The Mystery of Aicha

Interesting things going on in France – the story of Aicha.

According to reports (which I can’t really get to grips with because it’s all so jumbled) a young girl chucked herself out of a window due to the revelation of a video online. Same old boring story.

But…all is not what it seems. Personally, I think her brother chucked her out the window, but never mind.

So…she jumps out of a window. Apparently, this was filmed (?) which is a bit bizarre. It’s difficult to know if the pictures are fake.

The initial opinion is that she did it because of an ‘intimate’ video being passed around. As usual, the Press circulated this story without research. There’s a guy in the video who is identified and gets death threats (you know the score by now). Loads of hooha online – racist remarks, outrage.

What happens next? Well, it’s a good old mystery. The police find that these videos are not connected to the girl who jumped out of the window. They were published after the event, linked to her, but aren’t her. Is that clear? Nope.

It’s peculiar. The French reports are poor. It all seems to be a bit like Chinese whispers at the moment. In much the same way as with the Amanda Todd story, people have set their minds to thinking that some kid published intimate pictures of Aicha and thus caused her suicide yet, when the police say this isn’t true, they ignore it.

So what really happened? Time for the conspiracy theories! Already, there are rumours that the girl may have been chucked out of the window in some sort of Muslim honour-killing type of thing. That’s a doozy. But the cops have said that there was no sign of a struggle, so who knows?

What’s going on? It looks like someone used her death to stitch up someone else by publishing some sort of video making it look like she was harassed.

From the comments:
‘Un grand bravo aux médias pour avoir encore une fois sauté aux conclusions avant de vérifier les faits..’
‘En fait tout était faux. Avant d’écrire n’importe quoi, les journalistes devraient vérifier.’

Meanwhile….Glen Canning has created a new twitter identity – @Anon_HFX – which he is currently using to harass Meghan Murphy and to inform the whole world that I am a pedophile. Except that nobody pays any attention (unless you include a ‘favorite’ by Leah Parsons).

Carol is busy being Carol. She went to the USA with her show, and I was intrigued by at least one new thing – ‘Amanda Todd’s mother tells 150 cops that because of how a cop spoke to her daughter she doubts Amanda could have ever trusted a cop again’. I’m guessing that a cop told Amanda to stop getting her tits out in public. Carol now blaming the cops for it all, I suppose.

Anyways. If there are any French people out there, maybe they can explain the Aicha story.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of Aicha

  1. Wtf? Hahahaha! Thought you were ‘retired?’ Haha! You think the brother threw the girl out the window? Wouldn’t set up a date with her cute mate for him then? Haha!

    The rest is a wee bit Twin Peaks kinda weird hahaha

    • Ha ha! It’s all too weird, so I had to come out of retirement. Young girl? Odd suicide? Naughty videos? Add a touch of racism and islamophobia – what’s not to like? It’s bizarre. Also – stop wanking over the video with this post, you pervert!

      • The video doesn’t play on internet explorer so will switch over to chrome if its that good! Cheers!

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