How girls grow up (Part 5)

Whatever happened to PeyPey? Well, she’s making them pay, pay. She’s gone from being the trustworthy source of information on our old friend Kody to being a professional camwhore – perhaps the most successful of the girls so far!

Looks like she’s specialising in loli, but if she’s still pals with r0ra then that’s no shock. She is now known as kitten_xx. She’s an aged 20 year old, which means she must have started young. Didn’t they all?

Essentially, she is now the full porn star. So don’t look at her photos/videos. I said ‘DON’T LOOK’!!

(Why do they allow such filth on twitter?)


‘peyton and her family were under investigation from the feds and the AG from texas since shes from texas. they asked her to confess that oscar/rora was blackmailing her but she didnt want to cooperate so they warned her and threatened to charge her and her family but nothing ever happened. her familys rich so im sure they got expensive lawyers. as far as why the netherlands never went after rora idk but he thinks hes untouchable. also another blackmailer that goes by quagmire real name michael berenson was the one who tipped the fbi on peyton because peyton called michael berensons stepmom and told her what he was up to. fun fact peyton claims that the lead singer from korn is her uncle.’

Addition: Peyton, Caseyface and others on the Daily Capper

28 thoughts on “How girls grow up (Part 5)

  1. I actually miss the days when the nutters sent me emails, so it’s great to receive this from ‘lolita humbert’ today:
    ‘it’s peyton aka the “filth” that you blog about. please leave me alone. you do not know me or anything about me so please stop acting like you know anything about me or even amanda todd. leave her alone, let her rest in peace and leave me the fuck alone too. you have no right to judge people when you literally used to blackmail little girls and brag about it. you’re disgusting filth. fuck off or i will report you to the police for harassment. if you think i’m joking, just watch. delete the shit about me.’
    How charming! For a minute, I thought it was from Glen Canning.

  2. how is a copy paste job from 4chan from 6 months ago an ‘update’? also, you left out the part of the email where she called you by your capper name ‘perso’. i used to respect this blog when it was about todd now its turning into typical churnalism. anyways have a good day pete.

    • Ha ha! You really are an imbecile. Everyone knows that I’m not perso – you would have to be insane to think otherwise. Oh wait….you are!
      You live in a small fantasy world, searching around for the slightest bit of recognition that might just give you some glimmer of hope that you exist. Nobody cares about Peyton. If she didn’t strip and do blow jobs for tokens, nobody would pay her any attention whatsoever. She has written to me (in her best retard fashion) to make a drama out of nothing. She’s not being harassed, the cops won’t get me, and in the big wide world there’s nobody who is really fussed.
      Just get it – NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!

  3. and here you and your post are, caring a lot about peyton. and spamming her email (from what she told me). STOP CARING p rose i mean perso !!!!!!!!

  4. in all seriousness all im saying is do some research before you copy paste stuff. yes im no saint but i have never blackmailed anyone and peyton is just doing a job so i dont see why you would have to insult her. again, i used to respect this blog. cheers

    • In all seriousness, I’m saying you and Peyton make me laugh. You are both liars, and examples of the worst type of human being one can imagine. Trying to kid yourself that either of you are in any way not worthy of being despised is for your own self-protection. Anyways – haven’t you got some underage girls to pester? Ta ta.

    • You’ve never blackmailed anyone? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Try again, dillhole. Some of your victims told me what you did to them, and ol’ Sebby had a big mouth. When stories from two totally disparate sources coincide with what you yourself posted elsewhere, your denials become as believable as Donald Drumph’s harangues.

    • All the proof of Peyton already exists. Her old BlogTV videos were captured way back in 2010 when she was 14/15, and your identity is all over them. Of course, I know where they are – unlike you and your dimwit 4chan buddies I know where to look. They aren’t identified as Peyton, hence none of you Google-tecs can find them. Really, do you still think I don’t know stuff?

  5. number one i have been to her blogtv room once or twice (she banned me). number two i despise 4chan. number three i shall await proof of my alleged blackmailing. (and i still dont know why you hate her so much to the point of where you have to call her names).

    • Haha! Nothing better to do on a Saturday?
      So you’ve been to her BlogTV room ‘once or twice’? How sweet.
      But now take a lesson in narcissistic psychology. In the blog post I write ‘Why do they allow such filth on twitter?’. This was – if you read it carefully – referring to the pictures that Peyton posted. Because Peyton is a self-obsessed idiot, she prefers to think that she was being referred to – in other words, it’s all about her.
      Anyways – you’ve had your Saturday silliness, and I’ve given you a tiny amount of that attention you crave, and you’ve given me distraction from boredom. So we’re all happy.
      Tell Peyton I’m waiting for the cops to arrive. Hahahahahahahahhaha!

