How girls grow up (Part 4)

Whatever happened to Tess Anderson? Best buddy of Shylah Watson and part of the whole gang?

Well, we saw her on the documentary with Shylah. Not quite sure how they managed to get on that (my suspicions are that the lovely Carol set it up).

Maybe she’s moved on from all that bong stuff. After all, she was 14 which is a bit old for weed-smoking.

Tessa is most famous for giving the name ‘Glowsticks’ to Amanda. This extract from her Formspring account has already been quoted:

‘why is everyone saying “glowsticks” when they say amanda todd?..’

‘because she masturbates with them :/”

But what is she up to now?

Like most of her other partners-in-crime, she’s lying low. But they stick together. Here’s Celia Hutikka, Sam Hemphill, Shylah and Tess from June/July 2015:


There is someone missing – Celine Haire.


Tess, Amanda and Maria Rico (and others).

Research is getting much more difficult. Formspring has changed to Twoo, making it almost impossible to search for old data. Bianca has closed accounts, many of the rest have at least made some attempts to go private. Go through nearly all the kids’ information, and there are big chunks missing from around late 2010 or around October 2012.

Is any of this relevant?

Well, if the Canadians succeed in extraditing Aydin Coban, all these people can expect knocks on the door from investigators. The lawyer will want to know every detail about what Amanda did online. And now most of them are over 18, there’ll be no problem in putting them in the witness box. I suspect that Bianca and Shylah will be prime witnesses – Bianca for participating in the flashing video, and Shylah for the Mandaa&Shyy displays.

But that’s way off.

5 thoughts on “How girls grow up (Part 4)

  1. How you found ‘why is everyone saying “glowsticks” when they say amanda todd?..’ thats only you have or u know more?just curious

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