Has Carol Todd gone insane?

Well, we’re back in the Carol Todd Twilight Zone.


In an obvious attempt to create attention for herself (a trait inherited by Amanda, I guess) the lovely Mrs Todd claims a false lived-experience like a load of people do. Give her time, and she’ll start carrying a mattress on her back.

Let’s take a look at this bizarre post.

‘Did I ever tell the world that I had been adopted when I was a baby?’ After a semi-choke on my dunked Digestive, I had to laugh.

‘And that I have been looking for my birth parents for years but haven’t had any luck in locating them. I know that when I was born, they were supposed to be university students at UBC and in their late late teens. They weren’t allowed to keep the baby because they needed an education said their parents.’

In the UK we used to have a show for kids called Jackanory. Hahahahaha! and another Hahahahaha! for good measure. Note that Carol’s long-lost parents can’t be low-lives (of course not). Carol’s version of Cho-Cho-San and Pinkerton have to be University students. But for people who have a questioning mind, how the Hell does Carol know that their parents told them they weren’t allowed to keep the child because they needed an education? I tell you why – she MADE IT UP.

Here is the suspicious part: ‘If a missing garden memorial stone can go viral, imagine this story of my life.’ Exactly. If the first attempt to gain sympathy via a cheap plastic memorial worked, then why not a new fantasy?

Now it gets weird:

‘Then my adopted mother passed away when I was 4’ish. My adopted father remarried and life became like Cinderella and the wicked stepmother. And I mean it. She was nasty. Things I remember …. I was an only child. The stepmother had a way of making my toys keep disappearing.  She was a nurse.  She was controlling.  (I will try and find photos.) One day coming home from kindergarten or junior kindergarten, I saw some things burning in the back yard.  Figuring it was leaves.  But never expecting to see some of my finest toys int he fire.’

Cinderella, eh? Carol will now trawl the Interwebz for a few pics of a nutty nurse. What race this person might be is anyone’s guess. If it were me, I would make it some sort of White Fright because everyone hates whites now.

‘I never really thought about having other relatives.’ That makes sense. If you have a mother and a father, it’s highly unlikely that there will be any other relatives.

‘That part made me sad. My adopted father also died last December. That’s the one where no one thought it would useful for me to know until February. Good fricken grief!! I told my son about this and he was interested in knowing tidbits more.’

Wow! This fantasy gets better.

You can read the complete load of garbage via the link.

Anyways. The insane Carol Todd returns with a new story. Like she says at the end of her post:

‘Will see what tomorrow brings.  xoxo’

4 thoughts on “Has Carol Todd gone insane?

    • http://www.gofundme.com/x8gusvc Well, that’s weird. Things move on, I guess. Thanks for that.
      I’m surprised that you have contacted me after so long. Of course, I still have a load of unanswered questions that I would like to ask, but to be honest it really is time to move on – if only Carol would acknowledge that. Having said that, I was still quite shocked to see Shylah and Tessa on the TV. Were you?

      • I am just someone who occasionally follows up on them because I went to school with them and I saw that he was trying to fundraise money. Carol is crazy that is all I have to say. I don’t now who Shylah and Tessa are?

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