Digital identity (dedicated to Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrandt)

It’s all about me!

I thought I would include the propaganda attempts that are so ridiculous, they can only be on the Internet. I have highlighted the best bits.

From Glen Canning’s website:

Update: Philip Rose is Christopher Rowe. IP is

As much as I hate to give a troll attention sometimes it’s warranted. In the case of Carol Todd’s stalker, quite likely the pedophile who tormented her daughter Amanda, this is a troll I don’t mind writing about.

He goes by the name Philip Rose but that is guaranteed a fake name. David Sanders is a possibility, but his true identity is, like most trolls, hard to peg down. What is for sure is the Philip Rose name is a play on an online predator going by the name perso365. That person trolls online chat rooms looking for underage teens.

For the record, Philip Rose is the pedophile who screen capped Amanda Todd and he admitted to being one of the cappers mention, perso365.  Not a stretch when you consider his fake name p rose and anagrammed spells perso.  ~ Social Media Today

perso365 has caused Carol Todd a lot of grief with his frivolous claims that she is responsible for Amanda’s death. At one point he suggests she get a handgun and shoot herself in the head. He even claimed Amanda was not dead and this was all just a huge conspiracy. A conspiracy to do what isn’t made clear but you get the idea. He is, like all trolls, a very sick man.

Yesterday he found out Carol Todd was going to talk about Amanda to the Standing Committee on Justice and  Human Rights in Ottawa and took it upon himself to write numerous Canadian government officials his disapproval of her appearance:

(Members of Canadian Parliament).

On Tuesday, May 13th, Carol Todd will be appearing in front of you as part of a panel.
I am writing to express my doubt as to the wisdom of having her as a witness in what is a very serious matter.

I am sure that, by now, you are aware that the common belief is that Amanda Todd was in some way tricked, coerced or extorted into producing child pornography, but you will also know that this is false.

No proof has ever been offered for any of perso365’s statements despite his repeated claims to be the only person who know’s what happened to Amanda. Fits the “narcissism, Machiavellian, psychopathic and sadistic” trait of a troll perfectly.

He has posted on this site a couple times to challenge me, but his comments quickly degenerated into pointless dribble once he was asked to explain his position. Yesterday he took it upon himself to report me to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection for being a pedophile. As a photographer I have done photo shoots with various models; all over 18 or in the presence of their parents (see the galleries below). I don’t hide that fact and never have, it’s up there under my name – Photographer. perso365 found some of my shots online and claimed to have called the police about them. He did this because I dared “to question the all-seeing eye of Philip Rose.”

At least when he’s focused on me he’s leaving Carol alone.

99.9% of anyone he contacts will just ignore his nonsense and move on. To the other 0.1% I’m asking you to do the same. perso365 is a very sick man looking for his time on this earth to amount to anything — even if it’s just a pile of dung. No one focuses on a dead child like he does unless he has something to hide. No one stalks a grieving mother hoping to expose “the truth” — he’s hoping to keep it hidden.

I have enemies. Good — it means I stood for something.

He stalked Amanda all over the net and you can see he is still obsessed with her.  Since he cannot harm her anymore he turned his hate to her mother Carol, whom he is still stalking and has suggested she take a gun and shoot herself because it is her fault she died.  It is his fault.  He was so obsessed with her that he is still targeting her and he still thinks she is alive.  He mentioned three places where she was put which he claimed he knew for a fact and one mentioned, Riverview, had been closed for quite awhile.  He has repeatedly posted pictures of Amanda and her family and friends on wordpress blogs because he was removed from Facebook for stalking and bullying.  In fact, he made a point of going to every group or page with Amanda’s name on it and posted she was not dead.  Her mother saw them and was devastated.  He is king of the trolls and has admitted to sexually abusing over 9000 boys and girls online.  He admitted he is perso365 and he stalked Amanda.  He is dangerous and still targeting other young girls and boys online for his obsession.  Just google his name and you will see how crazy this pedophile really is.  Almost sixm months since her death and he is still targeting her and her family.  He is the obsessed pedophile who started her journey to her death.  Currently gathering info on him to provide to the police who are asking.  If you have his IP we would be interested in that.  A few other sites have given that over after reading what he posts.  Thanks.

My Photography:

All this is very funny, really. Only Glen Canning could write ‘ As a photographer I have done photo shoots with various models; all over 18 or in the presence of their parents ‘ as if it’s not a wee bit creepy.

As usual, my great friend Glen doesn’t draw much attention to the even more ridiculous article about him. Read the comments if you want to know how lovely the RADFEMs can be.

From Feminist Current:

A simple, level-headed response below the article:

‘Men like Canning are possessed by the spirit of porn to the extent of it becoming integral to their identities. When they hear and see the rebuking voices of feminists it burns like a fire in the ears and eyes. It’s as excruciating as peering into the Sun with the naked eye and listening to the ear splitting cracks of rolling thunder. They panic screaming, “these voices must not be allowed to speak any more lest we die by facing our accountability”. To admit the truth would result in the porn persona convulsing their bodies with loud shrieks of agony before departing.’

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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