Hello to my reader (I think there is one person left who actually reads this).

It’s been a funny old week.

Just to give you some background (in case you didn’t know already). The stats on my blog have tailed off and interest in anything Todd has almost vanished completely. Even the Aydin Coban stuff gets little coverage these days, though efforts are made to build it up. In all honesty, maybe eight people will read this post this week. Over a year? Maybe a hundred. Everyone else just reads the main pinned post and the one about all the videos and the pics.

Anyways. Each morning, I have a coffee, sometimes have a smoke, go online and purely from habit Google for any spectacular piece of Amanda Todd gossip. Sad,I know. I get used to the usual nonsense, but mostly I don’t bother any more – even when I see Carol Todd persisting with the Snowflake tripe and how Amanda was talking to a friend who turned out to be an evil man. You know the story by now. I tend to leave it alone, as it serves a purpose. I’d rather see parents scared shitless and get their kids offline than see nothing at all.

Then I came across an amount of activity in the University of Regina (there’s fun to be had with that if I were in Finbarr Saunders mode). The sextortion documentary from the 5th Estate had been used as some sort of supplementary teaching tool, and the usual responses had followed. Well, I kind of took the bait as usual, which annoys me. When I get involved online, afterwards I feel angry with myself – like waking up with a hangover, and vowing never to touch a drink again.

However, I made the mistake of responding to a post by Gillian Maher and another by Raquel Bellefleur. The initial comment was to try to clarify the position of the RCMP (the documentary with the aid of Carol makes it look like they didn’t care; reality is that they couldn’t do much while Amanda was still up to mischief). The second comment was to clarify that a huge amount of effort was put in to protect Amanda but she was pretty much out of control. It’s a shame that it was all erased, as it was very polite (yes, I know, a rarity for me).

Anyways. The Carol Todd Squad swung into action (as reported in the earlier post ‘Carol Todd Censorship’). To be honest, I was quite amazed at how quickly it escalated. Surely at some point someone will cotton on to all these personal attacks being not all that far from cyberbullying? Not of me, particularly (I kind of ask for it) but of the mystery people like Chris Rowe (who DOES exist but isn’t me) and of course, don’t forget the Maxson family who are legitimate targets because Carol Todd says so.

Anways. I made the classic Philip error – I lost my temper. I could punch myself in the face for that. The response pulled all the strings to get me going – basically accusing me of lying, the re-emergence of the ridiculous paedophile accusations, the troll bollocks, the same old stuff that I thought had vanished years ago. I really wouldn’t mind, but it would help if people checked the facts.

And what was the result? Nothing as usual, except waves of negativity, frustrating hooha and the bruise on my forehead from beating my head against the wall getting larger. And I got my twitter account suspended. Not that it particularly matters – twitter is like going into the middle of the street and shouting like a madman or like talking to the voices in one’s head (like this blog, even). Stephen Fry didn’t flounce off twitter for nothing. And of course, regular followers will know that Philip isn’t exactly short of accounts.

Did I learn anything from it all? No. That’s the sad result. There’s nothing to be gained from this latest fiasco that I don’t know already. I would like to think that the likes of Katia Hildebrandt and Alec Couros (the people in charge of the University of Regina course)  are miffed that they have fallen for the Amanda Todd fakery, but something tells me that I’m just kidding myself. What does worry me though – given that this is a University we’re talking about and not a kindergarten – is that critical analysis is non-existent and people will trust whatever the media tells them. And this was all in a class that was meant to be studying digital identity.

Ta ta for now.

P.S. This blog may disappear and then come back in a different format. It’s too much of a jumble to be of any use for serious research.


5 thoughts on “Futility

  1. i link to your blog on everything that cites the todd case

    i may be your only reader now, but i bet when it is exposed that the guy in the netherlands was not blackmailing amanda, readership of the truth, will jump

    keep up the good work

    • Actually, that’s a mis-attribution. There is no documented source for that. In Hitler’s Mein Kampf, however, the following can be found: “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”

      Donald Trump is alleged to have kept a copy of the book, and you can see some of Der Fuhrer’s oratory strategies in trump’s speeches. Keep it simple, and repeat it over and over.

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