The continuing saga – Renan Tarras

Young Mr Tarras has been mentioned here before.

‘Nik, this kid, from Maple Ridge, has lived in Chilliwack. this is the type of guy that will do ANYTHIGN he can to f’ you. He has raped girls, slept with 13 yer olds and also had to go to court with Amanda Todd because she claimed rape. ‘

This source is hardly reliable. I guess that a young girl has posted this as revenge. Is it true? His name has been linked to the Todd story via a leak from Carol Todd that was quickly censored. It now makes me wonder if that wasn’t a deliberate effort by Mrs Todd to draw attention to him.

If true, it adds another tragic incident to the Amanda Todd history. Nothing like this has appeared so far, but it would certainly go towards trying to discover just what contributed to Amanda’s mental health problems.

My initial feeling is that this isn’t true, based on the lack of any reference to this in Amanda’s video, but it raises further alarms about the lawlessness of sites like this. If we assume Renan Tarras is innocent, then this is all terrible libel and defamation. Any employer could find this information or any vigilante nutcase could use it as an excuse for violence. But who will police it all? Will anyone object to it and have it taken down? I suspect that the writer will have found great delight in letting Renan know about it. If the court case did happen, then it is likely that all the names would have been kept secret, yet one malicious person has now spilled the beans.

Renan and/or friends of his have commented on this blog. Maybe they can provide more information.

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