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The Aydin Coban story drags on, so here’s the news hot off the press.

According to the latest information, 39 people are involved:

8 Dutch minors
1 Norwegian
8 English
11 from the USA
1 Canadian
1 Australian (over 18)
4 Scots (over 18)
and a partridge in a pear tree.

That doesn’t add up to 39, but never mind.

Perhaps more interesting to note is that there are no (surprise, surprise) extradition attempts from Canada – ‘Er is nog geen uitlevering vanuit Canada binnen in zaak Todd.’

There’s a possibility that some of these victims will be interviewed.

Aydin Coban has not been helpful, refusing to give passwords, so evidence is not complete. He may be released with electronic tagging, but he’s considered too much of a crook and a fraudster to be trusted. Also, as he has no fixed address, he could flee.

Despite being in prison for so long, the case is adjourned of another 90 days.

Carol Todd says that he must have something to hide otherwise he would co-operate.

So all very boring. I can’t work out how the Dutch have managed to keep Aydin in prison for so long. When they get round to sentencing him, he’ll have served his time.

The defence was hoping that the keylogger was going to be seen as illegal, but that’s not happened.

I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that Aydin doesn’t mind being in prison. My guess is that he’s an isolated individual, a loner who spent a ton of time online. Prison (as shown in his letter) seems to be fine by him – regular meals, people to talk to, maybe it’s a better life for him.

I think the list of victims is true. I’m also guessing that they were probably a bunch of kids on Omegle and whatever (we all know the story by now). Getting any of them to come forward will be an absolute miracle.

I received a message from one of his victims which I ditched as being unreliable.


I was one of the victims, as the police have told me, of Aydin Coban.

He did attack people, and he did do horrible things to them. I was one of his youngest victims.

Most everything you have posted is factual, but some things don’t line up to what I’ve been told.

Good blog by the way. Keep documenting.’

You can see why I didn’t trust it. I approved it today, even though I think it’s bollocks.

Again, this is what I think. Aydin will have done the usual stuff online with random webcam users. Most of the webcam users will be the idiots like Eller, Jade, Leonhardt and the others, so they won’t even see themselves as victims. If any of them come forward, they will get blasted by their parents and so on and the 4chan boards will be full of their histories. But then again, you might get the attention-hungry camwhores who will rush to get on the Aydin Coban bandwagon. You know the score by now – ‘I was a sweet and innocent young girl until I met Aydin online. He forced me to display to hundreds of guys blah blah blah’.

Anyways. The absolutely crucial thing that people seem to have conveniently ignored about the Aydin Coban evidence is that it was all gathered after Amanda was dead and in her dad’s tattoo. The keylogger was installed in 2013. Even a computer genius like Aydin can’t contact the spirit world.

So now we have to wait another 90 days.

So that’s the news – hot off the press. Snore.

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