Memories are made of this

It seems like a million years ago, way back Before Todd, that Jessi Slaughter appeared online. From the police records:

‘On 071610 [Auugust 16, 2010], writer was working at the and made contact with the department of children and families (DCF) investigator Tarliece Chavers, who was responding to a residence in in reference to an year old girl posting inappropriate things on the internet. Writer assisted the investigator at the residence and made contact with and her parents, writer stood by as the investigator conducted her interviews, and at one point, the juvenile subject threw a temper tantrum after both the investigator and writer requested the computer be unplugged and the juvenile not to have access to the internet, which the juvenile became irate and advised she will lose her fame, and that she will get to the internet one way or another. Writer observed the juvenile state that if she does not get on the internet, she has nothing else to live for, at which time, she got up from the dining room table, stormed out of the room, stating she does not “give a fuck”, and that she will stick a butcher knife in the DCF worker’s “ass”. Writer observed the juvenile state she does not wish to live anymore, and made other statements in that aspect.

The parents of the juvenile subject were catering to the juvenile as if she had done nothing wrong. It did come out that the juvenile was posing herself in provocative positions and posting the pictures on the internet. The juvenile did state that the most important thing in her life at this time is to make number one on some list on which she is currently 67 out of 100, and that her main goal is to be famous on the internet, and for her name to be a household name throughout the country. Writer did advise the juvenile and reminded her she is only years old, which the juvenile stated she did not “give a fuck” and that age is not important. The juvenile did show writer her internet page, which writer did observe postings from other people stating what the juvenile was doing was wrong, and just to the left side of the screen, writer observed in plain view pornography, pictures of oral sex, which the parents stated they were unaware their daughter was on such a page.

The DCF investigator did take photographs of the screen, which she stated will contribute to the decision making in this case. The father did become combative when writer told him his daughter was under a Baker act [The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, allowing for involuntary institutionalization, see the Wikipedia entry], at which time, he stepped in front of writer to block his path to get to the juvenile, which writer explained to the father that he will be arrested for obstruction if he obstructs writer’s investigation in any way.

This concludes writer’s involvement in this case.’

Quite a story. Jessica is now Damien, and is quite happy.

Meanwhile, who could forget Aurora?

It’s weird. Both these girls – especially Jessi – were major news a year Before Todd. Now, they are virtually forgotten.

9 thoughts on “Memories are made of this

  1. The title of today’s posting reminds me of one of my favorite singers:

    “Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I travel the world
    And the seven seas,
    Everybody’s looking for something.

    Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused.

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I travel the world
    And the seven seas
    Everybody’s looking for something”

    I’m starting to feel kind of odd now seeing as I’ve had brief contact in one form or another with all three of those girls back in the white knight days. As you’ve said, two of them are now all but forgotten while the one who is truly gone from this world isn’t being allowed to RIP thanks to her self-aggrandizing mother.

    I remember seeing the Good Morning America segment about Jessi when it aired – I wanted to vomit. Their conclusion was that she was a relatively “normal” girl who got in with some bad people online. A “cyberbully victim”. Sound familiar? I must admit, however, that I am eternally grateful to her late father for the merchandising opportunities and products that arose afterwards.

    As for Parry Aftab, I have little respect for her. She was so easily taken in that I recall Aurora Eller was being considered by her organization for some sort of public service message. Aftab seems to be totally clueless that it’s the KIDS that are the instigators in some of these cases, and Eller totally used Aftab and her TV appearance to her advantage in court.

    There’s a fourth girl nobody seems to talk about anymore – her rise to infamy was as short-lived as it was meteoric. Even I don’t know where she ended up, but it probably has rooms with nice, soft walls and friendly staff in white uniforms. Ever heard of Carmen Curbstomp aka Carmen Sunkist?

    • Ha ha! I’ll raise your Carmen Sunkist with a Kiki Kannibal/Kota Koti (the Ostrenga girls).
      I should do a sort of ‘Hall of Infamy’ with this blog.
      It never ceases to amaze me that people always seek some sort of excuse for all the behaviour, but of course my ‘blame the parents’ tends to be enforced each time. Simon Eller basically knew what was going on; Jessi’s parents were completely under her control.
      It was the Eller story that was like a natural lead in to Todd’s – being so similar in many ways. Naughty activity, gets found out, blames online predator. My suspicious self suspects that Amanda/Carol may well have tried to copy that history.
      Anyways – Parry Aftab. She reminds me of an ambulance chaser – look out for a victim, then jump in to the rescue and a legal action. She’s at it now – with Carol Todd in Ireland, part of an overblown cyberbullying summit designed to make it look like Facebook/Google and are concerned about all the problems. It has gained about zero attention.
      (btw – you can learn that there’s money in this bullshit. One of the speakers nobly went without their usual 400-500 bucks appearance fee to appear at the summit.)
      With the Eller child porn case, you might have thought she would have learned her lesson – blackmailer/predator story never proven in court, father part of the whole thing – but no.
      To be honest, poor old Amanda was pretty much a bit-part player in all the dramas, but she gained martyrdom and the brand has been well handled since.
      (I’ve just read the Carmen Sunkist history. What can I say?)

