How girls grow up (Part 3)


Would you believe this is from five years ago? July 2010 to be precise.

We kind of know what happened to Amanda, but Shylah Watson has become a bit shy. We saw her on the Sextortion video, but she’s gone very private now. We have this from five days before Amanda passed on:


That’s her with her friend Celia Hutikka, who now lives in Brisbane.

Here she is in a more up-to-date pic:


Not sure who she’s with. I think it’s Catrina di Giovanni.

Anyways – at least Shylah isn’t modelling/stripping for a living. She’s got a job as a payroll clerk. Good for her!

And here’s another picture. Who’s next in line for an update?



And don’t forget the boys!



7 thoughts on “How girls grow up (Part 3)

  1. You should post more about Amanda “friends” cuz we know almost nothing. Interesting is Bianca Nitoi is a romanian name(I’m also romanian) and i have no idea who she was friend with Amanda and how she is in Canada

  2. Btw,you should make a post of her “history online” from 2008 to last day in 2012.
    But only with important things.

  3. Wow all this is eye opening in a huge way! I remember things like this happening in high school. All involving girls fighting over boys attention. A few girls obsessively wanting attention, luckily not everyone was online back then.
    Its beyond comprehension why her parents let her have free access to the internet, I cant get passed it. I know if I ever see my daughter posting naked photos or doing anything related she will be sent straight to a secluded strict bording school.

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s a sad story, but I have a feeling that there wasn’t much the parents could do. If you look at the sextortion documentary from the 5th Estate, Norm Todd says that Amanda thought it was no big deal. I get the impression that Norm was just way out of his depth. However, I’m not sure how Carol dealt with it. I’m also guessing that Carol was harsh at the beginning, but once I think she became more tolerant as Amanda became more manipulative (by going into sulks if she wasn’t allowed to do what she wanted).
      Amanda went to a special school – CABE. I see this as a big mistake because most of the kids she would have met also had problems, so she would have been more open to all sorts of influences.
      There’s a big gap in information about what happened in 2012. I’m guessing again that Amanda had mental health problems (something that has now been put to one side in the story) and would have only really been safe in some sort of long-term rehab.
      Although I think that Norm was too dim to cope and that Carol may have tried to over-compensate by being indulgent, I have a feeling that Amanda was just too emotionally manipulative for them to deal with it. And you have to remember that kids these days are virtually welded to their phones.

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