Well….that escalated quickly

Well, well, well. I was just about to go to bed with a cup of cocoa, and this appears:


Note 24 hours later: like all this stuff, it disappears, so unfortunately my witty reply will have gone.

To be honest, we have to laugh, don’t we? Remember, this is a grown man – a University professor no less, specialising in all things technological. I have highlighted the best bits (my response can be seen via the link).

‘Hi there,
One of your users – https://philipjrose.wordpress.com/ – is harassing my students and the co-instructor of my course at the University of Regina in Canada. He is going after my students in his posts. As well, much of what he posts in his blog is questionably legal. He continues to posts photos of a young girl who committed suicide in Canada (Amanda Todd). He is harassing her mother and posting photos of teens and preteens that are barely clothed. He uses an alias but if you do a Google search on Phillip Rose, many feel that he was one of the antagonizers that brought this young girl to her eventual suicide.

He has attacked us in many ways – Twitter, Google Plus, etc. His Twitter has been taken down, but WordPress is his home base. Please consider reviewing his content and making a call on whether or not his account needs to be terminated.

I can be reached at [email redacted]. I’m also at @courosa on Twitter in case you need to see my credibility. I plan to put in a police report to my local authorities on behalf of my students.


The blog I need help with is etmooc.org.’

To be honest, I admit to being a bit naughty but for fuck’s sake ‘he was one of the antagonizers that brought this young girl to her eventual suicide’. Holey moley, give me strength. Yes that all makes sense, doesn’t it? Christ. Only to lunatics.

I plan to put in a police report to my local authorities on behalf of my students.‘ WTF? Now let’s see what that report might look like:

‘This dastardly criminal did, more than once, comment on public blogs written by University students. Furthermore, he committed the offence of tweeting links to his blog posts and quoting the students’ posts on his blog, knowing full well that this would lead to death and disaster. He also added the students on Google+ (which no-one ever uses) and maliciously ‘liked’ several blog posts’.

Carol Todd/Alec Couros/Katia Hildebrandt/University of Regina: ‘Hang him! Hang him!’.

Reported to the police for what? This is just so bizarre that is just makes me laugh out loud for the gazillionth time.

Well, folks, stay tuned. Who knows how long this blog will last now the cyberpoliz are involved?

Consequences will never be the same.

Facebook Is Still Broken …


8 thoughts on “Well….that escalated quickly

  1. The University of Regina are full of praise. https://gillianmaher.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/the-end-is-nigh-but-my-spirits-are-high/
    At the end of this — as Andrew coined it– “digital duping”, I believe our class was extremely fortunate to work through this together. I will take the wrath of falling into this mastermind’s trap of falsifying knowledge and apologize for not using my critical thinking cap (as I shared on our Google+) however, I’m grateful that this happened to me.’

  2. so let me get this straight. you are either a mad conspiracy theorist, a troll, a pedophile criminal mastermind, the real blackmailer of amanda todd or one of the many blackmailers of amanda todd.

    what you cant be is a truth seeker who actually wants people to use the internet responsibly and to treat teens as humans, who are capable of making choices on their own without some dark force leading them and that parents and educators should understand this

    btw, if amanda had multiple online “tormentors” why have they latched onto only one?

    • I can remember way back when all this started. The idiots thought I knew too much, therefore I had to be the stalker/murderer/predator.
      People want this story to be plain and simple. There is a really deeply ingrained belief that all children are sweet and innocent, especially if they are girls. People don’t want to know about the likes of Peyton or Aurora because it doesn’t fit in with their view of the world. Then they don’t really want to know that it was Amanda’s female friends who did a ton of damage at the beginning, and they don’t really want to emphasise that it was a girl who punched Amanda in the playground fight.
      Carol Todd knows that there were many vicious little sods who contributed to the bullying, but it doesn’t make such a good story. People want villains – black and white villains with no grey areas. It suits them and Carol to pin it all on Aydin Coban.
      I find it similar to the way the media treats other child problems. 85-90% of abuse comes from parents, carers, trusted people, yet we are still encouraged to be afraid of some unknown predator.

  3. I feel a bit sorry for Glen Canning. He’s his own worst enemy. Before crusading all over the place, he should have dropped those online photos of his, then he should never have published the photo of the professor. At the end of the day. all the hooha resulted in the boys getting a slap on the wrist and Glen’s 15 minutes of fame as some sort of friend of feminism, until even they turned on him.
    Sad about Draven. News trends come and go, and these days suicides are ten a penny.

  4. I went to the wordpress link you posted up above but all it takes me to is the forums page. Does this mean the topic may have been pulled already?

    • Disregard – you said it was already gone. Sorry for the unnecessary reply. (reaches for tissue to wipe off eyeglasses)

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