Any news?

Though it’s slightly cruel, the woman in the video is at least trying.

So what’s been happening? Really, the answer is ‘Not much’.

There has been another case of online extortion leading to the death of a young man.

‘”This is something different and even more sinister than online or cyber bullying and I think it’s important that message gets out to young people and gets out to parents and gets out to teachers,” she said. ‘

I won’t give the name of the young man involved, because there’s a problem. Whereas I think that these incidents should be shouted from the rooftops, it has become evident that the parents or close family in the vast majority of these cases need time to grieve. Though they might want the subject to be publicised, they don’t want pictures of their child all over the media.

There have been a very small number of teen suicides that have reached the news. However, they produce another conundrum. Although there has been a clamour for more mental health spending. more care, more advice, most of the young people involved gave not the slightest clue that they were under any stress.

‘The inquest heard how the teenager had a healthy social life at school, although ran into difficulty with friends in the months before her death.’

‘”He had no previous history of depression or suicidal thoughts. He had a keen interest in American rap music, in particular the darker side of American rap music, with lyrics relating to suicide and death.’

This is what makes it so difficult. Young people will commit suicide out of the blue, there is no established path to suicide.

I also keep an eye out for Amanda Todd news.

Carol Todd has fallen into the trap of becoming part of a branding exercise. It’s shameful to see the amount of people exploiting a serious cause to make money. The classic example is Aunt Candie (currently offline). Basically this is how it goes:

Find a cause that is trendy (in this case bullying). Set up your own non-profit or charity, with yourself as CEO and several chums as employees. Produce some merchandise like bracelets and tee shirts. Go online and ask for donations. Simple as that.

I attended an Aunt Candie/Carol Todd webchat. It was peculiar. Badly presented, repeating the same old Snowflake garbage, but what was intriguing was this: the webchat had accompanying chat text (questions and comments from viewers) but every 10th comment was from one of the Aunt Candie marketing people with an advert.

Carol Todd is beginning to clutch at straws for attention. It’s interesting to note that her twitter is pretty empty now. She completely missed the Cybersmile Stop Cyberbullying Day, and obviously can’t be bothered to look for other information. It would appear that if it’s not about her or Amanda, it’s not worth mentioning.

There was the odd ‘missing memorial’ event. Apart from this memorial being a bit cheap, and just out by the garden path, nobody seemed to want to answer what, for me, is still an ongoing question: just where, exactly, is any decent memorial to Amanda?

After the missing memorial stirred up a strange amount of attention, Carol decided it was time to try to stir up another frenzy by announcing her horrible childhood (as mentioned in the previous post) but nothing happened.

Maybe she should get another media office other than Joanne Greenwood:

‘You mess with the Legacy, I get the media involved !’

Oh – and just to underline what I said earlier, don’t forget to donate to Ms Greenwood.

‘BFZ – Bully Free Zone Canada encourages people to contribute in any way they can. Even if it’s only $1.00, every little bit is going to help! A $25 donation gets you one of our (stylish!) BFZ – Bully Free Zone Canada t-shirts.’

It’s also interesting to note that nobody ever sees the accounts for these organizations.

6 thoughts on “Any news?

  1. Though the video mom’s heart is in the right place, one has to be VERY careful in just how this public shaming is done. If done improperly, the results can be tragic. Earlier in the month, a different 13 year-old girl committed suicide after the shaming by her father went horribly wrong. It’s even made the news in your neck of the woods:

    Very few things move me to tears like seeing a picture of a happy, smiling young girl and knowing that their life has been suddenly taken from them for whatever reason. I know full well that pictures can be deceptive, and we may never know all the details behind Izabel’s death, but that doesn’t make the pictures any less painful to see.

    • Yes, I saw the Laxamana case. It appears quite complicated, as usual.
      I feel sorry for parents. People will try everything to protect their children, and extreme actions like these are, I think, a last resort.

  2. I’m just a curious outsider, have read some (quite many) of your posts I found that you mentioned many times that “if that one problematic photo of Amanda had already wide spread, then why she continues flashing after that?”. I take it you concluded: because she was actually the one who spread that photo on purpose for narcissistic reasons.

    But what if this is the case?:
    1. The stalker did make her to flash for the first time, then he captured the photo then blackmailed her so she would do more disturbing acts (of course he would RECORD those)
    2. After so many times of ‘shows’ Amanda finally refused, then the stalker leaked the photo
    3. The stalker continued to blackmail her, this time with the even more notorious ‘shows’ of Amanda he recorded after the boob-flashing photo

    So it’s a vicious circle.

    I’ve read too about your other theories that ‘support’ Amanda’s promiscuity (ugh I don’t even like that word in itself) though and other possible truths, but I’m curious what’s do you think about my opinion above..

    • To properly understand what happened is almost impossible (that’s why the blog tends to be lengthy).
      If you try to apply a chronology to the story, it just doesn’t fit.
      OK, let’s try.
      The first mentions of any activity (and evidence) is from 2010, when Amanda was 13/14. We could think that Amanda had flashed before, and that the cops comimng round in December 2010 was because a blackmailer had released the photo. All that would seem plausible until Norm Todd announces (in the Fifth Estate documentary) that Amanda considered it ‘no big deal’.
      And think. If the blackmailer existed pre 2010, then all the blackmail would be over once the captured incident was broadcast (December 2010). So it would be game over. Except Amanda continued beyond 2010. If Amanda continues beyond 2010, when the blackmailer has already published all her actions, then what is making her do it? You have to remember that everyone in her social circle knew about it.
      So where does that put your second proposal?
      This is the problem. If the blackmailer has blackmailed once, and it’s all out in the open, why did she produce new material?
      None of it makes sense. Austin Collins was just a troublemaker, but where Tyler Boo comes into it, I’m not sure. His communication comes in October/November 2011 and he seems to know a lot about Amanda. He even knows that Amanda has been told by the cops to stay away from the Internet.
      Oh and don’t forget. Amanda didn’t spread the video around. She was just extraordinarily dumb. She enjoyed the attention of flashing on cam (‘no big deal’) and was just too stupid to realise that sooner or later it would lead to problems, and that other people would spread it around.

      • Thanks for your reply. Hmm.. yeah, it’s hard to really know the truth given not much data so we can only theorize to fill the gaps. You could be right about many things but now obviously I haven’t read all the facts & the rest of your posts.
        This is an interesting case, so I understand you keep digging through it. You can make a chronological ‘case scrapbook’ just for this one. I’m curious how finally things turn out.
        Keep on posting ✌

    • Please bear in mind something. If you find Philip’s blog where he posted the excerpts from the chatlog of the infamous December 2010 BlogTV broadcast, you will see that Amanda admits that her pictures have already been distributed and her friends have seen them. Later in the broadcast, she flashes again anyway at the insistence of her large and relatively out-of-control audience, knowing full well (from previous undocumented dialogs) that she risked being IP banned from the site. She was flagged and banned forthwith, then visited by the cops a few days later.

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