Now we can all talk freely about……

Police file - Reh Parsons

These are the Facebook proclamations of a young girl calling herself ‘Rae’.

Who she is, we may never know. All we do know is that the girl must have been in a pretty bad state. It’s nothing new. We’ve all seen the pictures of little Angels smoking weed and showing off their equipment, in more ways than one.

I’m guessing that the parents knew nothing of these pictures. If they had known about them – especially that very ominous one in the middle where an unknown naked body is used – they would have surely acted to stop her descent into drug and sex addiction. But heck, all teens do this kind of thing. It’s all innocent fun that never, ever leads to disaster.

I’ve heard rumours about this girl.

‘Into hard drugs and failing school, one night she got pretty hammered and let a couple dudes rail her at a party and take a video of it, because some people enjoy that sort of thing. Her close friends saw this destructive behavior as the final straw and opted to cut ties with her. Devastated by being shunned from her social circle, Rae repeatedly tried to claim she was raped in order to win back her friends. The men who took the video showed it to a few of their mutual friends to prove all involved consented to the antics and Rae was attempting damage control to win back her friends, who really just didn’t wanna be associated with someone who disrespects their body to that degree. Instead of making any effort to better herself as a person, Rae killed herself.’


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