The Madness of Social Media (Part 999 of 9999)

A couple of news items.

The Aicha story (referred to in recent posts) has raised all sorts of problems.

As most people know, the French (and the Dutch, and most central Europeans) have a vicious racist streak about them. Us Brits (being practiced self-haters) like to think we have a problem with racism, but it’s nowhere near as bad.

So when a young girl died in odd circumstances for reasons not yet known, it was a perfect opportunity for the purveyors of race hatred and prurience to unleash a torrent of unsubstantiated rumour, aided and abetted by the Right Wing French news outlets.

Because all teen suicides are now, by default, due to online bullying, it was the perfect storm for French news – the boy accused of issuing a naughty video is black, the girl is Muslim, there’s sex and salaciousness involved. The Press rushed to produce clickbait, the twitterverse and Facebook got on board – even Carol Todd tweeted. But, of course, it was all false. The Press didn’t even stop to check if the girl in the video was the same girl involved in the tragedy. Indeed, nobody checked who the girl was – it was enough to simply call the girl Aicha and mention the suicide for it to become the true story.

I have informed some of Carol Todd’s friends of the above facts. But we all know that facts and the Todd fans don’t mix.

Meanwhile……Meghan flippin’ Murphy.

Some background. After my Pulitzer Prize nominated post ‘Glen Canning – Dirty Fucker’ – a masterpiece of blogging – I thought it had all blown over. For those who don’t know, the post showed that Glen Canning liked to take pictures of young women in a state of undress.

I didn’t think much more of it until Frank Magazine and Feminist Current (aka Meghan Murphy) got involved months later, and I would have ignored it had I not been mentioned in the article:

‘Looking through Canning’s website, I found, to my dismay, that, while he hadn’t responded to Frank Magazine to comment on the images, he did respond to a “troll” who brought it up to him last spring’

A ‘troll’? How very dare she?

This was my first introduction to the type of moronic hatred shown by Meghan Murphy supporters.

‘Rehtaeh Parson’s certainly spent the last two years of her short life in terrible mental torment, but what about before the rape? What sort of emotional poison is it for a female child whose father obviously sees her (or at least girls exactly like her) as disposable jack-off implements – to the degree that he actually creates more of this hate literature and puts it out into the world?

Did Rehtaeh Parsons ever enjoy a moment of peace and a feeling of safety? It’s quite possible that she did not.’

‘Glen Canning like majority of males believes he is entitled to sexually prey on/sexually exploit women and girls but when other males sexually prey and/or allegedly subject his daughter to male sexual violence then that is a violation of his female property!’

Batshit crazy women being nastier about Glen Canning than I could have been.

Anyways. It turns out that young Meghan Murphy is super-bitch-batshit-crazy. She’s come out of Pointless University with a degree in Waste of Time Studies, found herself to be totally unemployable, so all she can do is write strangely angry polemics about the whole world.

So. Having been ignored by virtually everyone, she’s suddenly at the centre of one of those bonkers twitter rows that erupts from nowhere.

One of the current trends for the mentally weak (women, basically, plus a few men who identify with Feminists as a way to get laid) to get excited about online is transphobia. It’s hilarious. Bruce Jenner was a complete idiot celebrity until he announced he was a woman. Now he’s a wonderful beautiful person. The current Internet Law states: ‘Whatever you do, do not criticise transgender people’.

So what does the delightful Meghan do? She breaks the Code of the Internet and has a go at some bird called Laverne Cox. Except she didn’t really – she just had yet another rant about how awful it is that women appear naked in the media and managed to include transgender people.

All Hell broke loose! Well, I say all Hell – what I mean is that a bunch of premenstrual Lesbians got into a handbags-online catfight with a bunch of other women, then a bunch of clickbait-hungry bloggers get involved and then – ‘Hey Presto!’ – there’s a couple of online petitions.

But the strange thing is that it’s all about nothing. Murphy’s article – apart from being her usual childish tripe – wasn’t overtly anti-transgender, nor was it racist in any way. But that doesn’t stop the online saliva-frothers getting their panties in a twist.

So what does the Meghan Murphy kerfuffle tell us? In conjunction with the Aicha story, it just shows that people can build a whole pile of hatred and anger where none existed. In her own words, Meghan says:

‘1) People on Twitter are 12
2) People on Twitter are narcissists who think retweets and followers are a sign of power/a sign they are effecting change
3) Most people on Twitter are American neoliberals who have no politics/aren’t able to form intelligent thoughts
4) Attention-seeking fake-o apolitical children showboating on Twitter in order to pretend they are important and think they are still engaged in a high school popularity contest but they weren’t popular in high school and so now is their big chance who’ve made critical thinking their enemy naturally believe that the most meaningful way to achieve all that they desire (retweets/a false sense of power) is to argue about celebrities on the internet.’

And then she promptly goes on twitter to tell people how bad twitter people are.

The petitions:

The MRA view:

OK. That’s probably me done for a while. I only really came back to the blog due to the Aicha story – it instantly rang alarm bells and – lo and behold – my instincts were right.


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