How girls grow up – Part 2


shania three

From sweetness above to:


people may talk about this photo as if they know me. when in reality this picture is beautiful. silloughettes of ones body is a form of art, and if anyone truly knew me you’d know i love art. all kinds. and the human body is my favorite kind of art. looking at someones curves and defining them is the most interesting and antique set of mind that i have. so for those who’d like to talk smack because i do “lingerie modelling” and i have decided to post a picture. keep your comments to yourself or go talk amogst your friends. once you have a more mature mind set to what this picture is really about then contact me.
*artisitc photos*

Anyways – even more bizarre is this twitter account –

It surely can’t be her, can it? (btw – don’t go there if you’re easily shocked – it gave me palpitations).


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