  6. are you meezymurderface?:she was the only one on youtube who was telling the real story

    sorry to be coming so late to the game, but i hadnt thought about amanda in years, until i just saw the news about that guy in the netherlands not being charged for stalking her or for producing child porn

    so i stumbled upon your site

    and it makes me so depressed

    seems that no one really wanted to know the truth

    i have a question

    the 5th estate claimed to have gotten amanda’s hard drive and that is how they got the chat log by “digging deep”

    now if a crime had been committed, wouldnt her hard drive have been evidence and wouldnt what they did amount to destruction of evidence?

    • No, I’m not her. Tristan Barker was also having a go. Most people wisely moved on to other things.
      People interpret things the way they want. Even when it was obvious that Amanda was up to mischief, everyone wanted to believe that it was for various reasons. It’s easier for people to think that a) no girls are going online like Peyton did and b) if they are, it must be that some evil man caused it.
      The 5th Estate. The problem is that it’s impossible to know if the 5th Estate are lying or not. There are so many oddities. For instance, Carol Todd says that some of the stuff was on her own laptop, which is odd. And how did they seem to find info that the cops missed?
      I find it really hard to believe that all the evidence wouldn’t be under police control. But that’s the problem – so much of the Todd story doesn’t seem right.
      Anyway – the Todd myth is now firmly entrenched. It will go on and on and on, especially now that it’s so widespread as a tool in the anti-cyberbullying education. And like I’ve said – the media won’t deal with it because the story is sacrosanct.

      • thank you for the quick response.

        you posted a link to a doc that shows there are indeed evil men out there waiting to prey on kids

        and a very recent case caught men in america and south africa, posing as teens, to lure kids onto 2 cam sites that they created, and talked them into performing sex acts

        so there are indeed evil men out there

        and i really wish parents would stop using the computer as a babysitter

        but back to amanda, and im sorry if you covered this, but did anyone find out if amanda was on any psychotropic meds to deal with depression?

        its well known that in teens and others, meds used to deal with depression can increase symptoms and lead to suicidal ideation and therefore, the individual should be closely monitored

      • Ha ha! An even quicker response now.
        There’s a big gap in information for the last few months of Amanda’s life. I’m guessing she would have been on medication, but there’s no guarantee. She was meant to be hospitalised under the supervision of Dr Tyler Black in BC.
        A real problem would have been the weed and the drink, especially if mixed with prescribed drugs.
        If she did drink bleach, chances are that the suicide ideation was before going to hospital (the bleach and/or self harm would have meant she ended up there). I suspect that she was being monitored. However, it would have been difficult to keep an eye on her all the time. For me, her famous video should have kicked off alarms but as you know Carol Todd didn’t see it as a cry for help (which it was).
        Certain types of suicide are semi-spontaneous (e.g. thought about, but only acted upon when there’s a trigger). My guess is that Amanda was vulnerable (I think she had always been vulnerable, even before the online mess) and the trigger was being dumped by her boyfriend. There was probably no amount of supervision that would have prevented it. And the use of any SSRI might have contributed.

  7. thanks.

    sorry if i come off obsessed, but looking back, it seems that the media crafted the story they wanted to tell, despite the evidence

    and while it might have been for a good cause, exposing cyberbullying and online extortion, im not sure if the ends justify the means

    and the rcmp got a bad rap, especially when that one agent from the child exploitation unit claimed that these investigations are time sensitive.

    uh, no theyre not. unless the perp has done a lot to cover his tracks from day one, his ip will be there…as they showed in that other case

    and just like in this case

    and my god…how could they have kept saying it was always only one pic, when they had one of the vids that proved she was doing things online without being coerced

    • Thanks for the link. That’s an eye-opener.
      The Todd story was out of control. Within one or two days it went viral, and most people accepted the ‘one picture’ version. Amanda became a saint. Therefore nobody could turn around and examine the story properly without looking bad.
      It’s a shame because the sites like BlogTV, Omegle and the rest were never shown up to be the sources of a big threat to kids, and the sites that publish the captures got off scot free. The authorities should have clamped down on them (e.g. massive fines if found to not moderate properly) but they didn’t. Instead of telling parents to watch out for these sites, they were told to look out for the lone person.
      Even the focus of the Amanda Todd story has changed. The questions about mental health have been pretty much side-lined and of course all the contributory factors to Amanda’s plight (like drink, drugs, family break-ups) are ignored.
      It has now become a true myth. One gripe from me is that it still leaves kids vulnerable. The Todd bullshit implies that Amanda was just chatting without seeing the person. Now most kids will be interacting face-to-face, so they will see that they are talking to another teen. Because they are conditioned to think that all perves online are middle-aged basement dwellers, they leave themselves open to getting caught out by people their same age.

      • i took a break from all of this for a bit.

        i agree with all your points

        i have referred your blog to many on youtube who insist that the official story is true

        hope they learn something

    • Finkbiner – NOW I remember that one. There were a very dedicated group of friends who expended countless hours of effort submitting evidence and info to the authorities on that one. A true monster he was.

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