Sensation! Aydin Coban’s blackmail victim speaks out

OK. Zero out of ten for the headline. I should have written ‘You’re not going to believe what happens next…’ or ‘This will shock you..’ like all the other dreadful clickbait titles.

Anyways. These are – allegedly – examples of Aydin Coban’s interaction online from early 2012. The first one is edited just so there’s no way of tracing the source. You can take these any way you want – with a pinch of salt because it could be anybody writing, or as a genuine example of his technique. As always, it’s all a bit weird.














3 thoughts on “Sensation! Aydin Coban’s blackmail victim speaks out

  1. what the fuck did i just read?

    starts off with what looks like blackmail, turns into a guy bragging about getting girls busted (total bullshit) and then sounding like some lonely dude who just wants to chat on skype

    some stuff does point to aydn, who was leeching off someone’s wifi

    a couple of lines are similar to what was said to amanda

    and he seems to have some knowledge of computers (except aydn wasnt using a virtual linux drive, as they found stuff on his computer )

    just very confusing and unless they have lots more logs, not really enough to charge, let alone to convict

    • It is all very confusing, but trying to work out just what goes on is virtually impossible.
      I don’t know if Coban is up for jury trial or what. If it’s jury, he doesn’t stand a chance. He has a very unfortunate thing working against him – he’s of Turkish descent, and the Dutch aren’t remarkably tolerant. If he was a Catholic priest, it would be a different matter entirely.
      The closest I can come to some of this online malarkey is some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. The evil perp holds a gun to the victim’s head, then the victim talks to the perp, the perp appears to be more human blah blah blah.
      All the online blackmail shit is similar to Amanda. What has puzzled me is the ‘three shows’ stuff that Tyler Boo supposedly asked for.
      From the wi-fi, I get the idea that Coban lived in some sort of community unit not unlike a better quality trailer park where the wi-fi was part of the deal. That’s why he claims that it could have been anybody linked to that wi-fi,and that he wasn’t living there at the time.
      The online alleged evidence shows him talking about proxies and hacking and you’re right – this has him talking about linux and so on. So was he caught easily?
      I can’t make out how the list of victims was compiled – whether they went through Coban’s computer and contacted everyone he knew, or whether they went directly from the wi-fi logs. The keylogger was fitted in late 2013 which makes no sense – all the evidence wants to show him as being active in 2012.
      So we’re left with maybe three alternatives. Coban is a super-villain who spent most of his time extorting online over a period of several years; he’s the usual online 4Chan nutter who got caught; or he’s a scapegoat. My money is on 4chan nutter with a hint of scapegoat.
      Not long now and we’ll be getting a lot more information. I’m missing one piece of crucial information, which is a shame. Apparently, they showed pictures of Aydin to the victims and asked if they recognised him. Now, 99% will say yes, even if that’s not true, but maybe 1% did get a look. Of course, the cops won’t stop to ask why, if Aydin’s face was shown, the victims still thought he was a smooth-talking girl/boy/teen, but that’s another story.
      Add in the completely bonkers part that my informers might be cops/frauds/players and the whole drama takes different turns.
      My guess is that unless they can show complete 100% proof, that he will get off with a slap on the wrist. If the cops broke in and placed a keylogger, I would claim that the police planted the computer trail as well. That would fuck them up a bit.
      We’ll see. I’m hoping that the trial will be tweeted live. And then, of course, we’ll have the whole extradition to go through (except it will never happen).

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