Aydin Coban

aydin coban

A picture of Aydin Coban.

Odd news coming out of Holland, so I’ll have to speculate a bit.

I think that he might be a bit strange in the head. This is a complete shot in the dark, but I think he might be the type of person who enjoys being in prison. If he is a loner and was living in some sort of dump in Tilburg, there’s every possibility that life in prison would be comfortable, e.g. warmth, companionship, three meals a day, an ordered existence. He has stated that he really doesn’t mind being incarcerated and finds it quite enjoyable.

We didn’t know the reason why Aydin dismissed his lawyer, but it looks now as if he is just prolonging the whole thing. He stated that he wanted a lawyer who wasn’t a ‘puppet’, e.g. a lawyer chosen by him and not by the State. Apparently, any new lawyer would have to go through 25,000 (!!) pages of evidence so this would delay the case.

Some people will say that he’s just trying to delay the inevitable conviction, but I doubt it. He’s already been in the nick for about two years. I’m guessing that if he was convicted, he might get up to 10 years in jail, which would end up being much less after good behaviour, but going by past trials like this there’s every chance that he would get a much shorter sentence. I speculate that he’s just playing games – not to delay prison, but to delay getting his case thrown out and having to return to his miserable existence in real life.

However, his ex-lawyer has now quite plainly stated:

‘There will maybe be no conviction in this case, since the police used a which was not allowed.

That’s confusing. The keylogger information was, as far as I know, permitted as evidence and it was just a red herring as far as the Court was concerned. However, before anyone gets excited, remember that the keylogger recorded all data from 2013 onwards. Just in case anyone has forgotten, Amanda Todd was dead by then, so it’s unlikely that Aydin was blackmailing her around that time.

Anyways. Here’s the Dutch schedule for the court case:

Aydin charges

Whatever happens, it looks like busy times ahead.

I may get in touch with one of the victims to see if I can glean any more information.

4 thoughts on “Aydin Coban

  1. Haha! As I was writing this, I got the message: ‘@RoseyPhilip Nobody wants to stay in prison’.

    Aydin said this about his harsh prison life:
    ‘”Although, obviously, I’d prefer living my normal life outside, in detention, I’ve had interesting experiences, met diverse people with colourful life stories, read many books, gave guitar lessons and so forth. I’ve been documenting everything in detail since my arrest on the 13th of January 2014. Should be a good read.”

  2. More news just in:
    Fannie Tijmstra Verified account ‏@fannietijmstra 31m31 minutes ago
    Judge: trial against suspect #Aydin will start at 29th of april. Request new lawyer to postpone until after summer denied. #AmandaTodd
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  3. “there’s every possibility that life in prison would be comfortable”

    Something tells me that his previous stays were not for offenses involving minors. In that case, he may find himself in for a bit of a surprise, unless Dutch prisoners have much more generous dispositions towards victimizers of children.

    • I’m not so sure. I’m purely guessing of course, but if Coban is like a stereotype, he may well be unemployed, lonely, borderline bonkers, the whole deal. Going by his remarks already (quoted in the earlier comment above), Dutch incarceration may not be as bad. The description of his crimes doesn’t fit with the usual 4chan stuff – there’s a lot more about trying to get cash rather than sexual favours. But Hell – 25,000 pages of evidence? Again I’m hugely guessing, but it looks like they are trying to pin a massive amount on him, in the same way that the Canadians want to blame him for the entire Todd story going back to 2010.
      I would love to know his mental state. Maybe the authorities were hoping that he would just roll over and take the rap.
      They must have ip links to these victims, but I find it preposterous that they are still managing to link him to Amanda when he didn’t even live at the address at the time (the ip is shared Wi-Fi as far as I can see).

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