More stupidity from Carol Todd

On February 20th, Carol Todd tweeted:

UPDATED: Fraser North teens reporting more suicide attempts – The Tri-City News *not surprised*

Being an idiot, she wasn’t surprised at the increase in suicide attempts. Being an even bigger idiot, she never realised what led to the rise in attempts – her own daughter.

Fast forward just a few days, and in the same paper, written by the same person:

‘More girls than boys in Fraser North struggle with mental health’

From that article:

Even more alarming were the rates of reported attempted suicide (9% for girls, 4% for boys). Pearce speculated that some of the responses were the emotional fallout from the high-profile suicide in 2012 of Amanda Todd, a Port Coquitlam teen who took her own life after posting a video of her troubles.

“We call it ‘suicide contagion,’” Pearce said, adding, “There is no question that created a challenge both in our district and provincially.”

The McCreary study, which was conducted about six months after the tragedy, is likely showing that students were still processing Todd’s death and their own feelings of despair and low self-worth.’

So, readers, I was right all along (as usual *yawn*) – Amanda’s story leads to an increase in suicide attempts. But as usual, Carol Todd won’t be reporting this.

Carol has recently appeared in Niagara. I commented on a sycophantic report:

but most of the remarks were deleted. Never mind. But at least Carol was kind enough to mention me:

See that my cybercreep is at it again. Would think he/she would get bored and go back to his/her crumpets!!

I’m not sure why she writes ‘his/her’. Mind you, I am quite androgynous. And why crumpets? By the way – check out GraffitiBMXCop (some old geezer who likes being surrounded by teens) and NiagaraPolice (47 followers of an empty account??!!). Oh well!


Glen Canning is now pretending to be ‘TerminalZen’ to comment. He’s still arguing with me:

It’s all good fun, really.

2 thoughts on “More stupidity from Carol Todd

  1. First I want to say great blog. I found it last night and I am hooked. Secondly I want to point out and think it’s very strange that carol Todd is tweeting Scott mills @graffitiBMXcop he is a crooked cop I know from personal online experience, I’ve delt with him first hand and let’s just say there was an “investigation” that pertained to him. He seeks out people mostly vulnerable or easily manipulated people for his own personal gain/agenda or already infamous people like carol Todd to further his anti-bullying online persona but I can tell you this from personal experience. He doesn’t care about online bullying and was actually IRL acquaintances with Somebody by the name of Kemi olunloyo who personally slandered and bullied me. Google those two names together for proof of my claim. Now my interest between carol and Scott mills has been peeked and must keep an eye on them.
    Will keep reading.

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