      • The only idea that comes to mind is the infamous r0ra, but having been out of that corner of the Internet for awhile now, I honestly don’t know. What pisses me off the most though is that most of those “originals” seem to still be at large doing their thing while law enforcement doesn’t give a damn unless there’s a specific victim that steps forth. Even then that doesn’t always work. LE visited with the Ramsey’s yet that didn’t stop anything.

        Eller admitted in the past that she and Coke were in an online “relationship” and that she did private shows for him. I’m told that information along with his identity went to LE and as far as I know, nothing was ever done with it. The cops in her CP case basically said they couldn’t identify the original “blackmailer” who “forced” her into her brief online CP career, claiming there was no way to go back two years. Bullshit – just like the RCMP, IMO they CHOSE not to dig further for fear of finding out the truth, so they just blamed the whole thing on some unidentifiable nameless villain who never existed, dropped the charges against her, and off everybody went. Case closed.

        Actually, there really was a blackmailer involved at the end. I don’t recall his name other than he was some university student in Australia, and he threatened to release Eller’s videos unless she did such-and-such for him. She didn’t, so he’s the one who allegedly sent the vids to her local police. Whether that’s actually true or not, IDK.

      • The twitter network was set up by some guy, I think – maybe the same guy who posted this video of Aussie – is he the Australian you mention?

        These twitter accounts and others seem to be the product of copycats, in some cases pretending to be r0ra or others for some sort of thrill, and in other cases they are an attempt to throw people under a bus.
        Regarding your view of local law enforcement, I tend to feel sorry for them.
        From what Carol recently tweeted about cops alienating Amanda, I guess they said ‘ffs stay away from webcams’ or words to that effect. I can’t really see what cops can do. If they tell the girls off, they get accused of being heavy-handed and unfeeling, if they don’t tell the girls off they are accused of not caring, if they tell the parents off the parents shrug and just say ‘Well, what can you do?’.
        What most people don’t realise is that this webcam nonsense is minimal when compared to the worst type of stuff online. They have to draw a line somewhere. If cops followed up every webcam flash encounter, they would be doing nothing else.
        Like I’ve said a million times – middle-class bourgeois mentality dictates that all girls are sweet and innocent, that young girls are only online to find out about My Little Pony, that no girl under the age of 16 thinks about sex. So if investigations show anything different, they are hushed up.
        It’s interesting to note that, even after all the online hooha, it’s not just the guys who are still around – Eller and co still tried to maintain their presence off the back of their infamy.
        Carol Todd is still repeating the story of predator/cyberbully (as recently as yesterday) but now I’m not so fussed. People need their fix of false grief and pretend empathy, and the likes of Parry Aftab need to make a living, I suppose.

      • Aurora’s message to ichan:
        The story in the view is not the complete truth As you all know, but I mentioned the word blackmail and bam that’s what it turned into…..
        Everyone should agree that sometimes we can all become ‘attention whores’ and that’s what happened. I thought by having the room be my own and control how and when the recordings happened that it made me in control but it did not. I [continued] to do it because I thought it’s happened once, what harm could more times do? But that is where I was young and naive. I got drunk everytime because I really did not like doing those things, but being drunk made it easier, what I liked was the attention and doing those things got me attention. As far as asking who I was blackmailed by, well I have been blackmailed by m0d and Aussie. He contacted me just last month actually. Trying to threaten me. The difference between my story of blackmail and the truth is I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for their (almost) empty threats. My guess is that a blackmailer or somebody that I pissed off, decided to go to the cops. Neither I nor anyone that I have spoken to know who it was, probably never But they were accusing the wrong people of this crime. Yes, those who cap, and watch are guilty. But those who blackmail are the worst. And young girls are targeted because you all know they are naive and [if] they’re getting attention, they do feel special. My life is not ruined because of this, it was not great, but by going on The View and hopefully other shows/PSAs I can spread the word to somebody. and that somebody will spread it to a young girl, and that young girl will not make the mistake I did.

      • When was this? The ichan stuff I recall was back in late summer/early fall a couple of months after her hearing. I don’t recall those words but I’d have to go root around in archives somewhere and see if they were the same.

  2. The funny thing about all those alleged cappers you listed, Philip, is that now, for some reason, all their tweets are ‘protected.’ Whereas before… only SOME of the accounts were, whereas others at least had a FEW visible tweets and the ability to see who’s following them/who they follow and ‘trace the trails’, so to speak. What are they hiding now? Hm… Why protect the tweets NOW after so long?
    If memory serves, one of the few tweets Perso Pete did have back in the day- who knows if it’s still up- was an “admission” that he supposedly “raped” some girl.

    • Thanks for commenting, Jack.
      The trouble is that by now half these capper identities could be faked, and how much of it is trustworthy is anyone’s guess.
      It is almost impossible to know for certain (e.g. some 4chan asshole can go on twitter simply to frame perso, or an even more idiotic fool might just want to impersonate for the sake of it).
      The twitter accounts all seem to be too recent to be of any value. tbh, in the old days I would do some sleuthing, but I can’t be bothered any more.

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