The connections between my posts here and the general subject tend to get a bit weak. However, here’s an article:


For the kids, the main cyberbullying seems to be split into two groups – the male-dominated gamers (don’t get me started with all that Gamergate faggotry) and the horrific girl-on-girl viciousness.

Emily Berrington (already mentioned in this blog) sort of sums it up here:


‘I found teenage girls very difficult for a few years. While some people suffered from more obvious types of bullying – physical or verbal, I struggled more with the psychological power girls had over each other. I remember times when I’d go into school and not know whether I would be the one out of favour that day, where people would be whispering or talking about me, or I’d be excluded in subtle ways. There was a huge amount of bitching going on a lot of the time, rumours spread, and people being left out. Although on the surface it didn’t look like much it was incredibly hurtful and damaging to self-esteem.’

She’s a bit more blunt in another article:
”Teenage girls are just the most evil geniuses. If a teenage girl sets against you, your life is over. And that happened to me a lot.”


2 thoughts on “Fetch

  1. I don’t know if it would be wise to put any stock into anything that appears on Breitbart – the site is notoriously dishonest and its sole purpose for existing is to promote the politics and social messages of the extreme right. While there is the possibility that there might be something actually unbiased and accurate there, one cannot take it at face value without first corroborating with other sources. The article you cited is basically a defense of males because, of course, in the context of social and political conservatism, guys rule and women typically don’t know what they’re talking about unless agreeing with said guys.

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