The Truth is Out There – but not on the Internet

What are we prepared to believe?

I am caught in a paradox with this blog. It would seem that the more one talks of truth, the less one is taken seriously. In a way, it scares me that people will have faith in whatever the Press writes without stopping to apply any critical thought processes. Facts now seem to be meaningless.

So how can I hope to tackle this? Maybe by showing examples of just how much the Press and individuals can lie, and how quickly those lies become accepted.

My last post mentioned Aicha – a young girl who committed suicide by jumping from a window. According to the Press and social (social? surely that should be anti-social?) media, she did this because a video of her was online.

This has now been found to be a hoax. The suicide is probably true (there hasn’t been a full inquest yet) but the rest of the story is pure fiction. How did this happen?

‘Les médias qui diffusent les informations de ce communiqué , dont Le Figaro, ne présentent aucun regret, aucune excuse. Pourtant ce sont eux qui ont diffusé une rumeur construite de toutes pièces, sans preuves, parce qu’elle présentait tous les ingrédients structurant l’imaginaire raciste qui fait recette actuellement: une toute jeune fille issue d’un quartier populaire victime des jeunes hommes de ce quartier, issus de l’immigration , prédateurs sexuels et sexistes. Les médias d’extrême-droite n’avaient qu’à saisir le mensonge raciste au vol et à s’en servir pour tenter de déclencher un lynchage qui au minimum a abouti à briser la vie d’un jeune homme et à accabler les proches d’une jeune fille décédée encore un peu plus.’

For more information:

Of course, this reminds me of the Amanda Todd fiasco. In the Aicha case, some kid was blamed and – without a shred of evidence – the Internet lynch mob sent death threats. In the Aicha case, there was an urge to blame predators, perverts, all the old scapegoats – so much so that people couldn’t consider that it could have been any other kind of tragedy.

So let’s move on to another credibility crisis – the wonderful Belle Gibson.

In short, Belle Gibson was a trickster who claimed she was dying from cancer but had cured herself by eating the right type of food and having colonic irrigation and all that New Age bollocks. She managed to get awards for her bravery, to get a publishing contract and her app was a default on the Apple watch. However, it was all lies. Complete and utter bullshit.

Any more? Of course. Try ‘Jackie’ of UVA. Any sane person should have realised that her story was utter tripe, surely? Nope. Yet again, piss-poor journalists found someone with a shock-horror tale that fitted the zeitgeist, embellished it a bit, and it soon became an accepted truth.

More? Try Emma Sulkowicz. A tale so fabricated as to be laughable – therefore, for most of the imbeciles it has to be true.

And just for a last gasp horror story:


What a lovely picture! All part of Garnett’s story:

How could anybody fail to have compassion for a woman whose husband, Blake, had died and whose child was constantly ill?

Well. There was no Blake. She was killing her child. He’s dead. She’s in jail.

Oh well, I guess I can’t sign off without maybe saying something controversial. OK, it’s not me being controversial, it’s just me repeating myself yet again.

Carol Todd has managed – by manipulating people’s propensity to believe what they read – to create an image of herself and her daughter that is so far away from the truth as to now be a myth. In her own mind, she has become the perfect mother with the perfect daughter.

From this article:

‘Compulsive liars develop distorted thinking patterns, creating lies that become psychologically entrenched and morph into a life of their own. The lies then become reality.’

Many moons ago I accused Carol Todd of Munchausens by proxy. I stand by that.

So. Don’t believe anything you read. Except this blog.

2 thoughts on “The Truth is Out There – but not on the Internet

  1. Of course, the moronic Carol Todd has fallen for this story without checking:

    Carol Todd@c_todd

    French teen suicide after sex video web bullying @AToddLegacy @SMILEConference @GraffitiBMXCop @thecoffeecop

    Perhaps her fans should warn her that it’s hoax. Or on the other hand, just pretend that it’s all true.

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