The Mystery of Aicha – updated

Interesting things going on in France – the story of Aicha.

According to reports (which I can’t really get to grips with because it’s all so jumbled) a young girl chucked herself out of a window due to the revelation of a video online. Same old boring story.

So…she jumps out of a window. Apparently, this was filmed (?) which is a bit bizarre. It’s difficult to know if the pictures are fake.

The initial opinion is that she did it because of an ‘intimate’ video being passed around. As usual, the Press circulated this story without research. There’s a guy in the video who is identified and gets death threats (you know the score by now). Loads of hooha online – racist remarks, outrage.

What happens next? Well, it’s a good old mystery. The police find that these videos are not connected to the girl who jumped out of the window. They were published after the event, linked to her, but aren’t her. Is that clear? Nope.

It’s peculiar. The French reports are poor. It all seems to be a bit like Chinese whispers at the moment. In much the same way as with the Amanda Todd story, people have set their minds to thinking that some kid published intimate pictures of Aicha and thus caused her suicide yet, when the police say this isn’t true, they ignore it.

So what really happened? Time for the conspiracy theories! Already, there are rumours that the girl may have been chucked out of the window in some sort of Muslim honour-killing type of thing. That’s a doozy. But the cops have said that there was no sign of a struggle, so who knows?

What’s going on? It looks like someone used her death to stitch up someone else by publishing some sort of video making it look like she was harassed.

From the comments:
‘Un grand bravo aux médias pour avoir encore une fois sauté aux conclusions avant de vérifier les faits..’
‘En fait tout était faux. Avant d’écrire n’importe quoi, les journalistes devraient vérifier.’


As usual, Carol Todd decided to tweet unsubstantiated drivel:

French teen suicide after sex video web bullying

Online, all those with an agenda will seize upon any information to prove that what they have to say is valid. It doesn’t matter that it’s not true.

But why is it important to tell the truth?

The Press and the rest of the media destroys conversation, they destroy the debate. Just as the Amanda Todd case was steered to make us believe that the entire fault lay in the hands of bullies or predators (rather than investigating the entirety of the story) the Aicha story was steered to make us believe it was all a sordid tale.

So what happens? It’s all smoke and mirrors again. The raving online social warriors start frothing at the mouth about teen sex, predators, sexual mores, the disgusting behaviour of boys – the same old rigmarole trotted out every time. Meanwhile, the real reasons that cause suicide are all missed.

As I’ve said a million times before, it’s convenient. Carol Todd doesn’t have to think about the effect of her acrimonious relationship with Norm, she doesn’t have to think about the way she let Amanda drink and take drugs, she doesn’t have to explain why she ostracised her own daughter and added to her isolation.

Parents don’t have to worry about their inadequacies, they dont’ have to worry that maybe, just maybe, they are at the root of some of the problems. As usual, it’s far, far easier to blame something else.

And it makes good reading. The Press doesn’t want to publish articles with the headline ‘Teen commits suicide because parents were awful’ because it would upset 99% of parents. Parents don’t really want to be self-critical, they want to continue their selfish habits – the family rows that disturb children, their divorces leaving the children emotionally fraught and neglected, it’s all too much of an effort to bother about.

Of the teen suicides I’ve investigated, only a tiny minority stem from direct outside causes. Rebecca Sedwick lived in a poverty-stricken dysfunctional environment; other kids (who I won’t name) were mentally ill and went ignored. Yet the parents and the Press encourage whatever is trendy as the reason. It used to be (and still is, to a certain extent) cyberbullying. Every child died from cyberbullying. Or physical bullying. Sure – these things were present, but what was far more common was parental dysfunction.

Now, we see a move away from cyberbullying to something salacious – sex videos. Kids commit suicide (a la Amanda Todd) because they have videos of themselves online. My, that’s a goldmine. The jackpot – kids, sex, predators, the horrors of a society that is falling apart and it’s all SOMEBODY ELSE’S FAULT.

All the professional moral panickers can point at their screens and see all their lovely nightmares come true. It doesn’t matter that 90% of kids’ problems come from close family and friends, it doesn’t matter that 90% of kids’ problems are in the home. Nah. It’s all somebody else.

Now, it seems, if there isn’t a hint of salaciousness in suicide, the Press and social media will invent one.

Anyways, like I said, the wondrous Carol Todd leapt at a chance to say that a teen committed suicide due to a sex video. If you have built up a platform that says this kind of thing is an epidemic, a crisis, and that it’s happening all the time (when it’s not) you are forced to clutch at straws.

So what’s the truth about Aicha?

However, it’s too late, as the article says:

‘Tant pis pour la mémoire d’Aïcha, qui restera aussi à jamais dépeinte comme une «jeune brunette sexy qui apparaît dans des vidéos compromettantes» aux quatre coins de la toile.’

The main Press won’t issue an apology. They won’t show that their reporting was irresponsible. Who cares? The memory of a young girl was wrongly tainted, but in the quest for news, nothing matters.

In Canada? Look at how the Fifth Estate deals with it. The Amanda Todd story has given them a great excuse to produce exciting spectacle for the masses. They even invite Shylah and Tessa (who participated in the bullying) to chip in. No real investigation as to why Amanda did what she did, no real attack on social media for allowing Amanda and hundreds of others to do what they did. Nope. Run with the ‘Predator v Innocent’ story.

I’ll finish with just one more observation.

The Press and the idiots who fall for their lies cause damage. Whilst they run around blaming everyone else, all the real problems are overlooked. But it’s not just that. There are people who want to know the truth, who want to know what the real problems in society are. But where do they go to for that information? If they concern themselves with cases like Aicha, they end up turning away once thay find out it’s a pack of lies. If they concern themselves with stories like those of Emma Sulkowicz and ‘Jackie’, they turn away once they realise that the stories are all preposterous nonsense.

Though the Amanda Todd story has it’s uses – to basically scare kids from talking online, to raise awareness of dangers and so on – it has it’s downsides which I have stated ad infinitum here.

The truth is important.

(Just an extra: if you’re thinking about using the Church as a refuge, I’m currently listening to the news about child abuse being rife there. And there’s always those fine people, the Duggars and their friend who is serving 56 years in prison).

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