than about the objectification and sexualization of young women in a culture where girls and women are sexually abused, assaulted and raped. In such a culture, “sexy” images have meanings already built into them: do it to her; that’s what she’s for.

      Pornography is part of the web of cultural institutions that tell us that females are natural resources for male use, abuse, pleasure, enjoyment. We know this; it is not up for debate. But, we are getting the message from you that you don’t know this, and that you would rather slander us than listen to and look at the evidence.


      • Those words and those photographs sicken me. The fact that a man who is campaigning to make the internet “safer” for women and girls wrote those words and took those photographs disturbs me. That the parent of a young woman who endured such horror and died so tragically could do these things fills me with despair.

        Yes, I stand by Rehteah and the many girls like her and I grieve for the horrific emotional and psychological landscape she had to navigate in her short life.


        • By the way, I left this comment on Glen’s post, which he deleted:

          “Why not ‘name names,” Glen? Why not let people in on the arguments, ideas, and critiques, rather than simply presenting me as some kind of misogynist internet troll?



          • Sigh. I was just about to post on glen’s blog with the link to your article, but now I won’t bother.

            The people reading the article only have glen’s word to go on that we’re disingenuous trolls looking for someone to attack! I don’t understand why someone would get so defensive about this. It also doesn’t sound like he shared this post with the women who he emailed for their support.

            Women in this culture are taught from day one to look as sexxy as possible, so it isn’t a surprise at all that women defend topless modeling–especially when they’re doing it! Many women on this site have defended pics similar to what glen took at some point in our lives. Furthermore, there is currently a campaign against topless pics on Page 3, which you just did a podcast on, so clearly this is a bigger issue for the readers of Feminist Current than simply trolling glen. We are women, and we’re saying the pictures are harmful! Does that not matter?

            I don’t understand why glen couldn’t have said, “you’ve brought up some good points. I’m going to need to think about them,” if this wasn’t something he had thought about before. None of what glen says changes the fact that many women go on model mayhem looking to get pics done so they can get into porn/prostitution. Many men specifically seek out these women, and others are all too happy to oblige. He also has no way of knowing how these pics were used.

            His post is so simplistic. I know you gave him every benefit of the doubt, meghan and were concerned about being too hard on him. But now he wants to pretend he’s a victim–of what? Being encouraged to make connections between what happened to Reteah and a culture that objectifies women? We all have, at some time, contributed to that culture in one way or another. I don’t understand why women are so much more willing to admit to their mistakes while men, as a whole, blame the other person and continue in denial.


            • I left a comment saying essentially the same thing — “You could have just said, you know, I didn’t know then what I know now and I see your point — these images objectified and sexualized women and I now understand how that connects to violence against women. Instead you refused to admit there was anything problematic AT ALL about the photos, defended them, and played the victim.” He deleted the comment and blocked me from his site. I am repulsed. To think anyone would have this man speak about violence against women is just gross to me. Like I said in the post, it’s these kinds of reasons that make women mistrust male “allies.”


          • Comments on my site need to be approved. It wasn’t deleted. It’s there.

            And why is Philip Rose still here?


            • Actually you deleted all three of them. So you lack accountability, integrity, and you’re dishonest.


  2. Men like Canning are possessed by the spirit of porn to the extent of it becoming integral to their identities. When they hear and see the rebuking voices of feminists it burns like a fire in the ears and eyes. It’s as excruciating as peering into the Sun with the naked eye and listening to the ear splitting cracks of rolling thunder. They panic screaming, “these voices must not be allowed to speak any more lest we die by facing our accountability”. To admit the truth would result in the porn persona convulsing their bodies with loud shrieks of agony before departing.

    To surrender the porn self along with the whole masculine identity is an even more terrifying thing. Yet without feminism men will never become human, to see women as their equals, or find peace and joy.


    • More accurately the emotions of porn fixated men are rage, fury and tantrums when confronted.


  3. Mindboggling response from GC. But I guess it really shouldn’t be. Mindboggling, that is. As Morag said, he’s suffered an unspeakable loss. To realize he contributed to it, even as a minor tributary, could well be unendurable pain. So it makes sense he’s in denial, even though it’s boggling at the same time. Pushing back on that much reality must take nuclear fission levels of emotional energy. The pieces are going to be pretty small when it all gives way.


  4. I have no words for this. I just can’t believe it. He was her father. HER FATHER. How could he behave in this way so devoid of humanity?

    Maybe I have a skewed vision of the father-daughter relationship. I am very close to my father and he has been incredibly loving and caring my entire life. That’s just not the reality for most girls. Very sad.


    Anyways. You would think that it would all stop there, wouldn’t you? Nope.

    It goes to twitter.

    An example of ‘good guys’ who refuse to be accountable for their actions

    You can link to twitter to see the full conversations.

    And you may like this:

    FYI Philip Rose is a pedophile and he tormented Amanda Todd.

    Oh dear. Don’t resort to name-calling. It makes you look infantile or unintelligent. How old are you?

    and this:


    So – dumbassery continues. Canning and Murphy are still at it. I’ll bring updates if anything interesting happens (so don’t hold your breath).


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