Aydin Coban – most charges dropped


De zaak Todd wordt niet in Nederland gevoerd, maar eventueel pas na de afhandeling van de Nederlandse strafzaak in Canada. Canada moet dan wel nog een uitleveringsverzoek indienen. Dat is nog niet gebeurd.

From the Canadian Press:


This won’t matter much to the Todd supporters. If Coban is innocent, then they will say it was all a miscarriage of justice and if he’s found guilty of something, he will still be seen as Amanda’s stalker.

As I stated way, way back when all this started, the whole story seemed wrong. It was odd that Coban was accused of going online as a girl to extort money, yet was somehow linked to Amanda. The latest news seems to show that extortion for money was the crime, and that’s far more likely to be true.

The Coban case would have been very convenient for the Todd group and the RCMP. It would have wrapped up the story nicely, and brought about a decent conclusion. However, it now looks like it will drag on forever. And bear in mind that if Coban does get extradited, his lawyer will insist that every detail should be shown in Court, dragging up all the salacious Daily Capper and BlogTV stuff.

Anyways. The Todd myth is pretty much set in stone now, and people have moved on. With the Coban case now being one of online money extortion, and with Amanda out of the picture, it will be quite boring. I’m guessing Coban will get 8-10 years prison sentence, which will be brought down to less for good behaviour and because he has already served time. There will probably be some ban on him using technology. I’m also guessing that he will never appear in Canada.

Please refer to this post for the real photo facts:


One thought on “Aydin Coban – most charges dropped

  1. Not sure why you think this changes anything. RCMP are still charging him for the Amanda Todd crimes. Based on the extradition treaty, Canada can’t go after him until his case in the Netherlands is over. This isn’t even close to being over.

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