I’m still not sure if this latest video is real, but it’s quite a shocker.

It’s been an odd few days in Philip Rose Land. First off, the blog visits went through the 1,250,000 marker. There was a time when I would have celebrated, considering I was expecting a figure much closer to 100K, but now I honestly just have a great feeling of ‘meh’.

One of the latest posts caught a lot of attention. Well, I say a lot, but 0.00000000000001% of the world population isn’t really a lot. It was the one about the 8 year old girl on YouTube. She’s still there as fodder for the perverts so yet again it’s all rather pointless trying to do anything. As I am in Eeyore mode, I expect the online idiots will say ‘How dare that Philip Rose mention that someone may be at risk’. But never mind.

The University of Regina have issued a fatwa against me. lol. As mentioned in the previous post, Alec Couros has told the cyberpoliz that I dun goofed. I half expect this blog to be closed down any minute, but I’m kind of bemused by my own mixed feelings about it. My first response was an ‘Oh no!’ but then that changed to a ‘Well, never mind, I’ve had a good run’.

Anyways. It’s interesting to see how the University has responded. I must admit that it’s incredibly frustrating that they won’t engage on an adult, open level, or even on a childish argument level, yet Professor Couros manages to trust the mindless rantings of Wanda Probe and Glen Canning, while running off to the police for leaving dastardly messages like ‘Nice fish’ – see via this link:

All these people know that I cannot be challenged as a liar or spreader of misinformation, and that’s what really gets to them. It angers people when their preconceptions are shown to be false, and it angers people even more when they find out that they have been severely tricked. The ordinary dumbasses don’t particularly react. They’re just like poor old Greg Sticker, fixed in their version of the truth. But professors get quite perturbed. They are used to being right, and won’t allow anyone to say otherwise.

Meanwhile, there’s a tiny, tiny bit of information coming in from the background concerning our old friend Aydin Coban. Trying to filter out what’s going on is always difficult, as it seems that the cops want to pin every blackmail crime since the Stone Age on him. It would be extremely convenient for all the cops worldwide to be able to close all cases and just tell parents that their innocent kids were tricked by one person. But don’t get too excited. There’s every chance this is all yet another red herring.

However, the information may well necessitate an overhaul of the Aydin Coban history and a clarification of just how he relates to the Amanda Todd story and what his game plan is. So..if this blog still exists after tomorrow I’ll let you know.




6 thoughts on “Madness

  1. criminals are creatures of habit. so if this is true “Prosecutors allege he persuaded underage girls and men to perform sexual acts via webcam and then used the images to blackmail them for cash,.” it makes no sense

    you dont blackmail underage girls for cash and your victims dont include underage girls and men if what you are doing is what was alleged to have happened to amanda….that alleged perp allegedly blackmailed for shows for masturbatory purposes

    i have googled the other cases that have gone to trial and no one has had a mixed mo

    its either blackmail for money or blackmail for material for masturbatory purposes…not both

    surprised that they are holding the extradition hearing before his trial is complete

    guess in a month we will know more

    • You think in the same way as me. The feedback from Holland is too confusing. If you’re going to blackmail for cash, then you won’t be picking on kiddies, though Daniel Perry got scammed when he was 17. But no 14 year old is going to have cash worth taking. It takes a big stretch to make Aydin Coban cover the whole range. The Daniel Perry perps were traced back to an organised factory in the Philippines where it was run like a business.
      I think he will never be extradited. I’ll post about it later this week.

      • I agree with your assessments. I would further argue that besides mixing money and videos as the extortion goals, the category of the victims makes no sense. It doesn’t seem logical at all to have both adult and juvenile victims, and of both genders as well. Those people AFAIK tend to stick to one category of victim, but then one learns new things every day. Who knows.

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