Leah Parsons’ inbox


This is a private message sent to Leah Parsons. It was made public by her. It’s what happened on that fateful occasion.

‘Ok  I understand, there may be things in this that may be very disturbing   to you but I need to let you know. So we started off drinking in coles house with reh, becca me and cole, we ended up going to coles room and   becca went out side for a smoke, while me and cole were in his room  with  reh we started doing things with her and she was ok with it (I am  not  the type to force sex upon anyone I have 2 older sisters  and  I  respect  girls the way I would want them to be respected ) becca came  upstairs  and was angry with rehtaeh because me and cole were beccas  ex’s and    becca asked her to leave and go back home with her. She refused to leave and so becca left without her. Me and cole were having  sex with her for a little bit and she was still ok with it but about  15 mins   after becca  left reh looked like she was going to get sick so I  asked   her and she  said she was good but then she started to quinch a  bit so  I  ran to coles  window and opened it and we both helped her over  so  she  could get sick,  she was out the window for about 5 mins and we  were asking if she was  ok, she said “I’m fine you guys can keep going  if you want” I told cole  to go ahead and he then told me to go ahead,  so when I went again I’m  not sure if it was my phone or his but the  picture was taken without her  noticing and me being a drunk idiot I  posed for the picture.   After she  got out of the window. We layed her in  bed to go to sleep.   Becca then  showed up with her mom and I ran to  answer the door.  Becca  and her mom  told me that she has to go back to  beccas or you  were  going to be very  mad at beccas mom, so I let becca  in the house  and  she went upstairs and  we got her dressed and she was  refusing to  leave  with becca and was  saying she was going to sleep,  becca left  with her  mom, the other 2 boys  are cody and hunter(coles little brother) we  asked them to help us  bring her to the spare room so she could sleep  there and cole could  sleep in hisown bed, so we woke her up and she  didn’t want  to go down  stairs so cody tryed to pick her up and she hit him in the  face once  then we kept bugging her to get up and she finally did and  walked down  stairs to the spare room,   she layed in the bed and it was  just me and  cody and her then cody I   remember cody telling her to kiss  him and she  did then he asked me  to  leave the room, I then left the  room and sat on  the couch in the   living room, about 20 mins later cody  came out with a  smirk on his face   and I had curfew so I told him I had  to go home so him  and reh.   Walked me to the door and he told her to  kiss me goodnight and  I said  I  was fine and gave him props and I just  gave her a hug good  night.  I  went home and slept. I   woke up the next  day and was talking to  cole and he told me that she   had sex with cody  and hunter. Even though I  am good friends with all   of them I cannot lie  to you and say we all did  not rape her, I can   tell you forsure that I  did not rape her and while I  was at the house  I  did not see any of the  other 3 boys do anything that  would cause  her  harm. Yes I will admit to  braging about the picture for  a few weeks and Yes I did send it to  some people, but please believe me    that I did not hurt your daughter  that night, becca is trying to    support me and she always told me that  while she was there she said   “reh  was asking for you guys” I have a lot  of people mad at me over   this and  I understand but I am trying not to  get rebecca involved   because she  has a lot of things going on in her  life. That picture ruined my life  and it is the worst thing that  happened to me, I   am truely very sorry  for this I even inboxed rehtaeh a  few days  after  she left CHH and  appologysed for the picture but by  then it was  to  late and people were  sending it around, I have been  getting  harrassed  on and off for the past  year about it and I just left  for  vacation  friday morning and when I  found out Reh was in the  hospital I  inboxed Kelsey Patterson about it  and she made me very upset  saying basically it was    all my fault she is  in the hospital and if I want to know what    happened to her ask someone  else so I asked another person that had a    status about her and they told  me what happened I then went to my  room   and cryed, I don’t want people  to think I’m a monster because  that’s   not who I am, I don’t expect you  to forgive me I just want  people to   know I didn’t rape her.’

Leah Parsons also received the following handwritten letter, which she also made public:

‘Its no ones business what happened she was not raped she had 3sum with  me n cole then after that I did not see the other 2 boys have sex with  her but she walked down stairs to a bedroom and fucked 1 guy then walked  back up stairs to fuck hunter me and cole did not rape her I can’t  speak on behalf of cody and hunter even tho they are real good friends  this is serious and I never seen her have sex with them 2 but me and  cole did not rape her we were all drinking with another girl and the  other girl asked reh. To leave with her and she refused so the girl left  me n cole had sex with reh and then the other girl showed up with her  mom cuz reh was supposed to stay the night we got her dressed and she  punched cody and kept refusing to leave so the other girl left but I’m  not getting into to much detail its a long story but not rape’

I find it surprising that Leah Parsons shares her private messages online.

Actually, I don’t. Leah and Glen pretended to be ‘Anonymous’ informers. Leah’s personal emails and letters were published by her. Nova Scotia is such a tiny village-mentality sort of place (think ‘Duelling Banjos’ only much colder). Everyone knows everyone else, the grapevine works well. But Leah and Glen couldn’t be seen to be provoking unrest by releasing information that the police had told them to keep under wraps. So they manufactured ‘opRehtaehParsons’. There never was any Anonymous. How else do you think Leah’s inbox was so accessible?

The emails show the closest and most accurate reflection of what happened. Like this one:

‘”Hi,  I know your upset about the situation but I have to let you know   exactly what happened I will send you some of the messages between me   and reh.s mom, I   just want to start off by saying she wasn’t raped it  is  her moms   cover up story for her daughter having sex on 3 different   occations   with 4 different guys!   I am not telling people this for a lie   to get my way out of it but   people need to know exactly what happened   that night and that she was   asking for us the whole night and we were   all drinking she wouldn’t  of  called it rape if she wasn’t embarrised   about the picture but   just think, if you had sex with a few guys and a   picture got out  that  u didn’t know was taken and you told your mom you   were  rapped…. Well   she’s not a good mother if she didn’t believe you.   But again you   wouldn’t want to admit to your mom that you had SEX so  you  would say   it was RAPE justt to make it eaiser I swear on my  familys  life from   what I saw that night she was not rapped her best  friend was  at the   house and was asking her to leave and she refused so  she got left  at   the house then after she had 2 guys at once she went to  a room and  had another guy (I didn’t see if she was raped I wasn’t  there) and when  they were done I went home, I woke up the next day to  find out she had  sex with my bestfriends little brother,   now believe me  or not that is  exactly what happened that night and   being called a  rapest hurts a lot  when that’s not the person I am.’

Later on this week, I’ll be looking more closely at all this. Ta ta for now!

3 thoughts on “Leah Parsons’ inbox

  1. Glen Canning or Leah Parsons are welcome to explain.
    What I am saying here is that Leah Parsons allowed someone to have access to her private messages, and that person was Glen Canning, who fabricated an Anonymous identity.
    They can always destroy that idea if they want to.

  2. Originally I thought the case was just black and white simple. However after reading these (if those email to Parsons family are true) then I feel sorry for Canada society for lack of moral.

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