Alexis Frulling – Canada’s Woman of the Year

Just to keep this blog ticking over, here’s the wonderful Alexis Frulling.

If she had died tragically aged about 15, she would be remembered as an A grade student with a huge potential. Instead, she blossomed into a true Canadian woman.

For those of you keeping up with Carol Todd’s shenanigans, I will soon be commenting on the strangeness of her Facebook comments:

I wish, I wish ….. that I had let her move back in with me when she asked in October of 2011. But other things got in the way. If she had, then she wouldn’t have …. gotten assaulted, increased her PTSD, met the boy that messed with her mind … (sad)

We all know that Amanda was begging for Carol’s forgiveness. We all know that Carol had virtually ostracised her after the December 2010 events. What exactly got in the way? What could be so important as to make her troubled daughter so difficult to accommodate?

And now we have a boy who messed with her mind. So let’s see who Carol blames: imaginary online stalkers, the cyberbullies, the bullies. Now she blames a boy. But at least she’s getting closer to the real culprit – blaming herself.

Anyways. Alexis Frulling. The spirit of Amanda lives on.


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