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Several things came at once this week. The University of Regina nonsense resulted in me being reported to the cyber police for the the 999th time by that rather hysterical Professor Alec Couros. The Todd morons were certain that the blog would close:

‘There is a crew of people investigating your blog for violations of the Terms of Service. Once the investigation is complete, it is expected that the blog will be terminated indefinitely.’

Yeah, like, whateva.

There was an interesting article in The Guardian which I may get round to later. It was about female-to-female bullying which very much ties in with all I wrote about the viciousness of the girls who surrounded Amanda.

There’s a new book – ‘Anyone’s Daughter’ by Quinn Alexander. Apparently, it’s the truth about Amanda Todd. I’ve gone to Amazon and done that thing of looking at a brief introduction. It looks like it’s a slight improvement but still not promising much. As it has not been recommended by Carol Todd, I suspect that it might not fit in with the legend.

Does the attention-seeking gene run with the Todd women? Yet another Todd scraping in to the glaring limelight of publicity from the Press.


What next? Norm Todd diagnosed with Fatal Twerp Syndrome?

News just in. Professor Alec Couros got banned from Facebook

Hey My account at has been disabled without explanation or recourse. Please help. (Please RT)

That’s hilarious. It’s kind of poetic justice.

And then I have a conundrum.

A couple of people have been in touch about Aydin Coban. One sounds solid, the other causes some doubt. It’s incredibly difficult to know who is genuine, and even more difficult to work out how to see through any bullshit.

Here are some thoughts. I might try later on to make better sense of it.

The flow of information about Aydin is confusing, in that he is accused of so many disparate activities. The extortion for money doesn’t fit in with the extortion for online jiggery pokery. However, everything is possible.

Anyways. The feedback I’m getting certainly doesn’t fit in with the Amanda Todd story in the way the Canadians want. The Canadians want Aydin Coban to be the initiator of the whole history, from that first innocent flash onwards, but what I’m getting is that he worked well after the events – tracking girls who had performed various naughtinesses online and then trying to blackmail much later. This would at least match the existence of Tyler Boo, but I’m still massively sceptical.

But, but, but…..Internet information can be notoriously misleading, as we all know. People can feed very credible stories gleaned from what they have studied online, and I have to rely on the con merchants tripping themselves up. So I’ll leave you with something to look at. It’s meant to be Aydin Coban in full blackmailer mode.


The reason I am hooked by it is that it ties in with Kongsberg (Norway) narrative. This has already been picked up on by the CBC, who repeat most of what is written in the thread.


The CBC call the person Tyler Cee, yet that isn’t anywhere in the original, except for tylerc4 in the email address. But that would make sense – Tyler Cee being tylerc4.

I’ll leave it for now. I’ll do some more research and see what I can find. But all you Aydin Coban haters – don’t get too excited. According to information, Coban wasn’t anywhere near the ip address at the time.



3 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. everything is possible, but not probable, especially when it comes to criminal activity and i have yet to find a case where an individual or a group of individuals, blackmailed a mixed group of young girls and men. or mixed blackmailing for money, with blackmailing for perverted pleasure. this would be a first

    • Throughout this blog I have tried to think in terms of what is most simple and what is most credible given all the information. It is just a huge stretch of the imagination to have Coban be this sort of Jack Of All Trades guy. To be simultaneously grooming, extorting, coercing males and females internationally would take a massive effort. However, maybe he did it over some years?
      My guess is that he was a typical 4chan-type blackmailer, scouting round Stickam etc. for potential victims. This might have brought him into contact with Amanda (he’s supposedly active in 2012) but then a ton of people had traces of Amanda on their hard drive.
      btw – while doing some research, some guy who did get caught got a 2 year prison sentence, so it looks like Coban’s trial may be hardly worth it.
      I’ll have to do my speculative Coban post soon before the trial is over and done with.

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