What will tomorrow bring?

My recent encounter with the righteous University of Regina folk made me think a bit. Was my dislike of Carol Todd just completely wrong? The passing of time makes me mellow. Then I found this old long-forgotten post.

Carol Todd and her cronies had it fixed in their heads that Kody Maxson was the Supreme Villain. His level of villainousness is a moot point, but it didn’t stop those close to Carol from issuing death threats in their usual non-bullying style.

Now, maybe Kody was a villain. Or maybe it’s Aydin Coban. Or maybe it’s any random 4Channer. What really got to me, though, was news from the locality that Kody’s mother was also being victimised – to the extent that she wasn’t served in shops if she was recognised.

Utterly, utterly disgraceful behaviour that Carol Todd not only knew about, but encouraged via Wanda Probe (her ‘team’ friend).

As usual, I did have self-doubt about my harshness towards Carol Todd. I just need to remind myself of how truly vile she really is. Here’s the original post.


I’ve been watching the Tour de France.  Just thought I would let you know that.

Sometimes, funny things happen out of the blue.

Someone tweeted that Cory Monteith had died from a ‘toxic heroine’ overdose. The importance of spelling!

Well….come on, you know what I thought. I could get an overdose of the ‘Toxic Heroine’. It sounds like a sort of comic book criminal name. ‘Behold, I am the Toxic Heroine!’ announced the vile villain Carol Todd.

I would like to say there are things happening, but there aren’t really. After my sort of ultimatum/challenge a couple of days ago, the response has been….well, you guessed it….’meh’.

It’s odd. It’s kind of like holding a person over the edge of a precipice and saying that they will be dropped if there is no response, and then the people involved CHOOSE not to respond. For that is the current situation. People are aware of my challenge, and have CHOSEN not to respond.

It’s strange, isn’t it? All these people say they are doing nothing to be ashamed of, then when I find the photos, the videos, all the evidence, they do all they can to either shut me up or delete everything. And, of course, we’ve entered into an entirely new ball game now.

A few months ago, the various people involved in naughtiness were still just kids. But now they have turned sixteen, they can be prosecuted. So of course, if I just happen to come across videos of what they are up to NOW, what will be the excuse? No more innocent little children. More like potential Juvie inhabitants.

But I have been told that I can go ahead and publish everything I have. The Todd Squad are fully aware. There has been a last ditch attempt to delete history, but, sadly, this time round I downloaded it all.

So tomorrow? Tomorrow belongs to me. Why? Well, the kids involved – Shylah Watson, Bianca Maria Nitoi and the rest of the crew – could have come forward and said there was no stalker, but they were told not to. Or their parents could have stepped up. Carol Todd took them under her wing and told them to be quiet – if they knew what was good for them. But one word from them would have ended the persecution of people.

But the girls made one big mistake. Shylah Watson and the rest continued on the same path, strangely imagining that people wouldn’t find their latest escapades on Keek, or Torrent, Instagram or iPhonegram, or XTimes, or even Motherless. You would have thought that they would have learned by now, but they didn’t.

One of the reasons I am doing this is that, after the Amanda video, a certain person was persecuted mercilessly and unnecessarily. We know who the individual was, so I won’t name him. But did anyone ever care about HIS mother. She didn’t have to deal with simple cyber harassment – she had to deal with the very credible online DEATH THREATS sent to her son, and still does. Every day. All day. Facebook pages set up to say he ‘should sleep with one eye open’. Facebook pages urging people to kill her son. Facebook pages saying she should rot and burn in Hell.

Did Carol Todd ever extend an apology? No. She worked with Patrick McGuire to perpetuate it. Did she ever seek to protect this defenceless woman? No. Not once has she said anything about the terrible worries and suffering brought upon this poor mother, simply because of the lies of Shylah and Bianca, and of course, because of Carol Todd’s ongoing legend-building.

I have been accused of not having empathy nor sympathy. But it breaks my heart that an innocent woman, an innocent mother trying to do her best, has been the victim of all these lies. I have refrained from mentioning her too much, from fear of stoking the hatred. But enough is enough. This woman is innocent. Her son might not be the best behaved, but he too is innocent. The disgusting Todd Squad spend their time protecting the Toxic Heroine, while she perpetuates the ongoing dreadful suffering of a poor woman. Another mother. One dealing with genuine problems that were not of her own making.

It truly is evil. There is no other word for it. Carol Todd has the power to help this woman – to tell the truth and end her suffering. But Carol Todd’s hateful and lying vengeance-seeking will not allow it.

Carol Todd has the power to end all this nonsense. But she refuses to do so, to the point that she is willing to see the girls who I will feature in the next few days be humiliated – dangerously so. She’s such a saint. She could have stopped it. I gave her three days. But her answer has been ‘go ahead’. She is willing to sacrifice everything to maintain her money-making cash cow.

But it has to finish. Tomorrow will be the first big blow. No doubt I will have to follow with another one. And another. But this nonsense will end, as will the suffering of an innocent woman. So Mrs M, this is for you. I hope peace will come to you.

I have stopped playing around. This is the last phase. The big push.

An addition:

The Todd supporters have reacted in the way they do. One of their most popular spokeswomen has written this, concerning Mrs M who, I might remind you, is the mother of someone who the police have defended, the press have admitted as being not involved, and who is still regarded as ‘the stalker’ by the Todd maniacs:

‘Poor poor pedophile mom. Her son is a pedophile because she was not a good mom. Why does Carol owe this woman anything? lol Quick what’s her name perso? I’d like to call her and ask her why her son is a pedophile.’

This is truly, truly disgusting. It’s worse than disgusting – I just can’t think of the right words, or any words, to say quite how bad this is. The woman who wrote this is described as being on Carol Todd’s team – so we get to see just what sort of scum we are talking about.

This vile woman goes on: ‘I’d be ashamed if I were her. Her son is a child lover. How can you be proud of that?’

Again, words fail me. The Todd supporters talk of forgiveness, understanding – yet use this sort of language. It’s an absolute total and utter disgrace on so many levels – not only implying that her son is a ‘child lover’ – which is false – but that Mrs M should be ashamed of him.

I hope that the woman who wrote this will one day come to realise just how hateful and malicious this all is. Until then, this kind of hatred that emanates on a daily basis from the Todd supporters will continue.

And just in case anyone wants to read the full details, it’s here. And no, I didn’t abuse 9700 children, and I’m not whatever she says I am. Think about it. 9700?











3 thoughts on “What will tomorrow bring?

  1. are you the “online troll”

    there is a problem with today’s regressive left. they are incapable of dealing with those whose opinions are different from their own

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