How girls grow up


From the above sweetness to:


and a rather eclectic/pornographic tumblr

The cock sucking on her tumblr got me worried, but then again I’m easily shocked.

I’m guessing that the photo probably falls under the category of child porn (under 18) but it still raises the question of who’s the creator and who’s breaking the law. And the tumblr must break a few rules. And Instagram must have rules, so that’s OK. I dunno – it’s all too confusing.

5 thoughts on “How girls grow up

    • Hi there, this Brianagh. I’m just letting you know I am infact 18 so please don’t be worrying about this. I’ve recently taken up the image of self loving in my own personal way. Sorry if you thought this was pornographic, if you wouldn’t mind taking it down that’d be great, although I’m not forcing you. And the reason I made my instagram private is because I had some weird group of guys harassing me and being super rude! I hope this cleared things up.

      • Hello. I didn’t really think that anything was pornographic. I mainly put some of this stuff up because I found it strange that girls connected to Amanda seem to be preoccupied with showing their bodies and as we all know, Amanda was pretty much addicted to it. I’m just interested why this self-loving manifests itself this way. There’s a strange dichotomy don’t you think – people say that people like you and Amanda are looking for love, but you say it’s an expression of self-love. Let’s face it, if you loved yourself you wouldn’t really be looking for likes online. I believe it’s called showing off or narcissism.
        Just another thing – did you ever go on BlogTV? There was a ton of self-love there, lol.

      • Actually, the reason I am so comfortable with it is because big into the “free the nipple” movement! Which is the movement to allow girls to go topless (just as guys do) without a negative stigma around that. Beyond that I really don’t feel the need to for my body to be sexualized, and yeah I have followers that do sexualize my body, but a lot after a while end up unfollowing, once you see a girl half naked 700 times it gets kind of meaningless! My “expression of self love” has also tied into my political beliefs as well as me just not loving to wear clothes at all, really. That’s why I’m not specifically flashing a group of older men to get views on a webcam sight for their pleasure. Like I said, I recently started loving myself in my own way, reasons I continue to do this are based on women and girls telling me that I, a teenage girl residing in a small town, have changed their lives for the better. Thats pretty awesome if you ask me. I’m not sure you can really my talking about self love when you sit on the Internet beating a dead horse for a hobby. “lol.”

      • Well done you. But you have to admit – Amanda was way ahead of her time. Your VSCO needs to improve. btw – is surely just for kids. Still at Fox? You need to work a bit harder at school. Give my regards to Bianca Nitoi. double lol

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