Carol Todd Censorship

Well, things had become very boring until just recently.

Having watched the usual Carol Todd sanctimony over the last few months, I had kind of decided to leave it alone. She preaches the ‘Snowflake’ story (puke, puke) but at least some of the dimwits who listen to her might try to stop their own precious little flakes from getting their kit off online. The Amanda Todd fairy tale serves its purpose to a certain extent.

Anyways. To cut a long story short I left a comment on a blog post hinting heavily that the story wasn’t quite what it seems. Oh well. The Todd censorship machine acted pretty quickly. This is taken from the linked information.

‘Hey everyone,
So… I had a very surreal experience tonight. Carol Todd (Amanda’s mother) added me on Facebook and proceeded to message me information regarding the man “Philip Rose” who had commented on my blog. Apparently, this man has been overly obsessed with Amanda’s story and has gone so far to harass her family and friends. He also portrays himself as someone who personally knew Amanda, which Carol informed me he most definitely did not. Obviously, I was quick to share the information on this Google+ page about this man out of excitement for getting exposure on my blog from someone who was seemingly close to Amanda, and I apologize for that. It’s very ironic/pretty neat to be learning about authentic digital citizenship while experiencing it first-hand through this situation. I just wanted to let you guy’s know the truth about this man (as in: do not take his words seriously —(Carol even asked me to delete his messages.. which I did.) Sorry to lead falsified information however, it resulted in a REALLY awesome connection with Carol Todd… So, you win some you lose some, hey? Have a wonderful Easter’.

Haha! Good old Carol.

From the comments below the post.

‘Carol Todd also contacted me regarding my blog post and the comments I received from Phillip Rose. I was actually a bit creeped out because she contacted me via text message this weekend.. I’m still not entirely sure how she found my phone number. After I didn’t reply to her text, she contacted me through Facebook’.

Haha again!

However, I take offence at the next comment.

‘I’d encourage all of you to google Phillip Rose – you’ll find that there’s all sorts of stuff online about him and his obsession with Amanda Todd’s case (although, remember to be critical readers of that information as well). We can thank the Internet for teaching a very real lesson on the need to be digitally literate! Carol Todd has actually agreed to come speak for part of our class on Wednesday night (thanks to Gillian Maher). I would suggest that if “Phillip Rose” has posted on your blog, that you consider deleting his comments ….or find some way to address what he said, as it seems clear that he is spreading misinformation‘.

Misinformation? Misinformation? How very dare she?

Fuck me. Everyone knows that this is possibly the best blog for anything remotely truthful about Amanda Todd.

As an extra, I thought this was rather cute. On a tumblr account dedicated to Amanda.

‘I did some research and theres an article that sais amanda was not on omegle and chatroullete that she was on naughty sites doing naughty things i had so much heart for this girl but now i may think other i just need the truth to clear my head she felt like a friend when i lernt her story but now i feel like she left out parts she didnt want the world to know but idk maybe the guy who said this was wrong – thoughts? google amanda the real truth its the link called read all about the amanda todd’.


‘Amanda did used to go on Omegle and sometimes with friends, but not to do anything “naughty” as far as I’m aware. And she didn’t go on “Naughty sites”.I didn’t google or look for the link as there is a lot of untruths about Amanda on the internet and I would rather distance myself from that and focus on the good.
What you have to understand is that we are never 100%  going to know Amanda’s whole story and as strangers to Amanda and her family, neither do we have any right to.
There are probably some bad things unrelated to what you mentioned ^ that Amanda probably did. But, that happens, she was learning and growing and making mistakes along the way just like everyone else.
Amanda did a lot of growing up in the last couple of years of her life and I think with age she realized any mistakes she had made and was working on fixing them and moving forward.
Be careful about what you read on the internet especially when it comes to Amanda, as there are some horrible things said about her, her family and friends and a lot of them are untruths and rumours made by people who are obviously struggling with themselves and needing someone else to bring down.
I hope this helps and I’m sorry for the late reply. x’.

It’s interesting, in a way. Katia Hildebrandt (one of the commenters) writes as if I am an example of misinformation, when the complete opposite is true. Yet it’s unlikely that she will believe anything written here even though there’s a ton of evidence behind it. I am, as usual, struck by the hypocrisy of modern SJWs whose first reaction is to censor any debate.

Laters, folks.

5 thoughts on “Carol Todd Censorship

  1. In case anyone wants to read what was said BEFORE Carol Todd started with the bullying:
    ‘Hello Everyone!
    I had a really amazing comment on my blog I shared yesterday. If anyone is reviewing “The Sextortion of Amanda Todd”, I highly recommend reading the comment shared by a gentleman named Philip Rose. He shared with me the ENTIRETY of the letter sent to Amanda’s parents where in the video chose to highlight only the comment that unless Amanda starts taking action to protect herself online, we cannot help which was intended to emphasize the RCMP’s apathy. Again, I highly recommend taking a look, it helped clarify a few points for me!’

  2. Having been blocked by Katia and Alec, looks like their conceit is in overdrive.

    Katia Hildebrandt ‏@kbhildebrandt 12h12 hours ago

    Katia Hildebrandt Retweeted Alec Couros

    But they’re just trying to have a “conversation,” right?

    Katia Hildebrandt added,
    Alec Couros @courosa
    It must be agonizing for the trolls when you don’t feed them. I like it.
    3 retweets 4 likes

    I have to admit, their thumbing of the nose at me is irksome,so they’ve got me. However, a tiny part of me likes to think that – like so many of the other anti-Philip people – they can’t actually engage because they know I have the facts. Why can’t anybody just prove me wrong? And for Pete’s sake – A TROLL IS NOT THE DEFINITION OF SOMEONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU.

    btw – 3 retweets and 4 likes for them is a twitterstorm. For me, it just contributes to my own self-criticism about getting involved when only a handful of people are interested.

  3. interesting how trying to find the truth in a story that hasnt been reported correctly since its inception is “being obsessed”

    i for one appreciate your work, and i wish that more would come to this blog to read it

    • Thanks for the appreciation. I was surprised by how it all escalated from one initial bland comment from me (pointing out that the RCMP were trying to do their best in the circumstances) to the usual nonsense of how I am the epitome of evil etc.

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